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In the world of construction, efficiency, and reliability are paramount. Heavy machinery like skid-steer loaders needs to be robust, versatile, and able to tackle a variety of tasks with ease. The Bobcat S70 skid-steer loader is no exception. It stands as a testament to Bobcat’s commitment to quality and performance. As a construction professional with hands-on experience with this beast of a machine, I can affirm that it indeed lives up to its reputation.

Performance and Specifications

One glance at the S70 might tempt you to underestimate its capabilities, given that it’s the smallest model in Bobcat’s lineup. However, this compact loader is an impressive powerhouse that showcases how size and power can co-exist harmoniously.

Under its robust hood, the S70 is equipped with a 23.5 HP diesel engine. The engine delivers high torque, allowing it to handle a multitude of tasks without breaking a sweat. Whether it’s scooping up heavy debris or towing loads across the worksite, this machine handles it all effortlessly.

A key feature of the S70 is its impressive rated operating capacity of 700 lbs. This essentially means that the loader can safely lift and carry weights up to 700 lbs, making it perfect for a variety of heavy lifting tasks. From hauling construction materials to moving bulky landscaping elements, the S70 is ready to take it all on.

Beyond its lifting capacity, the S70 also impresses with its maximum lift height of 96 inches. This enables the loader to reach high areas easily, extending its usefulness beyond ground-level tasks. Whether it’s stacking materials at height or reaching elevated work areas, the S70 can do it all.

However, the real magic of the S70 lies in its ability to operate in tight spaces. Thanks to its short radius turn feature, the loader can make sharp turns and maneuver through congested work areas where larger machines would struggle. This is particularly beneficial in urban construction sites or cluttered landscaping projects, where space is often at a premium.

In conclusion, while the Bobcat S70 might be compact in size, it is a beast when it comes to performance. Its robust engine, impressive lifting capacity, high reach, and excellent maneuverability make it an ideal machine for a variety of demanding tasks.

Personal Experience

For a true appreciation of the Bobcat S70, nothing beats hands-on experience. I’ve had the privilege of operating the S70 on numerous occasions, across a wide range of construction projects, and each time I’ve found myself more impressed by this nimble yet mighty machine.

I vividly recall one challenging project where we were working on a particularly cramped urban construction site. The task at hand was to lift and transport numerous heavy concrete blocks from one end of the site to the other. The complexity of the job was compounded by the restricted space, making the use of larger equipment unfeasible. It was in this tight spot that the S70 proved its mettle.

As the day dawned, the Bobcat S70 was all set for action. Its compact size allowed us to maneuver through the site with ease, moving past other machinery, materials, and personnel without hindrance. With the concrete blocks weighing heavily, we put the S70’s lifting capacity to the test. The machine did not disappoint, lifting each block with precision and stability.

Throughout this rigorous exercise, the S70 handled the load with grace, navigating through the congested site smoothly. But the real surprise came as the hours wore on. Unlike other machines that might show signs of struggle or decreased performance over continuous heavy-duty usage, the S70 chugged along undeterred, performing reliably, hour after hour.

By the time we wrapped up for the day, the Bobcat S70 had moved all the concrete blocks to their designated spots, without a single hitch. It was a testament to the S70’s durability, agility, and power. Reflecting on this experience, I can say that the S70 doesn’t just meet expectations – it often exceeds them, transforming challenging tasks into manageable feats.

Pros and Cons

Every machine has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Bobcat S70 is no exception. On the one hand, its compact size, easy maintenance, and exceptional maneuverability make it a formidable player in the compact skid-steer loader category. But these advantages come with a few compromises.

Compared to some of its competitors, the S70 does have a slightly lower lifting capacity. While this does not impact its performance in small to medium tasks, for operations that require higher lifting capacities, other models might be more suitable. Furthermore, its compact size, though an advantage in restricted spaces, might be less efficient in larger, open-space projects where larger machines could operate more effectively.

Evolution and Improvements

The Bobcat S70 is the successor to the popular Bobcat 463, and it showcases significant improvements over the previous model. The increased rated operating capacity, more ergonomic operator cab, and enhanced safety features all point to Bobcat’s continuous push for innovation and customer satisfaction.

Unique Selling Propositions

One of the many factors that distinguish the Bobcat S70 skid-steer loader from other models is its compact design. As a professional who has been around various construction machines, I can attest that size does matter in construction operations – but not always in the way you might think. In tight, congested spaces where maneuverability is essential, the S70’s compact design proves to be a significant advantage. It allows the S70 to weave through narrow pathways, maneuver around obstacles, and function effectively where larger skid-steer loaders would struggle.

Another impressive feature of the S70 is its maintenance-friendly design. Anyone who has spent time around heavy machinery knows that regular servicing and maintenance are critical to keeping machines performing at their best. The S70 makes this task easier with its transverse-mounted engine and easily accessible components. This arrangement simplifies routine maintenance checks and servicing, making it less time-consuming and thereby increasing operational efficiency.

In addition to performance and maintenance, operator comfort is a key aspect where the Bobcat S70 excels. The design of the cab is noticeably roomier, a feature that operators who spend long hours at the controls will appreciate. The lowered noise levels in the cab, compared to many other skid-steer loaders, also contribute to reduced operator fatigue. Additionally, the enhanced visibility from the cab is not just a matter of comfort, but also a significant safety feature. By offering a clearer, more comprehensive view of the surroundings, the S70 aids in precision operation and reduces potential workplace accidents.

Comparisons and Competitors

The skid-steer loader market hosts several notable brands, each with its own set of offerings. Key competitors for the Bobcat S70 include machines like the Caterpillar 216B and the Kubota SSV65. While these models hold their ground with certain advantages, such as slightly higher lifting capacities, they find it challenging to match the S70’s compactness and maneuverability.


In wrapping up, it’s clear that the Bobcat S70 skid-steer loader is a force to be reckoned with in the compact machinery market. Its combination of compact design, ease of maintenance, operator comfort, and impressive maneuverability sets it apart from many competitors. While its lifting capacity might be slightly lower compared to larger models, its performance in tight spaces and diverse environments is unmatched. As a testament to the adage that ‘good things come in small packages’, the S70 proves that power and performance are not always a matter of size. Whether you’re a construction professional or a discerning homeowner, if your tasks demand agility, easy maintenance, and robust performance, the Bobcat S70 could very well be the machine you need.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the rated operating capacity of the Bobcat S70?
    The Bobcat S70 has a rated operating capacity of 700 lbs (318 kg). This means it can safely lift and carry up to 700 lbs of load.
  2. What is the maximum travel speed of the S70 Skid-Steer Loader?
    The maximum travel speed of the Bobcat S70 is 6.1 mph (9.8 km/h). It allows for efficient movement on job sites.
  3. Can the Bobcat S70 use attachments?
    Yes, the Bobcat S70 is designed to be compatible with a wide range of attachments. This includes buckets, augers, trenchers, forks, and more, which enhance the versatility and functionality of the machine.
  4. What type of fuel does the Bobcat S70 use?
    The Bobcat S70 runs on diesel fuel. It is equipped with a diesel engine specifically designed for efficient performance.
  5. Does the Bobcat S70 have an enclosed operator cab?
    No, the Bobcat S70 comes with an open ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) operator cab. However, an optional suspension seat can be installed for added comfort during operation.
  6. What are the dimensions of the S70 Skid-Steer Loader?
    The Bobcat S70 has a length of 75.0 inches (190.5 cm), a width (with bucket) of 35.6 inches (90.4 cm), and a height of 71.4 inches (181.4 cm).
  7. Can the Bobcat S70 maneuver in tight spaces?
    Yes, the Bobcat S70 is a compact skid-steer loader that excels in maneuverability. Its small size and tight turning radius allow it to navigate in confined areas with ease.
  8. What is the lifting height of the S70?
    The Bobcat S70 has a lift height (hinge pin) of 81 inches (205.7 cm). This enables it to reach and dump materials into various containers or trucks.
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