Ratchet Pruning Shears Review


Dive into our Ratchet Pruning Shears Review, focusing on The Gardener’s Friend’s tool designed to simplify pruning with a ratchet mechanism that aids those with limited hand strength or arthritis, ensuring smoother, less strenuous cuts.


BrandThe Gardener’s Friend
Weight220 Grams
Product Dimensions7.95″L x 3.15″W
Max. Cutting Capacity 1-inch
MechanismRatchet Action

Key Features of Ratchet Pruning Shears

Handheld Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener's Friend with a brand label from The Gardener's Friend.
  • Ratchet Mechanism: The ratchet mechanism increases cutting power, making it easier to prune thicker branches with less effort. This feature is especially beneficial for users with limited hand strength or arthritis.
  • Nonstick Steel Blade: The blade is made of nonstick steel, ensuring clean cuts through branches and preventing sap buildup, which can hinder the tool’s performance over time.
  • Safety Lock: A safety lock is integrated into the design to keep the shears closed and secure when not in use, reducing the risk of accidental cuts.
  • Ergonomic Design: The handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip, allowing for prolonged use without causing hand fatigue.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener’s Friend are thoughtfully designed with user comfort in mind. The handles are equipped with a soft rubber grip, providing ease of use and a secure hold during operation.

Additionally, the lightweight aluminum body contributes to the overall comfort, making these shears suitable for users with small or weaker hands. The combination of the soft rubber grip and the lightweight aluminum body ensures that users can comfortably handle these shears, allowing for extended use without causing discomfort or fatigue.

Gloved hand holding The Gardener's Friend ratchet pruning shears over gravel

The ergonomic design of these shears caters to users’ varying hand sizes and strengths, ensuring that they can be comfortably used by a wide range of individuals. This thoughtful approach to ergonomics enhances the overall user experience, making the Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener’s Friend a practical and comfortable tool for gardening tasks.

Build Quality and Materials

The Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener’s Friend are built to last, with a sturdy construction made from heavy-duty carbon steel. This material is known for its toughness and durability, ensuring that the shears can withstand the rigors of gardening tasks over time.

Additionally, the non-stick steel blade not only facilitates efficient cutting but also prolongs the lifespan of the shears. The incorporation of an aluminum body further enhances the build quality by making the shears lightweight and easy to handle, reducing user fatigue during prolonged use.

Ratchet pruning shears by The Gardener's Friend on gloves and grass.

The heavy-duty carbon steel used in crafting these shears ensures that they are robust and long-lasting, making them reliable tools for various gardening activities. The non-stick steel blade adds to the efficiency and durability of the shears, while the inclusion of an aluminum body not only contributes to their lightweight nature but also improves their overall ease of use and handling.

Performance and Durability

The Ratchet Pruning Shears have garnered positive feedback from customers regarding their performance and durability. Users have expressed satisfaction with the shears being razor sharp right out of the package, enabling effortless initial cuts.

The effective functionality of the ratchet mechanism has been highlighted as it facilitates easy and efficient cutting of branches. Although some users have noted a slight increase in effort as the cutting progresses, the shears consistently maintain their cutting ability, reflecting their durability.

Additionally, the rust-resistant feature of the shears further contributes to their longevity and durability, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Close-up of a closed ratchet pruning shear on a fabric surface.

The shears’ ability to maintain their sharpness and cutting efficiency, along with their rust-resistant feature, underlines their commendable performance and durability. These qualities make the Ratchet Pruning Shears a dependable and long-lasting tool for various gardening tasks, aligning with the expectations of users seeking reliable and enduring gardening equipment.

Ratchet Pruning Shears Pros and Cons


  • Ratchet mechanism for easy cutting
  • Comfortable handles with soft rubber grip
  • Rust-resistant and durable construction


  • Cleaning pad can easily slip out of its holder while working
  • The blade oiler stored in the handle may be prone to getting lost

Comparative Analysis of the Ratchet Pruning Shears

FeatureRatchet Pruning Shears Gardening Tool
Ratchet Pruning Shears
ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner
FELCO F2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner 6
Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner
Length8 inches8 inches8.5 inches
Weight8 ounces7.8 ounces8.5 ounces
Blade MaterialNonstick SteelHigh carbon steelHigh carbon steel
Handle MaterialErgonomic Rubber GripAluminum with non-slip gripAluminum with non-slip grip
Cutting CapacityUp to 1 inchUp to 0.75 inchesUp to 1 inch
Locking MechanismSafety LockSqueeze-to-openThumb lock
Key FeaturesRatchet mechanism, Nonstick blade, Ergonomic designHard chrome-plated blades, Offset blades, Wire-cutting notchAnvil blade, Sap groove, Cushioned shock absorber
Ergonomics and ComfortExcellent, with ergonomic handle and ratchet mechanismExcellent, with offset blades and comfortable handlesGood, with cushioned handles
Build Quality and MaterialsHigh quality, with durable construction and nonstick bladeHigh quality, with durable construction and materialsHigh quality, with durable materials and replaceable parts
Performance and DurabilityReliable cutting performance and durability with ratchet mechanismSuperior cutting performance and durabilityReliable cutting performance and durability
ProsReduces hand strain, Durable, Clean cuts, Comfortable gripSuperior cutting performance, Ergonomic design, Durable constructionPrecise cuts, Comfortable grip, Durable, Replaceable parts
ConsRatchet mechanism requires getting used toHigher price point, May be too large for small handsHigher price point, May require blade replacement over time
MaintenanceClean after use, Apply oil, Sharpen blade as neededClean after use, Apply oil, Sharpen bladesClean after use, Apply oil, Replace parts as needed
Suitable forGeneral pruning, Gardening, Landscaping, Users with limited hand strengthPrecision cutting, Heavy-duty use, Gardening, LandscapingGeneral pruning, Gardening, Landscaping


The Ratchet Pruning Shears are ideal for gardeners looking for a tool that reduces hand strain, provides clean cuts, and is comfortable to use. The ratchet mechanism is especially beneficial for users with limited hand strength.

The ARS HP-VS8Z Signature Heavy Duty Pruner is suited for those seeking a high-quality, ergonomic pruner with superior cutting performance and durability. It’s particularly suited for heavy-duty use and precision cutting.

The Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner is a reliable choice for gardeners looking for a durable pruner with a comfortable grip and precise cuts. Its replaceable parts make it a long-term investment for general pruning tasks.


Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Ratchet Pruning Shears in optimal condition. Here are some maintenance tips to ensure its longevity and performance:

Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener's Friend
  1. Clean After Each Use: Remove any sap, dirt, or debris from the blades after each use. This prevents buildup that can hinder the shears’ performance and cause corrosion over time. Use a damp cloth or a mild detergent if necessary, and ensure the shears are completely dry before storing.
  2. Oil Regularly: Apply a few drops of lubricating oil to the moving parts, especially the pivot point and ratchet mechanism, to ensure smooth operation. This also helps prevent rust and corrosion. Wipe off any excess oil to avoid attracting dirt.
  3. Sharpen the Blade: Over time, the blade may become dull, affecting the quality of the cuts. Use a sharpening stone or a file to sharpen the blade, following the original angle of the edge. If you’re unsure about how to do this properly, consider seeking professional sharpening services.
  4. Check for Wear and Damage: Periodically inspect the shears for any signs of wear or damage, such as loose screws or worn-out parts. Tighten any loose screws and replace any damaged components to ensure the shears function correctly.
  5. Store Properly: When not in use, keep the shears in a dry, cool place to prevent rust and damage. Use the safety lock to keep the blades closed and protect them from accidental damage.
  6. Avoid Overextending: Do not attempt to cut branches thicker than the shears’ maximum cutting capacity, as this can strain the mechanism and potentially damage the tool.

Practical Tips for Use

To get the most out of your Ratchet Pruning Shears, consider the following practical tips:

Helpful tips icon
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Mechanism: Before using the shears for the first time, practice opening and closing them to understand how the ratchet mechanism works. This will help you use the tool more efficiently when pruning.
  • Start with Smaller Cuts: If you’re new to using ratchet pruners, begin with smaller branches to get a feel for the cutting action. Gradually move on to thicker branches as you become more comfortable with the tool.
  • Use the Right Technique: Place the branch as deep into the jaws of the shears as possible, ensuring it’s positioned against the anvil (the flat part). Squeeze the handles until the ratchet clicks, release, and repeat until the cut is complete.
  • Avoid Twisting: When cutting, avoid twisting or turning the shears, as this can damage the blade and the branch. Keep the tool aligned with the direction of the cut for a clean, straight cut.
  • Keep Safety in Mind: Always be aware of your surroundings and ensure that no fingers or other body parts are near the cutting path. Use the safety lock to keep the blades closed when the shears are not in use.
  • Clean as You Go: Periodically wipe the blade with a clean cloth during pruning sessions to remove sap and debris, ensuring smoother cuts and reducing the risk of spreading plant diseases.
  • Don’t Force It: If you encounter a branch that’s too thick or tough for the shears, don’t force the tool. Instead, use a larger pruning tool like loppers or a saw that’s better suited for the job.
  • Store Properly After Use: After you’re done pruning, clean the shears thoroughly, apply a light coat of oil to the moving parts, and store them in a dry place with the safety lock engaged.


The Ratchet Pruning Shears are a valuable tool for gardeners seeking ease and efficiency in their pruning tasks. With features such as the ratchet mechanism, nonstick steel blade, safety lock, and ergonomic design, these shears cater to users with varying needs, including those with limited hand strength. Their performance, durability, and thoughtful design make them a reliable choice for general pruning, gardening, and landscaping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the maximum cutting capacity of the Ratchet Pruning Shears?

The Ratchet Pruning Shears can cut branches up to 1 inch in diameter.

2. Are these shears suitable for people with arthritis or limited hand strength?

Yes, the ratchet mechanism is designed to reduce hand strain, making them ideal for users with arthritis or limited hand strength.

3. How do I maintain the Ratchet Pruning Shears?

Clean the blades after each use, apply lubricating oil regularly, sharpen the blade as needed, check for wear and damage, and store them properly.

4. Can the Ratchet Pruning Shears be used for heavy-duty pruning tasks?

While they are robust and durable, they are best suited for general pruning tasks. For very thick or tough branches, a larger tool like loppers or a saw may be more appropriate.

5. How do I sharpen the blade?

Use a sharpening stone or file, following the original angle of the blade. If unsure, consider seeking professional sharpening services.

6. Are the blades replaceable?

The product description does not specify if the blades are replaceable. It’s best to contact the manufacturer for this information.

7. Is the safety lock easy to use?

Yes, the safety lock is designed to be easily engaged and disengaged, ensuring the shears are securely closed when not in use.

8. How heavy are the Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener’s Friend?

The Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener’s Friend weigh approximately 8 ounces (220 grams), making them lightweight and easy to handle.

9. Can the Ratchet Pruning Shears by The Gardener’s Friend be used left-handed?

Yes, the ergonomic design accommodates both right and left-handed users.

10. Are the handles slip-resistant?

Yes, the handles are equipped with a soft rubber grip for a secure and comfortable hold, reducing the risk of slipping.

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