5 Best Jøtul Wood Stoves Review


Greetings to all! As the chill of winter approaches and the allure of a cozy fireplace beckons, selecting the perfect wood stove becomes a pivotal decision. In this context, the Norwegian wood stove, particularly the one crafted by Jotul, stands out as a paragon of excellence. Jotul, a name synonymous with quality and tradition in the world of wood stoves, has roots tracing back to 1853 in Norway. Over the decades, Jotul has carved a niche for itself by blending Norwegian craftsmanship with fine art. Their stoves, embodying the essence of Norwegian wood stove design, are not just functional appliances but pieces of historical art. These stoves bring a touch of Norwegian tradition and warmth into homes, making them a cherished centerpiece for those cold winter months.

Different Types of Jotul Wood Stoves Available

Jotul is a renowned manufacturer of wood stoves and has a rich history of producing quality products. Some popular types of Jotul wood stoves include:

  1. Cast Iron Stoves: Renowned for their longevity and ability to retain heat for extended periods.
  2. Modern Stoves: These feature sleek designs and advanced burning technologies, suitable for contemporary homes.
  3. Classic Stoves: Embody traditional designs, often inspired by historical models.
  4. Large Capacity Stoves: Suitable for heating larger spaces or entire homes.
  5. Compact Stoves: Ideal for smaller spaces or supplementary heating.

Today, their legacy of creating durable, classic, and efficient wood stoves continues. While the market is saturated with countless options, we’ve streamlined the process for you by cherry-picking the top 5 Jotul wood stoves. Dive in and discover which one warms not just your home, but also your heart.

List of Best Jøtul Wood Stoves:

Let’s delve into the Top Jøtul Wood Stoves!

1. Jøtul F373 Advance

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Jøtul F373 Advance is a modern wood stove that stands out with its contemporary design and pedestal base, offering viewers a panoramic view of the flames through its large front and side windows. Crafted from durable cast iron, it promises longevity and efficient heat retention. It’s capable of producing 37,000 BTUs, lasting for 4-6 hours on a single load. Furthermore, it’s environmentally friendly, being DEFRA approved for smoke-controlled areas and boasting an eco design for lower emissions. The stove provides a powerful 5.9-kilowatt heat output, ensuring consistent warmth. While priced higher than some other models, its blend of aesthetics, performance, and sustainability make it a top choice for modern homes.


  • The Jotul F373 Advance boasts a modern design with a pedestal base, making it a stylish addition to contemporary homes.
  • Large front and side windows offer viewers a captivating view of the flames, enhancing the ambiance of any room.
  • Crafted from cast iron, the stove promises durability, ensuring that it stands the test of time.
  • The use of cast iron not only adds to its durability but also ensures efficient heat retention, delivering warmth even after the fire has subsided.
  • Capable of producing 37,000 BTUs and providing a powerful 5.9-kilowatt heat output, it ensures consistent warmth in the room.
  • It is DEFRA-approved for use in smoke-controlled areas, making it a suitable choice for urban settings. Additionally, its eco-design results in lower emissions, underscoring its commitment to sustainability.


  • With a burn time of only 4-6 hours on a single load, it might require more frequent reloads compared to models that offer extended burn durations.
  • The Jotul F373 Advance is priced higher than some other models in the market, which might be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Given that it’s made from cast iron, it might be heavier, potentially complicating the installation process.
  • Its contemporary design, coupled with the pedestal base, may require more space and might not be suitable for smaller rooms or homes looking for a more compact wood stove.

2. Jøtul F602 V2

Rating: ★★★★★

The Jotul F602 V2 stands out as a compact yet powerful wood stove, adeptly balancing functionality with affordability. It boasts a fully functional top cook plate, making it versatile in utility. Despite its modest size, it packs a punch with its unique Jotul Turbulator non-catalytic technology and is EPA 2020 certified, ensuring an eco-friendly clean burn. Producing 28,000 BTUs, it can provide warmth for 4-5 hours on a single load. Design-wise, it captivates with its elegant glass door and intricate side plate details. However, its compact nature may not be suitable for heating larger spaces. Overall, this stove offers efficient heating, eco-friendly operations, and a touch of elegance at an economical price point.


  • The Jotul F602 V2’s compact form factor makes it suitable for smaller spaces or homes with limited room.
  • This stove offers a balance of functionality and design at an economical price point, making it accessible to a wide range of buyers.
  • With a fully functional top cook plate, it’s not just a heating source but also adds utility for cooking or warming food.
  • The inclusion of Jotul Turbulator non-catalytic technology and its EPA 2020 certification ensure that the stove operates with minimal emissions, offering an eco-friendly burn.
  • Despite its compact size, it can produce 28,000 BTUs, ensuring adequate warmth for a space.
  • The stove’s elegant glass door and intricate side plate details elevate its aesthetic appeal, making it a visually captivating addition to any room.


  • With a burn duration of 4-5 hours on a single load, users might need to reload it more frequently compared to models with longer burn times.
  • Given its compact design and heat output, it may not be suitable for heating larger rooms or spaces effectively.
  • While it offers basic functionalities, it might lack some of the advanced features available in premium or larger models.

3. Jøtul F45 V2 Greenville

Rating: ★★★★★

The Jotul F45 V2 Greenville is a medium-sized wood stove that masterfully blends classic design with modern efficiency. EPA 2020 certified, it showcases its commitment to the environment with a notably low emission rate of 1.8 grams per hour. This stove incorporates the Jotul Turbulator non-catalytic clean burn technology, ensuring optimal combustion. With a heat output of 50,000 BTUs, it can provide consistent warmth for 6-8 hours on a single load. While its classic appearance adds a touch of nostalgia to any room, it might not be the best choice for heating larger areas. All in all, the Jotul F45 V2 Greenville is an economical and efficient stove that offers great value for money.


  • The Jotul F45 V2 Greenville carries a classic aesthetic that can add a touch of nostalgia and charm to modern or traditional settings.
  • Being EPA 2020 certified and boasting an impressive low emission rate of 1.8 grams per hour, it underscores its commitment to the environment.
  • The inclusion of Jotul Turbulator non-catalytic clean burn technology ensures thorough and efficient combustion of wood, optimizing heat output and reducing waste.
  • With the capability to produce 50,000 BTUs, this stove offers substantial warmth, ideal for medium-sized spaces.
  • A burn duration of 6-8 hours on a single load means that users can enjoy extended periods of warmth without frequent reloads.
  • Given its features, emission rates, and efficiency, the Jotul F45 V2 Greenville offers great value for its price point.


  • Despite its medium size and decent heat output, it may not be effective in heating large areas or open-concept homes adequately.
  • While its classic appearance might resonate with those seeking a vintage touch, it might not appeal to homeowners looking for a contemporary or ultra-modern aesthetic.
  • Depending on the materials used and the design intricacies, it might be on the heavier side, potentially complicating the installation process.

4. Jøtul F500 V3 Oslo CF

Rating: ★★★★★

The Jotul F500 V3 Oslo CF stands as a powerful and eco-friendly wood stove. Boasting a robust heating capacity of 70,000 BTUs, it can efficiently warm up spaces up to 2,000 square feet. Notably, a single wood load can provide consistent heat for 8-10 hours. Integrated with Jotul’s non-catalytic clean burn technology, the stove ensures optimal combustion. Its EPA certification and a notably low particulate emission rate of 0.5 grams/hour emphasize its environmental commitment. While its classic black paint design offers versatility, potential users should note that optimal performance might require a chimney height of 15 inches or more. Overall, the Jotul F500 V3 Oslo CF offers powerful heating and eco-friendly operations, making it a standout choice for many homes.


  • With a formidable heat output of 70,000 BTUs, the Jotul F500 V3 Oslo CF is capable of efficiently warming spaces up to 2,000 square feet.
  • A single wood load can offer warmth for an impressive duration of 8-10 hours, reducing the need for frequent reloads.
  • The stove’s incorporation of Jotul’s non-catalytic clean burn technology ensures that wood is burned efficiently, optimizing heat output.
  • With an EPA certification and an impressively low particulate emission rate of 0.5 grams/hour, the stove underlines its commitment to being environmentally responsible.
  • Its classic black paint design offers a timeless look that can easily complement a range of interiors.


  • To achieve optimal performance, a chimney height of 15 inches or more might be required, which could be a limitation for some installations.
  • While the classic black design offers versatility, it might not cater to homeowners looking for more contemporary or varied aesthetic options.
  • Given its powerful heating capabilities and design, the stove might be on the heavier side, potentially adding complexities to the installation process.

5. Jøtul F500 V3 Oslo

Rating: ★★★★★

The Jotul F500 V3 Oslo is a top-performing wood stove acclaimed for its stellar 75% heating efficiency. Delivering a robust heat output of 70,000 BTUs, it can consistently warm spaces for 8-10 hours on a single load. A standout feature is the industry’s largest front and left-side loading door, offering convenience to users. It integrates the cutting-edge Jotul fusing technology, ensuring advanced clean burn efficiency and continuous operation in clean mode, thanks to the lack of a bypass combustor. Although it’s a powerhouse, it might be less effective in areas larger than 2,300 square feet. Nevertheless, with its blend of efficiency, user-friendly design, and innovative technology, the Jotul F500 V3 Oslo shines as an optimal choice in wood stoves.


  • With a 75% heating efficiency, the Jotul F500 V3 Oslo ensures maximum utilization of wood, reducing fuel consumption and waste.
  • The stove’s impressive heat output of 70,000 BTUs guarantees consistent warmth for the spaces it’s designed for.
  • Offering warmth for 8-10 hours on a single load translates to fewer interruptions and less frequent reloads.
  • Its industry-leading front and left-side loading door provides unparalleled ease and convenience when adding wood.
  • The integration of Jotul fusing technology ensures clean burn efficiency. Continuous operation in clean mode, without the need for a bypass combustor, emphasizes the stove’s advanced design and commitment to efficiency.


  • While undeniably powerful, the Jotul F500 V3 Oslo might be less effective in spaces larger than 2,300 square feet, limiting its applicability for very large areas or open-concept homes.
  • Given its robust design and heating capabilities, the stove could be on the heavier side, potentially complicating the installation process.
  • While not explicitly mentioned, if the stove comes with limited design options, it might not cater to homeowners looking for a broader range of aesthetic choices.

Comparison Table

FeatureJotul F373 Advance
Jotul F602 V2
Jotul F45 V2 Greenville
Jotul F500 V3 Oslo CF
Jotul F500 V3 Oslo
DesignContemporary, panoramicCompact, elegantClassic, nostalgicClassic, versatileTop-performing
MaterialDurable cast ironDurable Cast IronDurable Cast IronDurable Cast IronDurable Cast Iron
Heating Duration (hours)4-64-56-88-108-10
EPA CertifiedYes (DEFRA approved)Yes (EPA 2020)Yes (EPA 2020)Yes (EPA 2020)Yes (EPA 2020)
Emission Rate (g/hour)Low emissionsEco-friendly clean burnLow emissionsLow emissionsLow emissions
Suitable for Larger SpacesNoNot recommendedNot idealYesYes
PriceHigher-endEconomicalValue for moneyModerateModerate
Unique FeaturesPedestal base, large windowsTop cook plate, Turbulator technologyClassic design, low emissionsHigh heating capacity, eco-friendlyFront and left-side loading door, Jotul fusing technology

Please note that these are general characteristics, and your choice should depend on your specific heating needs, budget, and design preferences. Each stove has its unique strengths, so consider what matters most to you when making your decision.

Tips for Maintaining Your Jotul Wood Stove

  1. Regular Cleaning: Empty ash pans and clean the interior regularly.
  2. Inspect Door Seals: Ensure the door seals are intact to prevent smoke leakage.
  3. Clean the Glass: Use a soft cloth and stove glass cleaner to maintain a clear view of the fire.
  4. Inspect Flue and Chimney: Check for soot buildup or blockages regularly.
  5. Annual Service: Have a professional service the stove annually, checking for any parts that need replacement.
  6. Burn Only Seasoned Wood: This reduces creosote buildup and ensures efficient combustion.
  7. Regularly Check the Exterior: Ensure there’s no rust or other damage, touching up with stove paint if necessary.


In conclusion, Jotul offers a wide range of wood stoves catering to varied needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize design, size, efficiency, or affordability, there’s a Jotul stove tailored just for you.


  1. Can I cook on top of my Jøtul wood stove?
    Yes, some Jøtul wood stove models, like the Jotul F602 V2, come with a fully functional top cook plate, allowing you to cook food or heat beverages on the stove’s surface.
  2. How do I maintain the classic appearance of my Jøtul wood stove?
    To maintain the classic black paint design, you can use high-temperature stove paint or touch-up kits provided by Jøtul to restore the stove’s appearance over time.
  3. Can I use my Jøtul wood stove in a smoke-controlled area or eco-sensitive zone?
    Yes, many Jøtul wood stoves are DEFRA approved for use in smoke-controlled areas and have low emissions, making them suitable for eco-sensitive zones.
  4. What is the largest space I can effectively heat with a Jøtul wood stove?
    The heating capacity varies by model, but some Jøtul wood stoves can effectively heat spaces up to 2,000 square feet or more. Be sure to choose a model that suits your room size.
  5. How does the Jotul Turbulator non-catalytic technology work?
    The Jotul Turbulator technology enhances combustion efficiency by creating a turbulent flow of gases in the firebox. This helps burn the wood more completely, reducing emissions and increasing heat output.
  6. Is it possible to retrofit an older Jøtul wood stove with newer technology?
    Depending on the model and its compatibility, it might be possible to retrofit older Jøtul wood stoves with newer technology or components. Consult your local Jøtul dealer or technician for guidance.
  7. What is the expected lifespan of a Jøtul wood stove?
    Jøtul wood stoves are known for their durability. With proper maintenance and care, they can last for several decades, making them a long-term investment in home heating.
  8. Can I use alternative fuels in my Jøtul wood stove, such as pellets or coal?
    Jøtul wood stoves are designed for burning wood. While some models may offer versatility in terms of fuel type, it’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe and efficient operation with alternative fuels.
  9. Do Jøtul wood stoves come with a warranty?
    Yes, Jøtul typically offers warranties on their wood stoves. The warranty duration and terms may vary by model, so be sure to check the specific warranty information for your chosen stove.
  10. Are there any incentives or rebates available for purchasing an eco-friendly Jøtul wood stove?
    In some regions, there may be government incentives or rebates for homeowners who purchase eco-friendly wood stoves. Check with local authorities or energy agencies to see if you qualify for any such programs.

There you have it, our in-depth look at the 5 Best Jøtul Wood Stoves Review. Whether you’re a seasoned wood stove user or someone looking to invest in their first one, we hope this guide has provided some clarity on the best Jøtul options out there.

Your experiences and insights are invaluable to us and our community. We’d love to hear from you! Did you find a particular model intriguing? Or perhaps you’ve had firsthand experience with one of these stoves? Either way, please drop a comment below and share your thoughts. Your feedback not only helps us improve but can also aid others in making informed decisions.

Remember, every person’s perspective adds a unique layer to the conversation. So, don’t hesitate. Let’s keep this discussion lively and informative!

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They are great stoves untill you need replacement parts. I need new top air baffles for my jotul, and was told up to 8 weeks for them to arrive. The stove is 5 years old. Not to happy with jotul at the moment.

Daniel Adams
Wayne Morris
October 14, 2023 10:06 am

David Murray, do these appliances come with a health warning label to say wood smoke (particulate matter) is a group 1 carcinogen?

Daniel Adams
Clive Stott
October 9, 2023 1:42 pm

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