Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder Review


I had the privilege of acquiring the Lincoln Electric (K1170) AC225 Stick Arc Welder, and it has undeniably transformed the way I approach my welding projects. This comprehensive review will delve into my in-depth exploration of this welding machine, where I will provide detailed accounts of my personal experiences and observations. I will meticulously assess its performance, versatility, and cost-effectiveness, drawing from my extensive background in welding, which involves countless hours dedicated to diverse welding projects. Through rigorous testing and experimentation, I am enthusiastic about offering you a comprehensive overview of my findings.

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Lincoln Electric
  • Specific Uses For Product: Residential Use
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Wattage: 51750 watts
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 19 x 27 inches
  • Item Weight: 96 lbs

Strengthen Capability and Accuracy

The Lincoln Electric (K1170) AC225 Stick Arc Welder embodies remarkable strength, offering welders an impressive level of power and capability. With a maximum output of 225 amps, this welding machine has the muscle to tackle a wide spectrum of welding tasks, from handling delicate sheet metal to welding thicker steel components with ease.

Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder

This remarkable power translates into consistently high-quality welds, as the welder delivers a stable and smooth arc that minimizes splatter and ensures excellent penetration. Whether you’re working on home DIY projects or industrial applications, the AC225’s robust performance is a testament to its exceptional strength, making it a dependable tool for welders seeking to achieve precision in their work.

In addition to its strength, the Lincoln Electric AC225 also exhibits impressive accuracy. It boasts the versatility to operate with both AC and DC currents, catering to various welding processes, including stick welding, TIG, and flux-cored welding. This adaptability allows welders to select the optimal settings for each specific welding task, resulting in precise and controlled welds.

Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder

Moreover, the machine’s compatibility with a wide range of electrode sizes further enhances its accuracy, enabling welders to tailor their approach to meet the unique demands of different projects. The Lincoln Electric AC225’s combination of strength, capability, and accuracy sets it apart as a reliable and versatile welding solution, making it an invaluable asset in the arsenal of any welder, from novices to seasoned professionals.

Build Quality and Aesthetic Design

When it comes to build quality, the Lincoln Electric (K1170) AC225 Stick Arc Welder lives up to the brand’s renowned reputation for durability and robustness. This welding machine is encased in a heavy-duty steel chassis, showcasing a solid construction that can endure the demanding conditions of any workshop.

Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder

Its substantial build imparts a sense of reliability, assuring users that it’s designed to withstand the test of time. The robust frame ensures that the welder can endure the wear and tear associated with frequent use, making it a sound investment for both professional welders and avid DIY enthusiasts.

However, it’s worth noting that the AC225’s sturdiness comes at the expense of portability. Weighing approximately 109 pounds, this welding machine may be a bit challenging to move around, especially for those who require frequent repositioning within their workspace.

Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder

Nonetheless, Lincoln Electric has considered this aspect and equipped the AC225 with sturdy wheels and a well-designed handle, mitigating the weight issue to a considerable extent. While it may not be the lightest option on the market, its maneuverability within your workspace is made manageable, ensuring that its substantial build doesn’t compromise its usability.

User-Friendliness and Operational Durability

When it comes to user-friendliness, the Lincoln Electric AC225 exhibits a dual nature that caters to both seasoned welders and beginners, albeit with some nuances. For those well-versed in welding techniques, operating this machine is a straightforward task, thanks to its intuitive design. However, for novice welders, there may be a slight learning curve involved.

Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder

Precise adjustments of settings, such as amperage and voltage, require a foundational understanding of welding principles. Fortunately, the included manual proves to be a valuable companion, offering clear and concise instructions for setting up and operating the welder. It serves as an essential resource for those looking to quickly grasp the machine’s functionalities and get started on their welding projects.

Despite its user-friendly aspects, the Lincoln Electric AC225 does lack some advanced features, such as a digital display. This omission might deter welders who prefer more granular and precise control over their welding parameters. The absence of such modern conveniences can make it slightly less appealing to those seeking the highest degree of control and customization in their welding tasks.

Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder

Nonetheless, for welders who prioritize rugged reliability and operational durability, the AC225 remains a solid choice, offering consistent performance without the frills of complex digital interfaces. Its steadfastness in delivering results is a testament to its operational durability, making it a reliable tool for a wide range of welding applications.

Visual Concept Review

The Lincoln Electric (K1170) AC225 Stick Arc Welder presents a rugged and industrial aesthetic that reflects its robust build and durable performance. The heavy-duty steel case exudes an aura of strength and reliability, while the striking red color, synonymous with Lincoln Electric, reinforces its brand identity.

The machine’s control panel, though not overly complex, showcases a practical and functional design, ensuring ease of use for experienced welders. While it may not boast flashy digital displays or intricate graphics, the straightforward and no-nonsense appearance underscores its focus on delivering dependable welding results, making it a visually apt representation of its performance-oriented approach.

What Sets Apart

The Lincoln Electric (K1170) AC225 Stick Arc Welder distinguishes itself in several key ways. Firstly, its exceptional welding performance, especially when dealing with steel materials, sets it apart as a top-tier welding machine. Its robust 225-amp maximum output ensures that it can effortlessly handle a wide range of welding tasks, delivering consistent and clean welds, making it a go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Welder

Secondly, its versatility is a standout feature. Unlike many welders in its class, the AC225 has the capability to operate with both AC and DC currents, accommodating various welding processes, including stick welding and scratch-start TIG welding with the appropriate accessories.

Additionally, its compatibility with a range of electrode sizes enhances its adaptability, making it suitable for diverse welding applications. These features, combined with its renowned durability, make the Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Arc Welder a reliable and versatile choice in the world of welding equipment.

Pros and Cons

Impressive welding performance, especially for steel welding.Relatively heavy and not the most portable option.
Versatile with the ability to handle various welding processes.May not be beginner-friendly for those new to welding.
Durable build quality ensures longevity.Lack of advanced features like a digital display.
Excellent value for money compared to its competitors.
Trusted brand with reliable customer support.

Guidelines for Safe Usage

  1. Wear Appropriate Protective Gear: Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as welding gloves, a welding helmet with a proper shade, flame-resistant clothing, and safety glasses to shield yourself from sparks, UV radiation, and hot metal.
  2. Ensure Proper Ventilation: Work in a well-ventilated area or use an exhaust system to prevent inhaling harmful fumes and gases produced during welding, especially when working with coated electrodes or on painted materials.
  3. Check Your Workspace: Keep your workspace clutter-free to minimize tripping hazards and maintain a clear path to emergency exits. Ensure there are no flammable materials nearby.
  4. Inspect Equipment: Regularly inspect the welder, cables, and electrodes for any signs of damage or wear. Replace damaged components promptly to prevent accidents.
  5. Secure Cables: Keep welding cables neatly organized and secured to avoid tripping or damage. Do not allow them to come into contact with hot surfaces.
  6. Know the Duty Cycle: Be aware of the welder’s duty cycle, and avoid continuous welding beyond its rated capacity to prevent overheating.
  7. Disconnect Power: Before making any adjustments or maintenance, turn off the welder, and disconnect it from the power source. Wait for the equipment to cool down before performing any maintenance tasks.
  8. Handle Electrodes Safely: Handle electrodes with care, and use appropriate storage containers to prevent moisture contamination. Follow manufacturer recommendations for electrode storage and usage.
  9. Avoid Welding in Confined Spaces: Welding in confined spaces can lead to inadequate ventilation and an increased risk of exposure to hazardous fumes. Avoid such environments whenever possible.
  10. Stay Informed: Stay informed about safety regulations and best practices for welding. Seek proper training and certification if you’re new to welding or need a refresher on safety protocols.

Optimal Uses For

  • Heavy-Duty Welding Projects: This welding machine is well-suited for heavy-duty welding tasks such as joining thick steel components, constructing metal structures, or performing repairs on industrial machinery. Its high amperage output and stable arc make it an ideal choice for projects that demand robust and consistent welds.
  • Versatile Workshop Applications: The AC225’s versatility shines in a workshop environment. It can handle various welding processes, making it suitable for a range of tasks from stick welding to scratch-start TIG welding. Its compatibility with different electrode sizes further enhances its adaptability, making it a valuable tool for those working on diverse projects.
  • Experienced Welders and Professionals: Experienced welders and professionals who prioritize performance, durability, and reliability will find the Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Arc Welder to be an excellent investment. Its dependable build quality and consistent welding results make it a go-to choice for those who rely on welding as a core part of their trade or profession.

Final Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the Lincoln Electric (K1170) AC225 Stick Arc Welder has proven itself as a standout choice in the world of welding machines. Its remarkable performance and versatility make it a compelling option for a broad spectrum of users, be it hobbyists or seasoned professionals. Although it may pose a minor learning curve for those new to welding, its combination of affordability and long-lasting durability positions it as an investment that promises reliable returns.

If you seek a welding machine capable of effortlessly handling a diverse range of tasks while providing excellent value for your money, the Lincoln Electric AC225 stands as a top contender deserving of your consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum amperage output of the Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Arc Welder?
    The Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Arc Welder has a maximum amperage output of 225 amps.
  2. Can I use this welder for TIG welding, or is it designed exclusively for stick welding?
    This welder is primarily designed for stick welding, but it can be adapted for scratch-start TIG welding with the appropriate accessories.
  3. What types of electrodes are compatible with the Lincoln Electric AC225?
    The AC225 can work with a wide range of electrodes, including various sizes and types. Consult the user manual for specific recommendations.
  4. Is the Lincoln Electric AC225 suitable for welding aluminum?
    While it is primarily designed for welding steel and other ferrous metals, you can use specialized aluminum electrodes with this welder for aluminum welding.
  5. How does this welding machine handle thinner materials like sheet metal?
    The Lincoln Electric AC225 can be used for thinner materials like sheet metal, but it may require some skill to prevent burn-through. Using smaller electrodes and adjusting the amperage appropriately can help achieve better results.
  6. What is the duty cycle of the Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Arc Welder?
    The duty cycle for this welder is typically 20% at its maximum output of 225 amps, which means it can weld continuously for 2 minutes out of every 10 minutes at maximum output.
  7. Can I run this welder on a standard household electrical outlet?
    The Lincoln Electric AC225 requires a 230V input power source, so you’ll need access to a suitable power outlet or a compatible generator.
  8. Does this welder come with any safety features, such as overheating protection?
    This welder does not have built-in overheating protection. It’s essential to monitor the duty cycle and allow it to cool down when necessary to prevent overheating.
  9. What warranty does Lincoln Electric provide for the AC225 Stick Arc Welder?
    Warranty coverage can vary, so it’s important to check with the manufacturer or the retailer for the specific warranty details for your purchase.
  10. Can I use this welder for outdoor welding projects, and is it weather-resistant?
    The Lincoln Electric AC225 Stick Arc Welder is suitable for outdoor use, but it’s not weather-resistant. Take precautions to protect it from rain and moisture when used outdoors, as exposure to the elements can affect its performance and longevity.

We value your feedback! Please feel free to share your own experiences and opinions regarding the Lincoln Electric (K1170) AC225 Stick Arc Welder in the comment section below. Your insights can be a valuable resource for others looking to make well-informed decisions on their welding equipment choices!

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I have the ac/dc model tombstone its a 1990 model year its a great starter machine for stick welding you can use ac or dc electrodes i have larger machines and a portable but you can pick these up used for about 200bucks at garage sales or auctions they are bullet proof when used properly and maintained

Daniel Adams
Grande Gonzalez
July 3, 2024 4:48 am

(#1 lincoln welders made in USA) Lincoln is the Rolls-Royce in welding. Welding since 15 vo-teck, now retired ironworker 65. Certified in arc from 2" to 6" pipe ,structural butts all positions, recertification many times for insurance all useing lincoln welders. l own the ac/dc version when it first came out since l was a kid made flat beds on trucks, put on hitch, farm equipment, u name it, even hook up to generator (made money) and still runs good!! Get dc for beginners or mig much easier for shop gobs. But in the field when the wind blowing rusty dirt jobs arc (stick) welding trust me good luck

Daniel Adams
January 24, 2024 2:43 pm

I've owned a Lincoln 225 welder for 50 years or more and I've still got the original one except. I've been welding since the 7th grade and I'm 75 now. The only thing I've had to do is replace the fan and the person I talked at Lincoln told me the price, and I said that is a lot more than I paid for the welder. We both laughed. I still use it even though I've got bigger welders now. Great welder.

Daniel Adams
Pat Berube
January 22, 2024 1:54 am

Best welder you can buy I have one for 35 years it is the best

Daniel Adams
Mike Henderson
January 21, 2024 9:17 pm

This is an AC only machine, suitable only for "stick" welding, not mig or tig processes. The type of amperage control also limits its versatility, since you sometimes need a setting which comes between the pre-set choices offered. This is particularly true when working with thinner materials. A novice welder would especially benefit from infinite amperage control. These are great welders from a reputable company, but a potential user should consider the built-in limitations before making his selection. I have used a variety of welders over the last 55 years, including several of these Lincoln "tombstones," so I speak from experience.

Daniel Adams
January 21, 2024 7:17 pm

It’s a great little machine, I learned to weld using this machine in 1978 and is within the average homeowner’s budget, I prefer the AC DC version for versatility and lastly it was known as the Tombstone

Daniel Adams
Michael Hibbits
January 21, 2024 1:11 pm

I own one of these welders that I've had since about 1965. It's a real workhorse but I wish I had the AC/DC model so I could do some reverse polarity work. The straight AC spatters a lot but i use mostly 6013 rods.

Daniel Adams
January 21, 2024 1:12 am

Have one for years, it's bullet proof and very useful when using 7018 ac variant welding rods. The circle around 75 amps is the setting to thaw frozen metal water pipes at that setting its 100% duty cycle. Never switch Amp settings while welding as it will destroy selection switch.

Daniel Adams
Malcolm macdonald
January 20, 2024 6:35 pm

I’m 76yesrs young. I’ve owned a Lincoln 225 since 1969, great welder!!

Daniel Adams
Sid Hawkins
January 20, 2024 3:13 am

I have a Lincoln 225 welder that is about 48 years old It still welds just as good as it did when it was new. The temperature has always been constant not up and down while welding. I purchased a new Lincoln 225 about 2 years ago just in case the old one quit. I have a cattle farm and I build most of my equipment such as hay movers gin pole trailer movers and corral fencing. Very well pleased to say the least.

Daniel Adams
Billy H Blair
January 20, 2024 1:24 am

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