Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander Review


Experience the epitome of functionality, power, and portability with the HM122 Bushlander from Woodland Mills. This compact yet mighty sawmill is designed to deliver exceptional performance whether you’re a weekend hobbyist or a professional woodworker. Boasting user-friendly features, a durable construction, and an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The HM122 Bushlander, a model often praised in Woodland Mills HM122 reviews, sets the bar high in the realm of portable sawmills. These reviews often highlight its superior performance and reliability.

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill on a white background

Woodland Mills HM122 Specifications

Maximum log diameter22″ (55cm)
Maximum board width20″ (51cm)
Maximum board length10′ 4″ (3.1m) with standard track & trailer; 16′ 9″ (5.1m) with XL length
Minimum board thickness1/16″ (1.6mm)
Saw head travel16″ (40cm)
Engine7HP or 9.5HP Kohler gas/petrol engine
Weight650 lbs (295kg)
Price$3,268.00 – $4,257.00

Additional Features

  • 4-post saw head design with the tubular back beam for ultimate rigidity
  • Easy-to-turn hand crank system for raising and lowering saw head
  • Galvanized steel posts and track
  • Reversible blade for smooth, clean cuts
  • Automatic blade lubrication system
  • RapidChange™ blade system for quick and tool-less blade changes
  • Vibration activated hour meter
  • Bushlander™ trailer for multi-terrain transportation, comfortable operation height, and easy storage

Personal Experience

From the moment I unboxed the HM122 Bushlander, I knew I was in for a treat. Its compact size was the first thing that caught my attention; it was perfectly designed for easy storage and transport, which is a significant benefit for me, given that my workspace isn’t particularly large. Yet, despite its compact size, the Bushlander didn’t compromise on power or functionality.

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill in a green field with trees in the background

Assembly was straightforward, thanks to the detailed guide provided by Woodland Mills. It took me just a few hours to put everything together, and before I knew it, I was ready to fire up the robust 7HP Kohler engine. From the very first rev, the engine’s consistency in delivering power was impressive, easily cutting through the logs I had lined up for my project.

The HM122 Bushlander’s design puts the user’s convenience in mind. I was particularly fond of the auto-blade lubrication system, which automatically lubricates the blade during operation. This feature not only reduced friction, but also extended the blade’s lifespan, saving me time and effort in maintenance.

I also appreciated the adjustable blade guide which helped maintain alignment and delivered precise cuts. I was pleasantly surprised by how accurately I could cut the logs, down to the millimeter, which is particularly important for my custom woodworking projects.

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill in use, cutting a log”. The sawmill is green, mounted on supports, and features a large blade

However, what sets the HM122 Bushlander apart for me is its portability. The optional trailer package allowed me to easily transport the sawmill to different locations. This feature opened up new possibilities for me, as I could now take on projects in remote areas with the confidence that I could bring my reliable sawmill with me.

Perhaps what cemented my faith in the HM122 Bushlander was the exceptional customer service provided by Woodland Mills. Having a 2-year warranty gave me peace of mind, and the readily available guides and tutorial videos proved to be invaluable resources in mastering the operation of the sawmill.

After using the HM122 Bushlander for several months now, I can confidently say that it’s a game-changer. It’s more than just a sawmill—it’s a reliable partner that enhances my woodworking experience. Whether I’m crafting furniture or creating custom pieces, the HM122 Bushlander delivers every time.

Compact Yet Powerful

The HM122 Bushlander is defined by its compact design that cleverly houses a potent 7HP Kohler engine, a feature that sets it apart from other sawmills in its class. Kohler is known for manufacturing reliable, high-performance engines, and the one that powers the Bushlander is no exception. It provides consistent power to carry out sawmilling tasks, ensuring you’re never lacking in force when you need it most.

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill in a grassy field

Despite its diminutive size, the HM122 Bushlander is capable of dealing with relatively large logs. It is designed to handle logs up to 22″ (56cm) in diameter and 10′ 5” (3.1m) in length, a testament to its impressive capacity. Such capacity makes the Bushlander incredibly versatile, and capable of handling diverse woodworking tasks from cutting timber for construction to creating slabs for furniture.

Precision Engineering for Unmatched Quality

The HM122 Bushlander’s quality is evident in its precision-engineered design. Its construction incorporates a rigid 4-post head design, which guarantees stability during operation and minimizes any potential for wobble or misalignment. Such stability is vital when working with large logs or performing precise cuts, as it assures that every cut is accurate and clean.

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill in a grassy field

The sawmill features an easy-to-use hand crank for making head adjustments. This system allows for rapid and precise changes, enabling users to fine-tune the cutting height swiftly and accurately. This feature ensures that the Bushlander can adapt to varying log sizes and requirements with ease, optimizing its cutting capabilities for every task.

The HM122 Bushlander also comes equipped with a heavy-duty log clamp and solid steel leveling feet. These elements provide additional stability and balance during operation. They hold logs firmly in place during cutting, preventing movement that could potentially affect the quality of the cut.

Moreover, with a cutthroat of 22” (56cm), processing large logs is accomplished with relative ease. This broad cutting capacity further underscores the Bushlander’s ability to handle heavy-duty woodworking tasks, providing users with the flexibility to tackle a range of projects with confidence and efficiency.

Pros and Cons


  1. Powerful Engine: Despite its compact size, the HM122 Bushlander packs a powerful 7HP Kohler engine, delivering consistent power to handle a wide range of sawmilling tasks.
  2. User-Friendly Design: Features like the auto-blade lubrication system, adjustable blade guide, and easy-to-use hand crank make operating the sawmill straightforward and convenient.
  3. Compact and Portable: The compact size of the sawmill, along with the optional trailer package, ensures easy transport and storage, making it ideal for use in different locations.
  4. Durable Construction: The HM122 Bushlander is constructed with a rigid 4-post head design, ensuring stability and accuracy during operation.
  5. Excellent Customer Support: Woodland Mills offers a 2-year warranty and provides detailed guides and tutorial videos, enhancing the overall user experience.


  1. Limited Cutting Capacity: While capable of handling logs of up to 22″ in diameter, the HM122 Bushlander may not be suitable for tasks requiring the processing of larger logs.
  2. Manual Adjustments: Some operations, like head adjustments, are manual, which might require some time to master and could slow down the operation for beginners.
  3. Noise Level: As with most sawmills, the HM122 Bushlander can generate considerable noise during operation. Using ear protection is recommended.
  4. Assembly Required: The HM122 Bushlander requires assembly upon delivery. While Woodland Mills provides detailed instructions, some users might find the assembly process time-consuming.

User-Friendly Design

The HM122 Bushlander embodies a design philosophy that focuses on user-friendliness and ease of use. Its key feature, an automatic blade lubrication system, ensures the blade operates smoothly and efficiently. This system drastically reduces the friction between the blade and the log, thereby enhancing the quality of the cut and extending the lifespan of the blade.

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill in action, cutting a log

An adjustable blade guide forms an integral part of the HM122 Bushlander. It maintains the correct alignment of the blade, ensuring the consistency and accuracy of every cut made. This adjustable guide allows users to make quick changes based on the type and size of the log being processed.

Another feature enhancing the sawmill’s user-friendly nature is a removable water tank, making refilling an effortless task. This tank supplies the lubrication system, ensuring your blades remain cool and well-lubricated for optimal performance.

Portability Perfected

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill in a grassy area with a man and a vehicle in the background

The HM122 Bushlander is more than just a compact sawmill – it’s a versatile machine designed to adapt to its environment. Its optional trailer package is a testament to its mobility, making transportation to different job sites a breeze. This adaptability, paired with its compact structure, positions the Bushlander as a leading choice for woodworking tasks that require mobility, such as those in remote woodland locations or varied work sites.

Reliability and Support

The HM122 Bushlander isn’t only a symbol of power and versatility, but also one of reliability. This is reflected in the 2-year warranty that Woodland Mills provides with the product, emphasizing the brand’s trust in the durability and performance of the Bushlander.

Woodland Mills goes the extra mile by offering excellent customer service and providing comprehensive guides and tutorial videos. This additional support not only simplifies the assembly and operation procedures, but it also enhances the overall user experience, providing guidance and assistance at each step.

Summing Up

Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander sawmill in a grassy field with lumber and a tarp-covered pile in the background

The HM122 Bushlander epitomizes a blend of robust performance, portability, and user-friendly design. It’s an ideal choice for hobbyists who require a reliable and capable sawmill for various projects or professional woodworkers in search of a compact yet powerful machine.

Every aspect of the HM122 Bushlander—from its user-friendly design and rugged construction to its powerful performance—resonates with versatility, making it a fitting choice for any woodworking venture. More than just a portable sawmill, the HM122 Bushlander symbolizes Woodland Mills’ dedication to creating products that are durable, reliable, and designed to perform. Its value goes beyond its functionalities—it stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the HM122 Bushlander

  1. What kind of engine does the HM122 Bushlander use?
    The HM122 Bushlander uses a 7HP Kohler engine.
  2. What is the maximum log size the HM122 Bushlander can handle?
    The HM122 Bushlander can handle logs of up to 22″ (56cm) in diameter and 10′ 5” (3.1m) in length.
  3. Does the HM122 Bushlander have an auto-blade lubrication system?
    Yes, the HM122 Bushlander comes with an auto-blade lubrication system which helps reduce friction during operation and extends the lifespan of the blade.
  4. Is the HM122 Bushlander portable?
    Yes, the HM122 Bushlander is compact in size and has an optional trailer package for easy transportation.
  5. What kind of support does Woodland Mills offer for the HM122 Bushlander?
    Woodland Mills offers a two-year warranty for the HM122 Bushlander. They also provide comprehensive guides and tutorial videos to assist with assembly and operation.
  6. What type of wood can the HM122 Bushlander handle?
    The HM122 Bushlander can handle a variety of wood types, ranging from softwoods like pine to harder woods such as oak and walnut.
  7. Does the HM122 Bushlander require assembly?
    Yes, the HM122 Bushlander requires assembly upon delivery. However, Woodland Mills provides detailed instructions and video tutorials to help guide users through the process.
  8. Does the HM122 Bushlander create a lot of noise during operation?
    Like most sawmills, the HM122 Bushlander can generate noise during operation. It is recommended to use ear protection when operating the sawmill.
  9. How often does the blade need to be replaced?
    The lifespan of the blade on the HM122 Bushlander can vary depending on usage and the type of wood being cut. Regular maintenance, such as using the auto-blade lubrication system, can help extend the blade’s lifespan.
  10. Is the HM122 Bushlander suitable for professional use?
    While the HM122 Bushlander is indeed powerful and versatile, its suitability for professional use would depend on the specific requirements of the work. Its compact size and power make it ideal for small to medium-sized projects.

We’re excited to learn from your perspective! Please take a moment to share your personal experiences and thoughts about the Woodland Mills HM122 Bushlander in the comments section below. Your insights could greatly assist fellow readers in making well-informed decisions about the HM122 Bushlander sawmill.

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