Tavool Wood Moisture Meter Review (2023)


I’ve realized how crucial it is to know the exact moisture content in the wood I use. Unexpected moisture can seriously mess up even the best of my creations. That’s where my trusty Tavool Wood Moisture Meter comes into play. This handy gadget has earned its permanent spot in my toolbox, becoming my secret weapon to deliver durable and high-quality work. Whether you’re an at-home DIYer or a professional craftsman like me, the Tavool meter is a game-changer, accurately measuring wood’s moisture and setting you up for success in every project.

Personal Experience

To say that the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter has saved my projects would be an understatement. I can still remember the first project I used it on – a rustic oak dining table. It was a labor of love, with each board carefully selected and meticulously sanded. But, I was aware that even the most beautiful wood could hide potential moisture problems that could lead to warping or cracking over time.

The Tavool Wood Moisture Meter came to the rescue. I found it exceptionally user-friendly, even for a newbie in moisture meter usage. By inserting the meter’s prongs into the wood, I was given an immediate and accurate reading of the wood’s moisture content on the digital screen. This knowledge allowed me to select and treat the wood appropriately, resulting in a dining table that not only looked beautiful but had the durability to last.

Guide How to use Tavool Wood Moisture Meter

Step 1: Understand the Device – Start by familiarizing yourself with the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter. It consists of a main body with an LCD screen for displaying measurements, a power button, and two metal probes sticking out from the top.

Step 2: Power On – Press the power button to turn on the device. You should see the LCD screen light up and display a reading. If it doesn’t, check whether you need to replace the batteries.

Step 3: Insert Probes – Hold the meter and press the two metal probes into the wood you’re testing. Make sure both probes penetrate the wood for an accurate reading.

Step 4: Read the Measurement – Take a look at the LCD screen. The digital display will show you the moisture content in percentage form. Lower numbers indicate drier materials, while higher numbers suggest more moisture.

Step 5: Interpret the Results – Tavool Wood Moisture Meter comes with a reference guide for ideal moisture levels in different types of wood. Compare your reading with the provided guidelines to decide if your wood is suitable for your intended use.

Step 6: Repeat as Needed – Repeat this process as necessary to check moisture content across different sections of the wood. It’s especially important to do this for larger pieces to ensure even drying.

Step 7: Power Off – After you’ve finished measuring, don’t forget to turn off the meter to save battery life. Just press the power button again, and the device will shut off.

Remember: It’s crucial to clean the probes after each use and store the moisture meter in a safe, dry place to maintain its accuracy and prolong its lifespan.

Performance and Features

Tavool’s moisture meter stands out from its competitor’s thanks to its wide range of detectable moisture. It offers precise readings from 6% to 60%, making it suitable for many woodworking applications.

The meter comes with eight calibration scales, allowing it to accurately measure the moisture content of different wood types. It also includes an ambient temperature and humidity sensor, providing additional insights into the working environment that could affect the wood.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Through my eyes, the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter is more than a mere tool – it’s a game-changer. One of the most compelling features of this meter is its uncanny accuracy. It consistently delivers precise readings, almost like a trusted sidekick that helps me gauge the state of the wood I’m working with. This level of accuracy, in turn, helps ensure the longevity of my projects and keeps unwelcome surprises, like unexpected warping or shrinking, at bay.

The user-friendly design is another aspect I can’t help but rave about. Its backlit LCD screen is easy on the eyes, showing clear and easy-to-understand readings. This means I can even work in dim lighting conditions without straining my eyes. Plus, the auto-off function is a boon – it ensures I don’t unnecessarily drain the batteries, especially on those days when I’m engrossed in my work and forget to turn off the device.

Despite all these benefits, I must mention one potential downside – the pin-type probes. Yes, they’re sharp and precise, but they do leave tiny puncture marks on the wood. While this is common across many moisture meters and doesn’t bother me much, I understand that for some, especially if working with fine, delicate wood pieces, this could be an area of concern. So, do consider this before making a decision. In my book, however, the benefits of the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter far outweigh this minor inconvenience.

Price Comparison & Ideal Use Cases

In terms of price, the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter is competitively positioned within the market. It delivers excellent value considering its advanced features and consistent performance.

The Tavool moisture meter is ideal for woodworkers, whether professional or hobbyists. Its broad range of detectable moisture makes it versatile for different woodworking projects, from crafting furniture to laying hardwood floors.


Speaking from experience, the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter isn’t just a tool; it’s a trusty ally that ensures the success of my woodworking endeavors. Its precision in delivering moisture readings is uncanny, and this accuracy has become a cornerstone in the quality of my work.

Using the Tavool meter feels intuitive. It’s as if the device speaks my language, with its easy-to-understand calibration scales and additional features that make the moisture reading process a breeze. This user-friendly design sets it apart from other moisture meters I’ve used in the past.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of woodworking or have years of sawdust under your belt, the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter is a must-have. It’s not just about measuring moisture; it’s about understanding your material and ensuring the quality of your craft. With this little device, I feel more confident in my work, knowing that the creations I produce are built to last. This sense of assurance is priceless, and for this, the Tavool Wood Moisture Meter has earned its place in my toolkit.


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