Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter Review


I’m always on the lookout for tools that simplify the task. This led me to purchase the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter, a product that boasts a design to make wood splitting not only easier but also safer. Here’s my take on whether this product lives up to its promises.

Specifications of Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter

  • Brand: Kabin
  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Weight: 12 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10.25″ D x 9″ W x 15.5″ H
  • Log Size: Up to 6″ in diameter, 15.5″ tall

Design and Build Quality

The Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter arrived in a modest package, but don’t let that fool you — the tool itself is anything but understated.

Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter positioned on snowy ground with a log inside, ready for splitting.

Constructed from durable cast steel with a matte black all-weather coating, it feels robust and ready to handle whatever you throw at it. The splitter weighs 12 pounds and measures 9 inches by 10.25 inches by 15.5 inches, making it compact enough to be portable yet substantial enough to tackle larger logs.

Setup and Usability

Setting up the Kabin Kindle Quick is straightforward. The base features bolt holes for those who prefer a more permanent setup, allowing you to secure it to a stump or another sturdy anchor. This is an excellent feature for stability, though I found it to be sufficiently stable even when freestanding during my tests.

Close-up view of the base of the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter, highlighting its brand logo embossed on the metal.

Using the log splitter is a breeze. Simply place a log into the wide mouth of the splitter and strike it with a mallet. The slanted, alternating teeth design helps guide the wood into a split without jamming, even handling wet wood effectively. The design also supports logs up to 6 inches in diameter and 15.5 inches in height, accommodating a range of sizes with ease.

Safety Features

Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter positioned on a concrete slab in front of a woodpile, ready for use.

What sets the Kabin Kindle Quick apart is its focus on safety. Unlike traditional axes or mechanical splitters, there are no exposed sharp edges. This design minimizes the risk of accidents, making it a safer choice for children or pets.

Portability and Additional Features

A person using the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter to split a log, with pieces of split wood being carried away, near a wooden shed.

One of the standout features of the Kabin Kindle Quick is its portability. The curved handles not only aid in carrying the unit but also allow you to transport kindling directly in the base, which doubles as a carrying crate. This feature is particularly useful for taking the splitter along on camping trips or to a cottage.


Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter in action, with a freshly split log standing vertically next to the tool, outdoors near a wooden shed.

In practice, the Kabin Kindle Quick performs admirably. It splits logs efficiently with minimal labor, and the quality of the kindling produced is consistent and ideal for immediate use in fires or stoves. Even when dealing with harder woods, the splitter manages to perform without requiring excessive force.


Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter on a gravel surface with split logs scattered around it, with a woodpile and a tool in the background.

Thanks to its cast steel construction, the splitter promises longevity and resistance to rust, which is often a concern with outdoor tools. The all-weather coating ensures it can withstand the elements, suggesting that it will serve well for many seasons.


  • With no sharp blades involved, this splitter is significantly safer than traditional models, reducing the risk of accidents. It’s especially ideal for homes with children or pets.
  • Its design simplifies the process of splitting logs. You only need to place the log and strike it with a mallet. This straightforward mechanism makes it accessible even for those who are not typically handy.
  • Equipped with handles and a reasonable weight, the splitter is easy to carry around. Whether it’s moving it around your yard or taking it to a camping site, its portability is a huge plus.
  • Made from cast steel with a weather-resistant coating, it’s built to last and withstand the elements, which is excellent for long-term outdoor use.
  • The design allows for splitting various sizes of logs, including larger and longer ones that might not fit in other splitters.


  • At $109.99, the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter is an investment. While it offers excellent safety and durability, its higher price point might be a consideration for those who only need a splitter for occasional use.
  • The 12-pound weight, while portable, may still be cumbersome for some, particularly for those who might find heavier equipment challenging to handle.
  • The option to bolt it down for increased stability is great, but not everyone will want or be able to install it permanently, especially renters or those who prefer a more mobile setup.
  • It’s primarily designed for creating kindling rather than splitting larger logs for big fires. This specificity might limit its appeal to those looking for a more versatile wood-splitting solution.
  • Despite being safer than traditional splitters due to its bladeless design, it’s still a heavy, solid piece of equipment that could pose risks if misused around pets or in a household with small children.


Overall, the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter is a solid investment for anyone looking to simplify their wood-splitting tasks. Its safe design, ease of use, and robust build make it a standout product in the realm of kindling splitters. Whether you’re an occasional camper or someone who regularly enjoys a wood fire at home, this tool will make the preparation significantly easier and safer.


  1. How heavy is the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter, and is it portable enough to take on camping trips?
    The splitter weighs 12 pounds, making it sturdy yet portable enough for camping trips, especially with its built-in handles that facilitate easy carrying.
  2. Can the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter handle different types of wood, including hardwoods?
    Yes, this splitter is designed to handle a variety of woods, including tougher hardwoods. Its robust construction and design allow it to split logs effectively with minimal effort.
  3. What are the dimensions of the logs that the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter can accommodate?
    It can accommodate logs up to 6 inches in diameter and 15.5 inches in height, making it versatile for most common log sizes used in fireplaces and stoves.
  4. Does the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter require any assembly upon delivery?
    The splitter does not require any complicated assembly. It is ready to use straight out of the box, though you may choose to bolt it down for added stability.
  5. How do I maintain the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter to ensure it lasts a long time?
    Maintain the splitter by keeping it clean and dry when not in use. Periodically check for any signs of wear or rust, even though it is coated with an all-weather finish to resist the elements.
  6. Is the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter safe to use around children and pets?
    Yes, one of the key features of this splitter is its safety; it has no exposed sharp edges, significantly reducing the risk of accidents, making it safer around children and pets.
  7. Can the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter be permanently installed outdoors?
    Yes, it can be permanently installed outdoors by bolting it to a sturdy stump or another stable anchor using the pre-drilled holes in its base, enhancing its stability and ease of use.
  8. What kind of maintenance does the blade require? Does it need to be sharpened?
    The design of the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter uses pressure to split wood rather than cutting, so the blade does not require sharpening. This reduces maintenance and increases the tool’s longevity.
  9. How effective is the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter with wet wood or freshly cut logs?
    The splitter is designed to handle various wood conditions, including wet wood. However, performance can vary based on wood type and moisture content, with dryer wood typically splitting more easily.

Thanks for checking out our review of the Kabin Kindle Quick Log Splitter! Have you tried this tool, or do you have another favorite for making kindling? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below—we’d love to hear how you keep your fires burning. If you found this review helpful, please share it with other outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who might benefit from this fantastic tool. Happy splitting!

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David Murray
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