Kobalt 40V Snow Blower Review


Discover the real power of the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower in our hands-on review. Can it conquer a heavy snowfall? We tested it to reveal the truth!

Person shoving the snow using Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

Hey everyone! Today, we’re checking out the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower. You might be asking: Can this machine stand up to serious snow? I’ve thoroughly tested it on my snow-filled driveway to give you the lowdown. Let’s see how it did!

Specifications of Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

  • Power: 40V battery
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Clearing Width: 20 inches
  • Snow Cut Depth: 12 inches
  • Throw Distance: Up to 26 feet
  • Chute Control: 180-degree electric rotation
  • Lighting: LED lights for dark conditions
  • Weight: 42 pounds
  • Special Features: Easy start button, rubber auger
  • Price: About $219 (without battery)

Kobalt 40V Snow Blower First Impressions and Setup

Person opened the battery cover of Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

Unboxing the Kobalt strikes you as sturdy yet not intimidating. Its brushless motor is a highlight, promising longevity and efficiency. The setup? A breeze. I popped in the 5-amp-hour battery, which, by the way, is interchangeable with other Kobalt tools. Handy, right?

Performance on the Field

My area had just a light dusting of snow, about a half-inch, but for testing’s sake, I piled it up to simulate heavier conditions. The Kobalt tackled these mounds with surprising ease, throwing the snow a good distance away. And yes, sliding around with it was unexpectedly fun!

Person pushing the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower in the driveway

Adjusting the throw direction is straightforward with its lever, a crucial feature when you’re navigating around cars or landscaping. The machine’s power and speed need to be in sync with the snow you’re tackling – go too slow, and it won’t toss the snow far enough.

Handling the Elements

Person lift the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower and shows the rubber paddles

As I dug deeper, I hit some icy patches. The Kobalt slowed down but didn’t quit, handling the varying texture from fluff to slush. Its rubber paddles did a commendable job of clearing down to the pavement, crucial for preventing ice build-up and ensuring a clean, safe surface.

Living with the Kobalt

Person pushing the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower in the thick snow

What I appreciate is its practicality. It’s not self-propelled, but it’s light enough to push without straining your back. In terms of battery life, it held up well during my testing, and I suspect it could tackle a decent-sized driveway on a single charge.

Who’s It For?

Person standing beside the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

If you’re buried in snow regularly, you might want to consider a gas-powered beast. But for those of us who deal with moderate snowfall, the Kobalt 40V is a gem. It’s efficient, easy to maneuver, and, best of all, requires minimal maintenance – no gas, no oil, just charge and go.

My Pros and Cons of Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

Pros of the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

  • Uses a 40V battery that is interchangeable with other Kobalt tools, offering convenience and cost savings.
  • Comes with a brushless motor, ensuring longer life and better energy efficiency compared to brushed motors.
  • With a 21-inch clearing width and 12-inch snow cut depth, it can handle moderate snowfall efficiently.
  • Features an electric chute control with 180-degree rotation, allowing easy direction of the thrown snow.
  • Integrated LED lights enhance visibility, making it suitable for early morning or late evening use.
  • Electric power means no gas, oil, or tune-ups are needed, reducing maintenance efforts and costs.

Cons of the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

  • The price may not include the battery and charger, which could be an additional expense if you don’t already own compatible Kobalt batteries.
  • Primarily designed for light-to-medium snowfall, which may not be sufficient for areas experiencing heavy snow.
  • Not self-propelled, which means it requires physical effort to push through the snow, potentially a challenge for larger or uphill driveways.
  • While it can throw snow up to 26 feet, performance might vary with wet or heavy snow, affecting its throwing efficiency.
  • Lacks variable speed options, which could limit control over the machine’s pace and efficiency in different snow conditions.
  • Made with plastic components, including the chute, which may raise questions about long-term durability compared to metal parts.

Maintenance Tips for the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower

  1. Regular Cleaning: Cleaning the snow blower after each use is crucial to prevent ice and snow buildup, which can lead to blockages and mechanical issues. Pay special attention to the auger and chute areas, and make sure to remove any salt or chemical residues to avoid corrosion. This routine cleaning helps maintain the machine’s functionality and appearance.
  2. Battery Care: Taking care of the battery is essential for the snow blower’s efficiency. After use, remove the battery from the unit and store it in a temperate environment, away from extreme temperatures, to maintain its charge and health. Regularly check the battery’s charge level during the off-season and recharge it as necessary to ensure it remains in good working condition.
  3. End-of-Season Storage: When the snow season ends, proper storage is vital. Clean the snow blower thoroughly, apply a light coat of oil or silicone spray to any metal parts to prevent rust, and store the machine in a dry, sheltered location. This end-of-season care prevents weather-related damage and keeps the snow blower ready for the next winter.
  4. Inspect Regularly: Periodic inspections of the snow blower can catch potential issues before they become serious problems. Check for any worn parts, loose bolts, or other damage, particularly focusing on the auger’s rubber blades. Replacing worn components promptly ensures efficient operation and prevents damage to other parts of the machine.
  5. Lubrication: Lubrication of the snow blower’s moving parts, as recommended in the manual, is essential for smooth operation and protection against wear. This routine maintenance task helps keep the machine running smoothly and extends its lifespan.
  6. Check the Chute: The chute of the snow blower needs regular checks to ensure it is clear of debris and operates freely. A functioning chute allows for effective snow direction and reduces the mechanical strain on the snow blower, enhancing its performance and durability.
  7. Handle with Care: Finally, careful operation of the snow blower can significantly impact its longevity. Avoiding hard objects during snow clearing protects the auger and other components from damage. Being mindful of the terrain and the machine’s capabilities can prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Comparative Analysis: Kobalt 40V Snow Blower vs. Greenworks 40V Snow Thrower

Power Source40V Battery40V Battery
Motor TypeBrushlessBrushless
Clearing Width20 inches20 inches
Snow Cut Depth12 inches10 inches
Throw DistanceUp to 26 feetUp to 21 feet
Chute Control180-degree electric180-degree electric
LED LightsYesYes
Weight42 pounds33 pounds

Summary: The Kobalt 40V and Greenworks 40V snow blowers are both efficient, battery-powered machines with brushless motors and electric chute controls. Kobalt offers slightly wider clearing and deeper snow cut capabilities, making it suitable for heavier snowfall, while Greenworks is lighter and may be easier to handle, especially in lighter snow conditions. Both have LED lights for nighttime use and are similarly priced, though always check for current deals and whether the battery is included. Your choice may ultimately depend on specific needs like clearing width, weight, and brand preference.

Final Verdict

The Kobalt 40V Snow Blower offers a fantastic balance of functionality, ease of use, and value. It’s ideal for quick clear-ups of light to medium snowfalls and perfect for those who already own Kobalt 40V tools. While it may not replace a heavy-duty gas blower for the snow warriors up north, it stands out as a reliable, eco-friendly option for most snowy conditions. For the price and convenience, it’s a winter warrior that deserves a spot in your garage.


  1. How does the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower handle wet, heavy snow?
    The Kobalt 40V is designed to tackle various snow conditions. While it excels in light to moderate snow, it can manage wet, heavy snow by moving slower to ensure thorough clearing without overloading the system.
  2. Can I use the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower on uneven surfaces or gravel?
    Yes, the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower can be used on uneven surfaces, but with caution. Its rubber auger is designed to be gentle on surfaces, reducing the risk of picking up and throwing rocks or gravel.
  3. How long does the battery last on a single charge during heavy snow clearing?
    Battery life can vary based on the snow conditions and usage intensity. In heavy snow, expect the battery to last around 30 to 40 minutes, but it could last longer in lighter conditions.
  4. Is the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower easy to store and maintain?
    Yes, its compact design makes it easy to store without taking up much space. Maintenance is minimal due to its electric nature—no oil changes or gas refills are needed, just keep it clean and dry.
  5. What makes the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower eco-friendly?
    Being electric, the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower produces no emissions, unlike gas-powered models. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option for snow removal.
  6. Can I adjust the throwing direction of the snow?
    Yes, the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower features an electric chute that rotates 180 degrees, allowing you to control the direction in which the snow is thrown.
  7. Are there any safety features included with the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower?
    Safety features include an instant stop mechanism when the handle is released, integrated LED lights for better visibility, and a cord lock to prevent accidental unplugging.
  8. How does the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower perform in deep snow?
    The Kobalt 40V can handle snow up to 12 inches deep effectively. For deeper snow, it may require multiple passes or slower movement to clear thoroughly.

And there you have it, our deep dive into the Kobalt 40V Snow Blower! Got thoughts or questions about this snowy sidekick? Drop a comment below – I’d love to hear your experiences or any tips you’ve got. If you found this review helpful, don’t be shy about sharing it. Let’s keep the winter wisdom flowing!

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