Best Apple Seeds 2024: A Selection Guide


Discover top-quality Best Apple Seeds for exceptional growth and yield. Perfect for gardening enthusiasts. In the world of home gardening, selecting the right seeds can make all the difference in your harvest. Best Apple Seeds offers a range of premium seeds that promise robust growth, exceptional fruit quality, and resilience against varying climate conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our carefully curated selection is designed to help you achieve bountiful yields and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Dive into our guide to find the perfect apple seeds that align with your gardening goals and climate zone.

Understanding Apple Seeds

Five apple seeds with a dark brown hue and pointed tips, resting on a reflective white surface.

Apple seeds, found within the core of the fruit, are the starting point for growing new apple trees. Each seed has the potential to produce a unique tree variety, due to the cross-pollination process apple trees undergo. While not all seeds will germinate, those that do require proper care including stratification—a process of simulating winter conditions to encourage sprouting. It’s important to note that apple trees grown from seeds may take several years to bear fruit, and the resulting apples may vary significantly from the parent tree in terms of taste, size, and color. Understanding these aspects is crucial for anyone interested in planting apple seeds, whether for hobby gardening or more serious horticultural projects.

Best Apple Seeds

1. MySeeds.Co Red Delicious Apple Tree Seeds

The MySeeds.Co Red Delicious Apple Tree Seeds pack provides 500 seeds of the ‘Malus pumila’ “Red Delicious” variety, ideal for a broad range of gardeners thanks to its adaptability and the outstanding quality of its fruit. Known for vigorous growth, this variety produces medium to large, attractive fruits suitable for cold hardiness zones 3-8 with a need for around 800 chilling hours. Easy to grow, these trees thrive in various climates, reaching 12 to 20 feet in height and offering both delicious apples and visual appeal with their spring blossoms and golden-yellow fall foliage. The pack comes with comprehensive care instructions, making these seeds perfect for everything from bonsai to traditional orchard settings.

Product TypeRed Delicious Apple Tree Seeds
BrandMySeeds.Co – BIG PACK Seeds
Quantity500 Seeds Per Packet
USDA Hardiness Zones3-8
Plant TypeBonsai, Deciduous Fruiting Tree
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun
Soil TypeLoamy, Well-drained, Acidic
Water NeedsModerate
Bloom TimeApril-May
Harvest TimeOctober
Growth RateFast to Moderate
Plant Height12 to 20 feet
Special FeaturesFragrant Flowers, Edible Fruits, Attracts Birds & Wildlife
Average Price$9.95 – $10.11

2. Isla’s Garden Seeds Common Apple Tree Seeds

Isla’s Garden Seeds’ Common Apple Tree Seeds packet, with over 15 Malus pumila seeds, is highly regarded due to its 70-90% germination rate under optimal conditions, highlighting the seeds’ quality and potential for successful apple tree growth. These GMO-free seeds are designed for outdoor planting, fitting well into various garden landscapes without needing much space, as the trees reach a manageable height of 12 to 15 feet. Suitable for USDA Hardiness Zones 6 through 9, the seeds are versatile across different climates, making them accessible to a wide range of gardeners. The ease of growth and detailed planting instructions cater to both novice and seasoned gardeners, while the resulting trees contribute to garden biodiversity by attracting pollinators, supporting natural pollination. These features combine to make Isla’s Garden Seeds’ packet a top choice for those looking to add apple trees to their garden.

Product TypeCommon Apple Tree Seeds
Scientific NameMalus pumila
Germination Rate70-90% in Good Conditions
Pack Size15+ Seeds Per Packet
GMO StatusGMO Free
Plant Height12-15 ft. (Mature Height)
Hardiness ZonesUSDA 6, 7, 8, 9
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun
Bloom PeriodSpring to Summer
Special FeaturesAttracts Pollinators
Soil TypeClay, Sand
Moisture NeedsRegular Watering
Price Range$6.95 – $7.10

3. CZ Grain Store Dwarf Bonsai Apple Tree Seeds

CZ Grain’s Dwarf Bonsai Apple Tree Seeds package presents an attractive choice for those keen on growing exotic fruit bonsais indoors, with 25 seeds enabling the development of compact apple trees perfect for smaller spaces like homes or offices. These seeds are ideal for adding a unique element to indoor areas, offering the dual benefits of aesthetic enhancement and the joy of producing fruit from seed. Adaptable to USDA Hardiness Zones 4 through 9, the seeds are versatile enough for various indoor climates, requiring loam soil and moderate watering, suitable for gardeners looking for easy maintenance. The seeds’ ability to flourish under full sun or partial shade, along with CZ Grain’s commitment to natural growth without synthetic interventions, makes them a prime choice. The anticipated summer blooming brings a lively seasonal aspect to indoor gardening, making CZ Grain’s Dwarf Bonsai Apple Tree Seeds a top pick for enthusiasts of bonsai cultivation and indoor gardening.

Product TypeDwarf Bonsai Apple Tree Seeds
Plant or Animal TypeBonsai
BrandCZ Grain
Material FeatureNatural
Bloom PeriodSummer
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
Unit Count25 Seeds
USDA Hardiness Zone4.0 – 9.0
Soil TypeLoam
Moisture NeedsModerate Watering
Package Dimensions4.8 x 3.5 x 1.34 inches
Item Weight0.704 ounces
Price Range$7.99 – $8.96

4. QAUZUY GARDEN Pink Lady Fuji Gala Apple Seeds

QAUZUY GARDEN’s 20 Premium Pink Lady Fuji Gala Apple Seeds package is a top pick for its non-GMO, heirloom seeds, catering to those who value natural and sustainable gardening. This mix offers a rich diversity of flavors, from the crisp and tangy-sweet Pink Lady to the versatile Fuji and Gala, perfect for fresh eating and baking. The seeds are designed to attract essential pollinators, enhancing garden biodiversity and ensuring successful fruiting. Adaptable to USDA Hardiness Zones 3–8, these seeds are suited for a wide range of climates. They require stratification, detailed in the included care instructions, which prepares gardeners for a patient yet rewarding cultivation process. With the promise of a high yield and the environmental perk of supporting pollinators, QAUZUY GARDEN’s seeds stand out for those looking to grow delicious and eco-friendly apple varieties.

Product TypeApple Seeds (Pink Lady, Fuji, Gala)
Material FeatureGMO Free, Heirloom
Special FeaturePremium
Bloom PeriodSpring, Summer
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun
Unit Count20 Seeds
Planting PeriodSpring
USDA Hardiness Zone3-8
Expected Plant Height25 Feet
Soil TypeMoist but well-drained
Moisture NeedsRegular Watering
Price Range$11.98 – $12.40

5. CZ Grain Store Green Apple Tree Seeds

CZ Grain’s offering of 30 Malus pumila Antonovka Green Apple Tree Seeds is highly regarded for producing crisp and tangy green apples, appealing to gardeners with a preference for natural, untreated seed options. These non-GMO, chemical-free seeds align with organic gardening principles, enhancing their appeal. The seeds’ adaptability across USDA Hardiness Zones 4.0 to 9.0, combined with their moderate watering needs and suitability for both full sun and partial shade, make them a flexible option for various garden settings. Additionally, CZ Grain’s focus on seeds viable for indoor growth allows gardeners to enjoy year-round apple cultivation, regardless of outdoor climate conditions. These qualities—alongside the seeds’ natural integrity, environmental versatility, and ease of care—establish CZ Grain’s Green Apple Tree Seeds as a premier choice for gardeners looking to enrich their spaces with vibrant, fruitful trees.

Product TypeGreen Apple Tree Seeds
VarietyMalus pumila Antonovka
BrandCZ Grain
Material FeatureNatural
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
Unit Count30 Seeds
USDA Hardiness Zone4.0 – 9.0
Moisture NeedsModerate Watering
Price Range$8.99 – $9.10

6. CHUXAY GARDEN Green Giant Sweet Jujube Apple Seeds

CHUXAY GARDEN’s Green Giant Sweet Jujube Apple Seeds are a prime choice for cultivating the unique Jujube fruit, renowned for its sweet, apple-like flavor when fresh and a date-like taste when dried. These organic seeds cater to eco-conscious gardeners by ensuring sustainable, chemical-free growth. Suitable for USDA Hardiness Zones 6-11 and requiring full sun, these seeds are adaptable to a wide range of climates, broadening their appeal. The package comes with detailed care instructions, facilitating a successful cultivation process. The versatility of the jujube fruit, edible in both fresh and dried forms, allows for varied culinary applications, enriching the gardening experience. CHUXAY GARDEN’s seeds, ideal for both garden and pot planting, offer a distinctive and flavorful addition to any gardener’s collection, promising both taste and versatility.

Product TypeGreen Giant Sweet Jujube Apple Seeds
Material FeatureOrganic
Special FeatureEdible
Expected Blooming PeriodSpring
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun
Unit Count20 Seeds
Planting PeriodSpring
USDA Hardiness Zone6-11
Expected Plant Height10 Feet
Soil TypeWell-drained
Moisture NeedsRegular Watering
Price Range$11.99 – $12.50

7. CZ Grain Store Delicious Apple Tree Seeds

CZ Grain Store’s Delicious Apple Tree Seeds present an attractive option for those looking to grow the Malus pumila, offering 30 seeds that promise naturally cultivated, delectable fruits free from chemicals and GMOs. These seeds are suitable for a wide array of USDA Hardiness Zones (4.0 to 9.0), catering to gardeners in diverse environments. The flexibility to thrive in both full sun and partial shade, coupled with a preference for loam soil and moderate watering, ensures these seeds can be easily integrated into various gardening plans. Given their natural cultivation method, wide climate adaptability, and straightforward care requirements, CZ Grain’s Delicious Apple Tree Seeds stand out as a top choice for gardeners eager to enhance their outdoor spaces or indoor gardens with fruitful apple trees.

Product TypeDelicious Apple Tree Seeds
VarietyMalus pumila (Common Apple Tree)
BrandCZ Grain
Material FeatureNatural
Sunlight ExposureFull Sun, Partial Shade
Unit Count30 Seeds
USDA Hardiness Zone4.0 – 9.0
Soil TypeLoam Soil
Moisture NeedsModerate Watering
Price Range$9.09 – $9.99

8. ZTOES Honey Crisp Honey Apple Tree Seeds

ZTOES Honey Crisp Honey Apple Tree Seeds are a prime choice for those interested in growing apple trees with delicious, crisp, and juicy fruits. Offering over 30 seeds, this variety stands out for its high germination rates, enhanced by a recommended stratification process that mimics winter conditions to break dormancy. The Honey Crisp variety is not only celebrated for its exceptional taste but also for its ability to attract pollinators, enriching garden biodiversity. These trees are known for their abundant fruit production and health benefits, including heart health promotion and weight management support. Additionally, their adaptability to pruning allows for easy size management and harvesting. With their ease of germination, attractiveness to wildlife, health advantages, and horticultural flexibility, ZTOES Honey Crisp Honey Apple Tree Seeds are highly regarded for adding a fruitful and vibrant element to gardens or orchards.

VarietyHoney Crisp Honey
Unit Count30+ Seeds
Soil TypeLoam Soil
Moisture NeedsModerate Watering
Special FeaturesHigh Germination Rate, Attracts Pollinators
Fruit CharacteristicsCrisp, Juicy, Delicious
PruningCan be pruned to small size
Health BenefitsNumerous, including heart health and weight management
Germination TipsCold stratification required
Price Range$7.69 – $8.10

9. ZTOES Red Delicious Apple Seeds

ZTOES Red Delicious Apple Seeds provide gardeners the chance to grow the iconic Red Delicious apples, known for their crisp texture, juicy sweetness, and vibrant red appearance. Originating from the Malus Domestica species, these seeds promise a visually appealing addition to any garden with their bright red apples and charming white to pink blossoms. Suitable for a wide array of environments, they thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 10, showcasing their adaptability. The seeds’ moderate watering and loam soil requirements, along with their resilience in both sun and partial shade, make them accessible to a diverse range of gardening enthusiasts. Moreover, the resulting apple trees’ ability to draw in pollinators enhances garden biodiversity and ensures fruitful pollination. With their straightforward cultivation, decorative and ecological advantages, and yield of delectable fruits, ZTOES Red Delicious Apple Seeds stand out as an excellent option for those aiming to augment their gardens with both aesthetics and productivity.

VarietyRed Delicious Apple
Scientific NameMalus Domestica
ColorRed (Fruit), White – Pink (Flowers)
Unit Count30+ Seeds
Expected Blooming PeriodSpring
Sunlight ExposurePartial Shade
USDA Hardiness Zone3 – 10
Soil TypeLoam Soil
Moisture NeedsModerate Watering
Plant Height15 – 20 feet
Plant Spacing15 – 20 feet
Price Range$7.69 – $8.10

Factors to Consider When Choosing Apple Seeds

  1. Variety and Flavor: Apple varieties range widely, from sweet to tart, and the choice depends on personal preference and intended use (eating fresh, baking, or making cider). Research the flavor profile and characteristics of different varieties to match your taste and culinary needs.
  2. Climate Adaptability: Apple trees have specific climate requirements, categorized by USDA Hardiness Zones. Choose seeds from varieties that are suited to the climate in your area to ensure they can thrive and withstand local winter temperatures.
  3. Pollination Requirements: Most apple varieties require cross-pollination from a different apple variety to produce fruit. Ensure you have space for at least two compatible varieties unless you’re planting a self-pollinating variety.
  4. Disease Resistance: Some apple varieties are more resistant to common diseases like apple scab, fire blight, and powdery mildew. Opting for disease-resistant seeds can reduce maintenance and increase the likelihood of a healthy harvest.
  5. Growth Habit and Space: Consider the mature size of the apple tree, which varies from dwarf (suitable for small gardens or containers) to standard sizes (requiring more space). Choose a size that fits your available garden space and meets your harvesting convenience.
  6. Bloom Time and Fruit Ripening: Different apple varieties bloom and mature at varying times. Selecting varieties that bloom and ripen at times compatible with your climate can help avoid issues with frost and ensure a continuous harvest throughout the season.
  7. Soil and Water Needs: While apple trees generally prefer well-drained loam soil, some varieties have specific soil and moisture requirements. Assess the soil conditions of your planting site and choose seeds that will thrive in those conditions.
  8. Longevity and Yield: Some apple varieties start bearing fruit sooner than others and may also vary in their lifespan and annual yield. Consider how soon you want to start harvesting and your expectations for yield when selecting seeds.
  9. Organic vs. Non-Organic: Decide whether you prefer organic seeds, which are produced without synthetic chemicals, or non-organic seeds. This choice might reflect your broader gardening philosophy and health considerations.
  10. Aesthetic Considerations: Beyond fruit production, apple trees can offer ornamental value with their blossoms, foliage, and tree form. If aesthetics are important to you, consider these traits when choosing your apple seeds.

Each of these factors plays a crucial role in selecting the right apple seeds for your garden, aiming for a blend of practicality, productivity, and personal preference to achieve the best possible results from your planting efforts.


The pursuit of the best apple seeds is fundamentally about matching personal preferences with the right environmental conditions to achieve a successful and satisfying harvest. It’s a process that combines knowledge, care, and patience, highlighting the important relationship between gardeners and their environment. The true measure of success lies in the enjoyment and fulfillment derived from seeing the seeds grow into productive apple trees. This search for the ideal apple seeds underlines gardening as a rewarding activity that enhances both our living spaces and our well-being, emphasizing the value of thoughtful selection and diligent cultivation.


  1. What makes an apple seed variety “the best” for home gardening?
    The best apple seed variety for home gardening is one that matches your climate (hardiness zone), soil type, and personal taste preferences. It should also meet your requirements for disease resistance, tree size, and maintenance level. Ultimately, the best variety is one that thrives in your specific garden conditions and produces the type of apples you enjoy most.
  2. Can I grow an apple tree from the seeds of an apple I bought at the store?
    While it’s technically possible to grow an apple tree from store-bought apple seeds, the resulting tree may not produce fruit identical to the parent apple. Most commercial apples are hybrids, so seeds may yield unpredictable varieties. For consistent results, it’s recommended to purchase seeds or saplings of specific varieties from reputable suppliers.
  3. How long does it take for an apple tree grown from seed to bear fruit?
    Apple trees grown from seeds can take anywhere from 6 to 10 years to bear fruit, depending on the variety and growing conditions. If you’re looking for a quicker harvest, consider starting with grafted saplings, which can bear fruit in as little as 2 to 4 years.
  4. Do I need more than one apple tree to produce fruit?
    Most apple varieties require cross-pollination from a different apple variety to produce fruit. Planting at least two compatible varieties close to each other can ensure pollination and fruit production. However, some varieties are self-pollinating, but even these benefit from having another variety nearby to increase yield.
  5. What are the best apple seeds for cold climates?
    For cold climates, consider varieties known for their hardiness in low temperatures, such as Honeycrisp, McIntosh, and Gala. These varieties are suited to USDA hardiness zones 3 through 5 and can withstand colder winters.
  6. Are there apple varieties that can grow in warm climates?
    Yes, there are apple varieties suitable for warmer climates, such as zones 9 and 10. Low-chill varieties like Anna, Dorsett Golden, and Ein Shemer are bred to thrive in areas with mild winters.
  7. How can I ensure high germination rates for apple seeds?
    To improve germination rates, apple seeds require stratification, a process of mimicking winter conditions by refrigerating the seeds for a few weeks to a few months before planting. Soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours before stratification can also help.
  8. What are some disease-resistant apple seed varieties?
    Some apple varieties have been bred for increased resistance to common diseases such as apple scab, fire blight, and powdery mildew. Examples include Liberty, Enterprise, and Freedom. Choosing disease-resistant varieties can make apple cultivation more manageable and reduce the need for chemical treatments.

Selecting the best apple seeds comes down to matching them with your gardening needs and climate. With the right care, these seeds can grow into fruitful apple trees, bringing joy and harvests to your garden. Happy planting!

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