Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower Review


With the arrival of winter, the chore of snow removal looms large for many. While traditional gas-powered snow blowers pack a punch, they also bring with them issues of noise, upkeep, and environmental impact. The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower emerges as a contemporary fix to this perennial challenge. In this review, we’ll explore the distinguishing features, user experience, and overall value that set the Snow Joe iON PRO apart.

Snow Joe iON PRO 18" Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Snow Blower Specs

  • Type: Cordless Electric Snow Blower
  • Clearing Width: 18 inches
  • Clearing Depth: Up to 8 inches per pass
  • Battery: 40V Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Runtime: Up to 65 minutes on a full charge
  • Motor: 500W brushless motor
  • Auger: 2-blade rubber auger, moves up to 500 lbs of snow per minute
  • Throw Distance: Up to 20 feet
  • Weight: Approximately 32 lbs (without battery)
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

The Snow Joe iON PRO transcends the ordinary snow blower label. It epitomizes the advancements in cordless, battery-operated outdoor equipment. Boasting an environmentally friendly approach, straightforward operation, and remarkable ability to clear snow, it marks a progressive leap for those seeking to effortlessly keep their driveways and paths clear with high efficiency.

Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Accessibility

Accessibility is a cornerstone of the Snow Joe iON PRO’s design. Free from the tethers of cords and the hassles of gas or oil, it offers unparalleled freedom of movement. This snow blower is ready to go whenever you are, with no need to worry about fuel or dragging an extension cord around. It’s an ideal choice for those who value convenience and ease of use in their snow clearing tasks.

Auto-Rotate Directional Chute

The Auto-Rotate Directional Chute is a pivotal feature that enhances the versatility and convenience of the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″. This mechanism allows users to easily adjust the direction in which the snow is thrown, with the capability to rotate up to 180 degrees. By simply adjusting the chute, operators can direct the expelled snow away from cleared paths, walkways, or driveways, ensuring that the cleared snow doesn’t end up where it’s not wanted.

Snow Joe iON PRO 18" Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower  auto directional chute

This feature is particularly useful in tight spaces or when clearing snow around parked cars, as it provides precise control over the snow discharge direction, making the snow removal process more efficient and user-friendly.

Steel Auger With 2 Rubber Blades

The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ is equipped with a durable steel auger that incorporates 2 rubber blades, designed to move snow efficiently and effectively. This robust construction allows the snow blower to cut through snow with precision, moving up to 500 pounds of snow per minute. The steel auger offers the strength needed to handle various snow conditions, from light powder to more compacted snow, while the rubber blades help protect surfaces from damage.

Snow Joe iON PRO 18" Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower steel auger

This combination ensures that the snow blower can clear snow quickly without harming decks, patios, or driveways, making it a safe and reliable tool for snow removal tasks.

40 V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp Battery

The 40V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp battery powers the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″, providing a cordless, eco-friendly solution for snow removal. This rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 65 minutes of runtime on a single charge, allowing users to clear significant areas without the need for constant recharging. The EcoSharp technology ensures no fade in power, giving the snow blower consistent performance throughout its use.

Snow Joe iON PRO 18" Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower echosharp battery

This battery system not only eliminates the emissions and maintenance associated with gas-powered equipment but also offers the convenience of cordless operation, making it easier to maneuver the snow blower without being restricted by cords or the need to refuel.

Power and Performance

The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ stands out for its exceptional power and performance, attributed to its 500W brushless motor and efficient design. This motor provides the snow blower with the ability to move up to 500 pounds of snow per minute, clearing an 18-inch wide path with each pass. The brushless technology enhances the motor’s efficiency and longevity, reducing wear and tear and ensuring a longer lifespan for the machine.

Snow Joe iON PRO 18" Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower power and performance

This powerful performance means that users can tackle snow removal tasks more quickly and with less effort, even in challenging conditions, making the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ a reliable companion for keeping driveways, sidewalks, and patios clear of snow.

Table Comparison with Other Models

Feature/SpecificationSnow Joe iON PRO 18″RYOBI 40V HP Brushless 18″
Battery Power40V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp for up to 65 min runtime40V (runtime varies)
Clearing Width18 inches18 inches
Clearing DepthUp to 8 inches per passUp to 10 inches per pass
Auger DesignSteel auger with 2 rubber bladesSingle-stage auger
Surface ProtectionRubber blades prevent damage to surfacesStandard auger may risk surface damage
ManeuverabilityLightweight & easy to maneuverComparable but heavier design
Operational ConvenienceAuto-rotate directional chute for ease of useManual chute adjustment
Eco-FriendlinessZero emissions, quieter operationZero emissions but potentially louder
StorageCompact design, foldable handleLarger footprint, less compact
Initial Setup & MaintenanceMinimal assembly, low maintenanceMay require more complex setup & maintenance
User-Friendly FeaturesLED light for nighttime useNo LED light
Warranty2-year limited warranty3-year limited warranty

This table illustrates that while both models share some similarities, the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ offers specific advantages in terms of surface protection, operational convenience, and user-friendly features, making it a preferable choice for those prioritizing ease of use, surface safety, and storage convenience.

RYOBI Cordless Electric Snow Blow 40V HP Brushless 18"

RYOBI Cordless Electric Snow Blow 40V HP Brushless 18″ Specs

  • Clearing Width: 18 inches
  • Clearing Depth: Up to 10 inches
  • Battery: 40V lithium-ion
  • Motor: High-performance brushless
  • Auger: Single-stage
  • Chute Control: Manual
  • Design: Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

General Maintenance Tips

  • After each use, clean off any snow, ice, or debris from the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″. Pay special attention to the auger and chute to prevent any buildup that could impair functionality. A clean machine ensures optimal performance and longevity.
  • Always recharge the 40V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp battery after use to keep it ready for the next snowfall. Store the battery in a cool, dry place away from extreme temperatures to preserve its lifespan and efficiency.
  • Regularly check the condition of the 2 rubber blades on the auger. If they show signs of wear or damage, replace them promptly to maintain the snow blower’s efficiency and to protect your clearing surfaces from potential harm.
  • Occasionally lubricate moving parts, such as the auto-rotate directional chute mechanism, to ensure smooth operation. Use a silicone-based lubricant to prevent sticking or freezing in cold temperatures.
  • Periodically check all bolts and fasteners to ensure they are tight and secure. Vibrations from the snow blower’s operation can loosen these over time, which could lead to parts becoming dislodged or damaged.
  • When not in use, especially during the off-season, store the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ in a dry, indoor space to protect it from the elements and to prevent rust and corrosion. Fold down the handle if possible to save space.
  • Before and after each use, inspect the snow blower for any signs of damage or wear. Pay attention to the steel auger, housing, and controls. If any damage is found, address it before using the machine again to avoid safety hazards.

User Experience and Ease of Use

My experience with the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower has been notably positive, highlighting ease of use as its standout feature. The absence of cords and fuel hassles, coupled with the reliable 40V EcoSharp battery, made snow clearing straightforward and efficient on my driveway and paths. The auto-rotate chute and the lightweight, ergonomic design further simplified operation, allowing for quick adjustments and easy maneuverability. The durable auger with rubber blades effectively handled snow without damaging surfaces. Overall, the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ offered a hassle-free, effective snow clearing solution.

Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Snow Blower Pros and Cons


  • The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ offers exceptional maneuverability without the hassle of cords, making snow clearing seamless around the entire property.
  • With up to 65 minutes of runtime, the 40V EcoSharp battery efficiently handles typical snow removal tasks on a single charge, ideal for medium-sized areas.
  • The auto-rotate chute and intuitive controls simplify operation, making snow disposal precise and effortless.
  • Its design ensures easy handling and storage, even in limited spaces, enhancing user convenience.
  • The rubber-bladed auger clears snow effectively without damaging underlying surfaces, preserving decks and driveways.


  • For extensive properties or heavy snowfall, the battery may need recharging or a spare, potentially interrupting the workflow.
  • Performance can decrease in wet, heavy snow, requiring more effort and possibly multiple passes for thorough clearing.
  • Those needing continuous operation might find managing and storing an additional battery cumbersome.
  • While quieter than gas models, the operational noise might still be noticeable in quiet neighborhoods.
  • The upfront investment for the cordless model and possibly an extra battery can be higher compared to traditional electric snow blowers.


The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower stands out as a highly efficient, eco-friendly, and user-friendly option for snow removal. It combines the convenience of cordless operation with the power needed to tackle most residential snow clearing tasks. While it may have its limitations, particularly in handling very wet or heavy snow, its benefits far outweigh the drawbacks for most users. For those looking for a green, easy-to-use snow clearing solution, the Snow Joe iON PRO is a compelling choice.


  1. How long does the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ battery last on a full charge?
    The battery of the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ typically lasts up to 65 minutes on a full charge, providing ample time for most residential snow clearing tasks.
  2. What is the charging time required for the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ to reach full battery capacity?
    It generally takes about 2 to 3 hours for the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ battery to be fully charged from empty.
  3. Can the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ effectively clear heavy and wet snow?
    The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ is designed to handle light to moderate snow conditions efficiently. While it can manage some wet, heavy snow, its performance may vary depending on the snow’s consistency and depth.
  4. What is the maximum snow depth the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ can handle?
    This snow blower is capable of clearing snow up to 8 inches deep in a single pass, making it suitable for most typical snowfalls.
  5. Is the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ suitable for all types of terrain, including gravel and grass?
    Yes, the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ can be used on various terrains, including gravel and grass. However, caution is advised on loose surfaces to prevent the machine from picking up and throwing stones or debris.
  6. How does the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ perform in terms of durability and longevity?
    Built with a durable plastic and metal construction, the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ is designed to last. Regular maintenance and proper storage will enhance its longevity and performance.
  7. Are replacement parts readily available for the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″?
    Yes, replacement parts for the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ are readily available through Snow Joe’s official website and authorized dealers, ensuring long-term support and maintenance.
  8. What safety features are integrated into the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ design?
    The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ includes several safety features such as a safety switch to prevent accidental starting, a temperature sensor to prevent overheating, and a durable plastic casing to protect the user from moving parts.
  9. Can the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ be easily stored in small spaces?
    Yes, with its compact design and foldable handle, the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ can be easily stored in small spaces such as a garage shelf or garden shed.
  10. Does the Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ come with a warranty, and if so, what does it cover?
    The Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ comes with a 2-year limited warranty covering defects in material and workmanship under normal use and maintenance.

As we draw this review to a close, it’s your turn to weigh in on Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower. Did it spark your interest, meet your expectations, or leave you wanting more? Your experiences, thoughts, and feedback are what truly bring these reviews to life. Whether you’re a seasoned user or considering your first purchase, your insights are invaluable in painting the complete picture of Snow Joe iON PRO 18″ Cordless Rechargeable Snow Blower. So, dive into the comments, share your story, and become part of a community that values real experiences and honest opinions.

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