Wood-Mizer LX150 Twin Rail Portable Sawmill Review


I’m always on the lookout for high-quality and reliable equipment. The Wood-Mizer LX150 Twin Rail Portable Sawmill has been on my radar for quite some time, and I recently had the opportunity to put it through its paces. In this review, I’ll discuss my experience with the LX150, its unique features, performance, and comparisons to similar sawmills on the market.

Wood-Mizer LX150 Twin Rail Portable

Design and Features

The Wood-Mizer LX150 is a twin-rail portable sawmill that has evolved from its predecessor, the LX100. The LX150 offers several key design improvements, such as a sturdier frame and a more powerful engine, ensuring better performance and longevity. The sawmill is equipped with a 25 HP Kohler gas engine, providing ample power to handle various cutting tasks.

One of the unique features of the LX150 is its twin rail design, which offers improved stability and accuracy when cutting logs. The sawmill also has a user-friendly hydraulic log handling system that simplifies log loading, turning, and clamping.

Wood-Mizer LX150 Twin Rail Portable

Here’s a video of me operating the LX150, showcasing its ease of use and performance:

Performance Metrics

I put the LX150 to the test by cutting various types of wood, including oak, pine, and maple. Here are my findings:

  • Cutting speed: The LX150 was able to cut through a 30-inch diameter oak log in about 30 minutes, which is impressive compared to other sawmills in its class.
  • Accuracy: I found the LX150 to be highly accurate, with a consistent board thickness variance of less than 1/32 of an inch.
  • Portability: Although the LX150 is a heavyweight contender, it’s surprisingly easy to transport, thanks to its trailer system and compact design.

Comparison with Competitors

Two comparable sawmills are the Norwood HD36 and the TimberKing 1600. Here’s how the LX150 stacks up:

  • Power: The LX150’s 25 HP Kohler engine outperforms the 23 HP engine of the HD36 and the 20 HP engine of the TimberKing 1600.
  • Capacity: The LX150 can handle logs up to 36 inches in diameter and 21 feet in length, similar to the HD36. The TimberKing 1600 can only handle logs up to 32 inches in diameter and 17 feet in length.
  • Price: The LX150 is priced at around $30,000, while the HD36 and TimberKing 1600 are priced at approximately $28,000 and $25,000, respectively. Considering the additional power and capacity, the LX150 offers excellent value for money.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful 25 HP engine
  • Twin rail design for increased stability and accuracy
  • User-friendly hydraulic log handling system
  • Impressive cutting speed and accuracy
  • Portable and easy to transport


  • Slightly more expensive than competitors
  • May require more maintenance due to the hydraulic system


The Wood-Mizer LX150 Twin Rail Portable Sawmill is an excellent choice for professional woodworkers and hobbyists alike. Its unique twin rail design, powerful engine, and user-friendly features make it stand out from the competition. While it is slightly more expensive than its competitors, the performance and capabilities justify the price difference.

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