Full Boar Log Splitter Review


In my pursuit of the ultimate log splitter, I fortuitously encountered the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter, an apparatus that has undeniably revolutionized my approach to wood processing. Throughout this review, I aim to articulate my personal encounters and discernments, providing you with a nuanced understanding to assist in determining whether this log-splitting powerhouse aligns with your specific requirements.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Full Boar
  • Log Splitter Maximum Log Diameter Range: 21 – 30 inches
  • Maximum Log Diameter: 20 in.
  • Log Splitter Maximum Log Length: 24 in.
  • Product Length: 89.5 in.
  • Product Width: 48 in.
  • Product Height: 37 in.
  • Product Weight: 438.5 lb.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.95 gal.
  • Torque: 8.85 ft. lb.

Build Quality and Design

The Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter epitomizes robust build quality, constructed with durability at its core. The primary material, steel, forms a formidable frame that withstands the rigors of heavy-duty log splitting. The welds and joints showcase meticulous craftsmanship, contributing to the overall sturdiness of the machine.

The hydraulic components are seamlessly integrated, ensuring a reliable and leak-free operation. This log splitter doesn’t just split logs; it does so with a sense of durability that instills confidence in its performance. The attention to detail in the build quality becomes evident as the splitter effortlessly tackles a variety of wood types, showcasing its resilience in the face of challenging tasks.

This solid construction not only enhances the longevity of the log splitter but also underscores its suitability for demanding applications. The design of the Full Boar log splitter is a thoughtful fusion of functionality and user convenience.

Its operational orientation, offering both horizontal and vertical configurations, provides versatility to adapt to different log-splitting scenarios. The incorporation of a manual start type aligns with the gas-powered nature of the machine, ensuring a reliable ignition process.

The ergonomic placement of controls allows for intuitive operation, making it accessible for users of varying experience levels. The inclusion of a tow hitch enhances portability, addressing the challenge of moving a substantial machine. The overall design is not merely utilitarian but also considers the end-user experience, making wood processing an efficient and user-friendly task.

From the strategic placement of handles for maneuverability to the sturdy tire size, every aspect of the design is a testament to the manufacturer’s commitment to creating a log splitter that seamlessly integrates into the user’s workflow while standing out in terms of durability and performance.

Full Boar Raw Power

The Full Boar (H6028FB) sets itself apart with its formidable raw power, boasting an impressive 28-ton splitting force that places it at the forefront of log splitters in its class. This substantial force makes light work of challenging materials, effortlessly navigating through dense hardwoods and knotty logs that might pose difficulties for less powerful counterparts.

The sheer strength of the Full Boar is a game-changer for anyone dealing with large volumes of wood regularly. The capability to swiftly and effectively split logs of varying densities not only enhances efficiency but also simplifies the overall wood processing experience.

The Full Boar’s raw power transforms what could be a labor-intensive task into a more manageable and time-efficient process, allowing users to divert their attention to more enjoyable aspects of their outdoor activities.

Full Boar Cycle Time

Efficiency takes center stage with the Full Boar (H6028FB), evident in its remarkable cycle time of just 14 seconds. This rapid cycle time ensures a continuous and seamless log-splitting process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Whether tackling a small stack or dealing with large quantities of wood, the Full Boar’s quick turnaround time is a game-changer. The ability to swiftly move from one log to the next without prolonged pauses enhances the overall user experience. This feature is particularly valuable for those engaged in wood processing on a larger scale, as it significantly reduces the overall time and effort invested in the task.

The Full Boar’s commitment to efficiency, exemplified by its impressive cycle time, cements its position as a top-tier log splitter for those who prioritize productivity in their wood-splitting endeavors.

Full Boar Engine Power

At the heart of the Full Boar (H6028FB) is a robust 6.5 HP Kohler engine, underscoring its commitment to consistent and reliable performance. The engine’s power not only facilitates the machine’s remarkable 28-ton splitting force but also contributes to its overall efficiency.

The durability of the Kohler engine ensures longevity, standing up to the demands of frequent use and tough wood types. The Full Boar’s reliance on this trusted engine brand is a testament to its commitment to quality and performance. Users can confidently depend on the log splitter’s engine to deliver the power needed for smooth and efficient log splitting, making it a reliable companion in the wood processing journey.

Quantifiable Measurement

Here are three quantifiable measurements for the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter:

  1. Splitting Force 10/10: The Full Boar log splitter is equipped with an impressive 28-ton splitting force. This quantifiable measurement represents the machine’s capacity to exert pressure on logs during the splitting process, making it highly effective for handling various wood types and densities.
  2. Duration of Cycle 10/10: With a rapid cycle time of 14 seconds, the Full Boar log splitter showcases an efficient quantifiable measurement. This represents the duration it takes for the machine to complete one full cycle of splitting, allowing users to gauge its speed and productivity in handling logs.
  3. Hydraulic Capacity 9.5/10: The log splitter comes with a hydraulic capacity of 6.4 gallons. This quantifiable measurement indicates the volume of hydraulic fluid the machine can hold, influencing its ability to generate and sustain the force required for log splitting. A higher hydraulic capacity often correlates with improved efficiency and consistent performance.

Visual Actual Review

As I visually assess the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter, its robust construction immediately captures attention. The steel frame boasts durability, a crucial factor for a heavy-duty tool. The engine, a 6.5 HP Kohler powerhouse, exudes reliability, promising consistent performance. Moving to functionality, the dual-action splitting wedge and a swift 14-second cycle time showcase efficiency in action.

The versatility of operational orientation, be it horizontal or vertical, adds a layer of convenience. The log splitter’s ability to handle logs within the 21 to 30 inches diameter range and 24 inches in length demonstrates its adaptability to various wood types and sizes. The inclusion of a tow hitch for transport convenience underscores practical design. Visually, the Full Boar log splitter presents a sturdy and well-engineered solution for demanding wood processing needs.

Comparative Overview

  • Hydraulic System: Compared to other log splitters in its class, the Full Boar’s hydraulic system is exceptionally well-designed. The dual-action splitting wedge enhances efficiency, while the auto-return valve speeds up the splitting process. This attention to detail sets it apart from competitors.
  • Portability: While a 28-ton log splitter is inevitably substantial, the Full Boar comes equipped with a convenient tow hitch, making it easy to transport. This feature is particularly beneficial for those with extensive wood processing needs or multiple work sites.

Table of Comparison vs. Competitors

Here’s a brief comparison table between the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter and the Black Diamond 28-Ton Log Splitter:

FeatureFull Boar (H6028FB)Black Diamond 28-Ton
Splitting Force28 tons28 tons
Cycle Time14 seconds15 seconds
Engine Power6.5 HP Kohler engine6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine
Operational OrientationHorizontal and VerticalHorizontal and Vertical
Log Diameter Range21 – 30 inches25 – 35 Inches
Maximum Log Length24 inches25 inches
Hydraulic Capacity6.4 gallons7 gallons
Fuel TypeGasGas
Weight438.5 lb.Not specified
Tow HitchYesYes
Recommended Oil TypeISO 3210W-30

Pros and Cons


  • High Splitting Force: The 28-ton force is more than adequate for residential and small-scale commercial use, providing the power needed to handle a variety of wood types.
  • Durable Construction: The Full Boar is built like a tank, with a sturdy frame and reliable components that ensure longevity. This durability is a testament to its high-quality construction.
  • Efficient Hydraulic System: The well-designed hydraulic system enhances the overall efficiency of the log splitter, ensuring a smooth and rapid splitting process.


  • Weight: While the tow hitch aids in transportation, the sheer weight of the Full Boar may pose a challenge for some users. This log splitter is better suited for those with ample storage space and the ability to move it with a vehicle.
  • Price Point: The Full Boar (H6028FB) is an investment. While the performance justifies the cost for serious users, it may be on the higher end for casual or occasional use.

Suggested Course of Action

Considering the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter’s powerful performance and robust construction, a suggested course of action would be to assess your specific wood processing needs and frequency of use. If you frequently deal with large volumes of dense hardwood or knotty logs, the Full Boar’s 28-ton splitting force makes it an ideal choice for efficient and quick log splitting. Additionally, evaluate your storage and transportation capabilities, as the log splitter’s weight may be a factor to consider. If you prioritize durability and reliability in a log splitter, the Full Boar stands out as a top contender. For those engaged in regular or heavy-duty wood processing, the investment in the Full Boar log splitter is likely to yield long-term benefits in terms of performance and durability.

Best Uses For

Here are three best uses for the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter:

  1. Large-Scale Firewood Production: The Full Boar’s impressive 28-ton splitting force and efficient 14-second cycle time make it an ideal choice for large-scale firewood production. Whether you’re a homeowner with extensive heating needs or a business focused on firewood sales, this log splitter can handle the demands of processing a significant volume of logs with ease.
  2. Professional Landscaping and Tree Services: Landscaping and tree service professionals dealing with diverse wood types and sizes will benefit from the Full Boar’s versatility. Its ability to handle logs with diameters ranging from 21 to 30 inches and up to 24 inches in length makes it suitable for tackling various tasks, from clearing fallen trees to preparing wood for landscaping projects.
  3. Campground or Outdoor Recreation Facility: For campgrounds or outdoor recreation facilities requiring a reliable and powerful log splitter, the Full Boar is an excellent choice. Its gas-powered engine, durable construction, and tow hitch for easy transport make it suitable for efficiently processing logs on-site. Whether for campfires, cooking, or heating, this log splitter ensures a steady supply of firewood for outdoor activities.

Final Thoughts

Having put the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter through rigorous use, I unequivocally assert that it stands as a transformative inclusion in my outdoor arsenal. The amalgamation of its raw power, adept hydraulic system, and unwaveringly durable construction propels it to the forefront of log splitters available in the market. While acknowledging the factors of weight and price, it becomes evident that these considerations pale in comparison to the overarching excellence in performance and reliability that the Full Boar exhibits. The machine’s raw power effortlessly conquers diverse wood types, the hydraulic system ensures seamless operation, and the robust construction guarantees longevity, collectively making the Full Boar a premier choice for individuals who demand nothing short of the best in wood processing equipment. In essence, the Full Boar log splitter has not only met but exceeded my expectations, solidifying its status as an indispensable tool for anyone serious about efficient and reliable log splitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum log length the Full Boar log splitter can handle?
    The Full Boar (H6028FB) can efficiently handle logs with a maximum length of 24 inches, catering to a wide range of wood processing needs.
  2. How powerful is the engine of the Full Boar log splitter?
    The log splitter is equipped with a robust 6.5 HP Kohler engine, providing the necessary power for its impressive 28-ton splitting force.
  3. Can the Full Boar log splitter be operated in both horizontal and vertical orientations?
    Yes, the operational orientation of the Full Boar log splitter is versatile, allowing users to switch between horizontal and vertical configurations based on their specific log-splitting requirements.
  4. What is the cycle time of the Full Boar log splitter?
    The Full Boar boasts a rapid 14-second cycle time, ensuring a continuous and efficient log-splitting process.
  5. Is the log splitter suitable for towing, and what is its weight?
    The Full Boar log splitter features a tow hitch for easy transportation. It weighs 438.5 lb., making it suitable for users who need to move the machine to different locations.
  6. What is the maximum log diameter range that the Full Boar log splitter can handle?
    The log splitter can accommodate logs within the range of 21 to 30 inches in diameter, providing flexibility for processing different wood sizes.
  7. Is the Full Boar log splitter compliant with ARB (Air Resources Board) regulations?
    No, the Full Boar log splitter is not ARB-compliant, and users should consider local regulations and compliance requirements when operating the machine.
  8. What type of fuel does the Full Boar log splitter use?
    The log splitter is powered by gas, offering the convenience of a gas-powered engine for efficient log splitting.
  9. How durable is the construction of the Full Boar log splitter?
    The log splitter is built with a primary material of steel, ensuring a durable and robust construction that withstands the demands of heavy log-splitting tasks.
  10. What is the recommended oil type for the Full Boar log splitter?
    The log splitter uses ISO 32 oil, and users are advised to adhere to the recommended oil type for optimal performance and maintenance of the machine.

We welcome your input! Feel free to drop your own experiences and opinions on the Full Boar (H6028FB) 28 Ton Log Splitter in the comments section. Your valuable insights might just be the guidance someone else needs to make an informed decision on their next wood processing tool!

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C,mon. All those fancy words and long description, its still a hydra splitter. I gave 550.00 for a 22ton swisher that will do what this does. No big deal

Daniel Adams
December 29, 2023 9:37 pm

Make/Model & Source, for your swisher if you please?

Kristin Watsons
January 1, 2024 8:08 pm

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