DeWALT 60V Snow Blower Review


As winter approaches, the necessity of a reliable snow blower becomes increasingly evident. The DeWALT 60V Snow Blower emerges as a robust solution for those seeking a powerful yet manageable tool to tackle the challenges of snow removal. This review delves into the specifics of the DeWALT 60V Snow Blower, a product that has garnered attention for its unique blend of power, convenience, and technology.

DeWALT 60V Snow Blower Specs

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion FLEXVOLT
  • Battery Voltage: 60 V
  • Auger Motor Type: 60V Brushless
  • Clearing Width: 21 in
  • Throwing Distance: 40 ft
  • Run-Time: 45 Minutes
  • Product Weight: 59 lbs

This snow blower stands out in the market for several reasons. Firstly, its battery-powered nature marks a departure from the traditional gas-powered models, aiming to provide an environmentally friendly, yet equally effective alternative. Secondly, the DeWALT brand is renowned for its durable and high-performance tools, setting high expectations for this snow blower’s capabilities.

DeWALT 60V Accessibility

The DeWALT 60V Snow Blower is designed with accessibility in mind. Its cordless nature eliminates the hassle of dealing with cords and fuel, making it a convenient option for quick snow clearing tasks. It’s also relatively lightweight and compact compared to many gas-powered counterparts, making it easier to maneuver and store.

DeWALT 60V Accessibility

Battery Power

The 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT batteries strike a perfect balance between power and efficiency, providing long run times that allow users to clear large areas without needing frequent recharges. This convenience not only streamlines the snow removal process but also eliminates the drawbacks of gas-powered alternatives, such as harmful emissions and loud operation noises.

dewalt 60v snow blower battery power

The result is a cleaner, quieter, and more environmentally friendly snow clearing experience, with the added benefit of reduced maintenance and no need for gasoline handling.

DeWALT 60V Control Panel

The DeWALT 60V Snow Blower’s control panel is ingeniously designed for user convenience and operational efficiency, featuring a straightforward chute control for precise snow direction adjustments and variable speed settings to cater to different snow conditions. The inclusion of an easily accessible emergency stop button highlights the emphasis on safety, ensuring quick machine deactivation when necessary.

dewalt 60v snow blower control panel

Additionally, the panel is equipped with battery life indicators to keep users informed of power levels, avoiding interruptions during snow clearing tasks. LED lights are also incorporated to improve visibility during early morning or late evening operations, making the snow removal process safer and more efficient under various lighting conditions. This combination of features in the control panel streamlines the snow clearing experience, making it more manageable and user-friendly.

DeWALT 60V Clearing Capacity

With a 24-inch clearing width and a 13-inch intake depth, this snow blower excels in efficiently clearing medium to large driveways and walkways. Its impressive ability to move up to 1000 lbs of snow per minute highlights its effectiveness, making quick work of significant snow accumulations and reducing the effort needed to maintain clear, safe paths during winter.

dewalt 60v snow blower clearing capacity

This combination of wide coverage and high snow-moving capacity ensures swift, effective snow removal, proving invaluable for those facing regular snowfall.

Auger and Throw Distance

The snow blower is equipped with a durable, rubber-tipped steel auger designed to efficiently break through compacted snow and ice, ensuring reliable performance under tough conditions. Additionally, its adjustable throw distance feature, capable of launching snow up to 40 feet away, provides users with the flexibility to control where snow is deposited.

dewalt 60v snow blower auger and throw distance

This is particularly useful for directing snow away from pathways and driveways, effectively managing snow accumulation while maintaining clear and safe access areas.

Table Comparison with Other Models

Feature/AspectDeWALT 60V Snow Blower21 in. Power Clear® e21 60V* Snow Blower
Power Source60V MAX* FLEXVOLT Batteries (Long-lasting performance)60V Lithium-Ion Battery
Clearing Width21 inches (Efficient for larger areas)21 inches
Throw DistanceUp to 40 feet (Effective for snow disposal)Up to 40 feet
WeightWell-balanced for easy maneuverabilityLighter design
Auger TypeHeavy-duty rubber-tipped steel (Durability in tough conditions)Hardened plastic auger
Noise LevelLower (Quieter operation)Standard noise level
Battery EfficiencyExtended run-time with FLEXVOLT technologyStandard run-time
User InterfaceIntuitive control panel with LED lightBasic control features
Maintenance RequirementsMinimal maintenance, easy to serviceRegular maintenance needed
Environmental ImpactEco-friendly, zero emissionsEco-friendly, zero emissions
Storage EaseCompact design for convenient storageStandard storage requirements

21 in. Power Clear® e21 60V* Snow Blower Specs

  • Battery Power: 60V Max L405 (7.5Ah, 405Wh)
  • Clearing Width: 21 in / 53 cm
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 45 minutes
  • Throw Distance: Up to 40 ft / 12.2 m
  • Auger System: All-Steel Power Edge™
  • Start Type: Electric
  • Product Type: Single Stage Snow Blowers
21 in. Power Clear® e21 60V* Snow Blower product

General Maintenance Tips

  • After each use, clear away snow, ice, and debris from the auger, impeller, and discharge chute to prevent clogs and rust.
  • Store the battery at room temperature and recharge it before it’s completely depleted to maximize its lifespan. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures.
  • Periodically inspect the auger for wear or damage. Ensure that it’s securely attached and rotates freely without obstruction.
  • Apply a light machine oil to moving parts such as the chute rotation mechanism and any cables or linkages to ensure smooth operation.
  • Regularly check for signs of wear or fraying on the belts and control cables. Replace them if they show significant wear or damage.
  • Vibrations during operation can loosen bolts and fasteners. Periodically check and tighten them to ensure the snow blower is securely assembled.
  • Inspect the scraper bar and skid shoes for wear. These parts protect the housing from damage and ensure efficient snow clearing. Replace them when worn.
  • At the end of the season, clean the snow blower thoroughly, remove the battery, and store it in a dry, cool place. Cover the snow blower to protect it from dust and moisture.

User Experience and Ease of Use

The DeWALT 60V Snow Blower stands out for its efficiency and user-friendliness, powered by a potent 60V battery that tackles up to a foot of snow with ease. Its lightweight, electric start, and ergonomic design ensure maneuverability and comfort. Offering up to 45 minutes of battery life, it’s ideal for medium to large areas, requiring minimal maintenance. This snow blower is a reliable, convenient choice for those valuing performance and ease of use.

DeWALT 60V Pros and Cons


  • Equipped with a high-capacity 60V battery, enabling it to efficiently clear snow up to a foot deep. This powerful performance makes it an ideal choice for most residential snow removal tasks, ensuring quick and effective clearing.
  • Designed with user convenience in mind, this snow blower features an easy-to-use electric start, eliminating the common struggles associated with gas-powered models. The ergonomic controls and lightweight construction enhance maneuverability, making it easy to navigate around obstacles and reduce user fatigue during operation.
  • The snow blower offers up to 45 minutes of continuous runtime, making it capable of handling medium to large areas on a single charge. This efficiency reduces the need for frequent stops to recharge or swap batteries, facilitating a smoother snow removal process.
  • Unlike gas models, the DeWALT 60V Snow Blower requires minimal maintenance. The electric design negates the need for oil changes, fuel management, and spark plug replacements, simplifying upkeep and saving time and money in the long term.
  • Operating on battery power, this snow blower produces zero emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly choice compared to traditional gas-powered snow blowers. This feature is particularly appealing for users looking to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining efficient snow removal capabilities.


  • While the 60V battery provides ample power for most tasks, it may not be sufficient for clearing extensive areas or during prolonged periods of heavy snowfall without the need for recharging or a backup battery. This limitation could restrict its use for larger properties or in areas prone to heavy snowfall.
  • The initial cost of the DeWALT 60V Snow Blower is generally higher than some traditional gas-powered models. However, the potential savings on fuel and maintenance, along with the convenience of electric power, can offset the higher upfront investment over time.
  • Although the snow blower is effective for many residential uses, its snow throwing distance may not match the capabilities of high-end gas snow blowers, which could be a consideration for users with specific needs for dispersing snow over greater distances.
  • Like most single-stage snow blowers, the DeWALT 60V may face challenges when dealing with very wet and heavy snow. This is a common limitation among single-stage models and should be considered if frequently dealing with slushy conditions.


The DeWALT 60V Snow Blower stands as a compelling option for those seeking a balance between power and convenience in snow removal. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly design, and the credibility of the DeWALT brand make it a strong contender in the market. While the dependence on battery life and the initial investment might be considerations, the benefits of an eco-friendly, powerful, and easy-to-use snow blower are undeniable.


  1. How long does the battery last on a single charge?
    The battery typically lasts up to 45 minutes, depending on usage conditions.
  2. Can the batteries be used with other DeWALT tools?
    Yes, the 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT batteries are compatible with other DeWALT tools.
  3. Is assembly required?
    Minimal assembly is required, and it is straightforward with the provided instructions.
  4. How effective is it on heavy, wet snow?
    The snow blower is designed to handle various snow types, including heavy, wet snow.
  5. What is the warranty period?
    DeWALT offers a standard 3-year limited warranty for this model.
  6. Can the chute be adjusted while operating?
    Yes, the chute direction and angle can be adjusted on the go.
  7. Is it suitable for uneven terrain?
    While designed for driveways and walkways, it can handle slight unevenness.
  8. How much maintenance does it require?
    It requires minimal maintenance, mainly battery care, and occasional lubrication.
  9. Is it easy to store?
    Yes, its compact design makes it relatively easy to store.
  10. Where can replacement parts be purchased?
    Replacement parts are available through DeWALT service centers and authorized retailers.

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