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I recently had the privilege of trying out the Terminator Chainsaw Attachment Stump Grinder, a cutting-edge tool designed for professional arborists. As someone who frequently deals with the challenge of tree stump removal, I was eager to see if this attachment lived up to its promise. Here’s my point of view on this intriguing piece of equipment.

  • Product: Terminator Stump Grinder Attachment
  • Compatible Chainsaws: Stihl MS 500i, 600, 661, 880, 881
  • Made in: United Kingdom
  • Use: Professional stump removal
  • For STIHL 500i – 661 Models:
    • Without accessories: 24.6kg
    • With accessories: 28.8kg
  • For STIHL 880 – 881 Models:
    • Without accessories: 28kg
    • With accessories: 32.5kg

Design and Build Quality

The Terminator Chainsaw Attachment Stump Grinder presents a masterclass in engineering finesse. Crafted with the utmost precision, this attachment is the epitome of durability and efficiency, seamlessly converting a regular chainsaw into a stump-grinding powerhouse. Designed with a universal approach, it boasts compatibility with a range of Stihl MS models including the 500i, 600, 661, 880, and 881, showcasing its versatility.

A person operating a chainsaw stump grinder in a grassy area

The build quality of the Terminator is nothing short of stellar. Constructed with top-grade materials sourced from the UK, it exudes robustness while maintaining a surprisingly lightweight profile. The weight, ranging from a manageable 24.6kg to 32.5kg based on the configuration, is a testament to the thoughtful design that prioritizes both strength and portability. This balance of heft and handiness is a remarkable feat, making it an ideal tool for professionals who require both resilience and ease of transport in their equipment.

Setup and Ease of Use

My experience with setting up the Terminator was notably hassle-free. Integrating it with my Stihl MS 661 was not just simple, but also intuitive, reflecting the user-friendly nature of this attachment. Its compact design deserves special mention – it’s engineered not just for performance but also for convenience.

The portability of the Terminator is a game-changer. It’s astonishingly easy to transport, comfortably fitting into a car, which is a boon for professionals who find themselves frequently on the move. This ease of transportation eliminates the need for cumbersome logistics typically associated with stump removal equipment. Whether you’re navigating the urban jungle or traversing rural landscapes, the Terminator’s design ensures that high-quality stump grinding is always within your reach, without the burden of heavy or unwieldy equipment.

Check this Video on How to Install a Terminator Stump Grinder Chainsaw Attachment


In my hands-on field test, the Terminator Chainsaw Attachment Stump Grinder revealed its true colors as an epitome of efficiency and power. Confronting a challenging 10-inch diameter stump, it performed exceptionally, reducing it to chips in about 10 minutes, a feat that speaks volumes about its capabilities. This efficiency stems from the perfect harmony between the robust power of the chainsaw motor and the grinder’s advanced design. Although I’m not entirely certain, it seems to feature aggressive carbide teeth, likely made of tungsten carbide, which enhances its cutting precision and durability.

Active chainsaw stump grinder reducing a tree stump in an outdoor setting

Besides its raw power, the Terminator is commendably mindful of its environmental impact. Its minimal footprint makes it especially suitable for delicate areas like flowerbeds or golf courses, skillfully balancing the need for effective stump removal with the necessity of preserving the surrounding aesthetics. This combination of smooth, effective operation and environmental sensitivity truly sets the Terminator apart as a top-tier tool in professional arboriculture settings.


The versatility of the Terminator is where it truly sets itself apart. Its ability to adapt to challenging and unconventional stump locations is unparalleled. Whether the task involves navigating a stump up a steep bank, delicately maneuvering down steps, or intricately working against a wall, the Terminator approaches each scenario with an almost chameleon-like adaptability. This versatility not only enhances its utility but also expands the professional scope for arborists.

Person operating a chainsaw stump grinder on a tree stump next to a brick wall

With the Terminator, arborists can confidently venture into stump removal tasks in scenarios where traditional stump grinders would falter. This adaptability opens up a new realm of possibilities, transforming stump removal from a daunting task to an achievable service offering. The Terminator thus stands not just as a tool, but as a harbinger of new opportunities in the professional arborist landscape, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in stump removal.


With a price tag of $7,700, the Terminator Chainsaw Attachment Stump Grinder is undeniably a significant financial commitment. However, when placed in the context of the broader economics of stump removal services, its value proposition becomes strikingly clear. For the professional arborist, the cost of subcontracting or renting stump grinding equipment can accumulate rapidly, not to mention the additional logistical and time expenses involved.

Chainsaw stump grinder model ST-661 positioned on grass

The Terminator, in contrast, represents a one-time investment that can lead to substantial long-term savings. By bringing this capability in-house, arborists can significantly reduce their operational costs. More importantly, it empowers them to respond to client needs with greater agility and less dependency on external services. The result is a direct and measurable impact on profitability, with the equipment potentially paying for itself within a relatively short timeframe, depending on the frequency of use.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Terminator Chainsaw Attachment Stump Grinder is not merely a tool; it is a paradigm shift in stump removal technology. It stands out for its formidable combination of raw power, exceptional portability, and unmatched versatility. This tool is more than just an addition to the arborist’s arsenal; it is a significant upgrade, enhancing the efficiency and scope of their stump removal services.

The initial investment, while substantial, pales in comparison to the long-term benefits and cost savings. This attachment is a strategic investment that promises to enhance business capabilities, streamline operations, and open up new revenue streams for professionals in the field of arboriculture.

In essence, the Terminator redefines the landscape of professional stump removal. It is not just a purchase but an investment in the future of arboricultural services, promising a blend of performance and profitability that is hard to overlook. For any professional committed to excellence and growth in arboriculture, the Terminator is a choice worth considering.


  1. Can the Terminator be used in residential areas without disturbing the surroundings?
    Absolutely! The Terminator’s light footprint and efficient operation make it ideal for residential areas. It minimizes disturbance to the surrounding environment, making it suitable for use in gardens, lawns, and near flowerbeds.
  2. How does the Terminator compare in performance to traditional, larger stump grinders?
    The Terminator matches up impressively with larger stump grinders in terms of efficiency. While it’s designed for smaller stumps, its portability and accessibility in tight spaces give it an edge over larger, less maneuverable equipment.
  3. Is any special training required to operate the Terminator safely and effectively?
    Basic training on stump grinder operation and safety is recommended. However, due to its user-friendly design and straightforward attachment process, professionals familiar with chainsaws will find the learning curve to be minimal.
  4. How does the Terminator handle different types of wood, including hardwood stumps?
    The Terminator is robustly designed to handle various wood types, including hardwoods. Its efficiency might vary slightly depending on the wood’s density, but overall, it performs reliably across different stump types.
  5. Can the Terminator attachment be transported via standard passenger vehicles?
    Yes, its compact size and lightweight design allow it to be easily transported in the trunk or backseat of most standard passenger vehicles, enhancing its portability.
  6. What is the lifespan of the Terminator, and are replacement parts readily available?
    The Terminator is built for durability, but its lifespan depends on usage and maintenance. Replacement parts are available, and its UK-based manufacturing ensures a reliable supply chain for any required components.

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