Best Snow Pusher for Skid Steer


In the frosty embrace of winter, managing snowfall becomes a paramount challenge for those tasked with keeping pathways and driveways clear. When it comes to equipping a skid steer for efficient snow removal, the choice of a snow pusher can make all the difference. The market is brimming with options, each claiming to be the best, but discerning the ideal snow pusher for a skid steer requires a nuanced understanding of features, durability, and performance. In this exploration of the best snow pushers for skid steers, we delve into the top contenders, considering not just their design and construction, but also the practical aspects that make them indispensable during the winter months. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a property owner seeking reliability, our guide aims to navigate you through the snow pusher landscape to ensure you make an informed and effective choice for the upcoming snowy season.

List of the Best Snow Pusher for Skid Steer

What You Need To Know About Snow Pusher for Skid Steer

Yellow John Deere skid steer loader clearing snow from a parking lot.

A snow pusher for a skid steer is an indispensable tool designed to simplify and enhance snow removal during winter months. Functioning as a robust attachment for skid steer loaders, this equipment is specifically crafted to efficiently clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and other surfaces. Typically featuring a sturdy blade, these pushers are adept at swiftly moving large volumes of snow with each pass, offering a practical and time-saving solution for both residential and commercial snow removal needs. The design often includes durable materials such as high-quality steel to withstand the challenges posed by heavy snow loads and harsh winter conditions. The adaptability of these pushers, often with adjustable features, allows operators to customize their approach based on the depth of snow and the nature of the terrain. In essence, a snow pusher for a skid steer serves as a reliable and versatile ally in the battle against winter weather, simplifying the task of keeping outdoor spaces clear and accessible.

Best Snow Pusher for Skid Steer

1. Caterpillar 2.44 M (8 FT) Straight Snow Pusher
Caterpillar 2.44 M (8 FT) Straight Snow Pusher

Key Specs

  • Width: 96 in
  • Weight: 1036.2 lbs
  • Length: 45 in

Embracing winter’s challenges with unwavering strength, the Caterpillar 2.44 M (8 FT) Straight Snow Pusher stands as a formidable ally in the realm of snow removal. With a substantial working width of 96 inches and a weighty stature at 1036.2 pounds, this snow pusher is meticulously crafted to tackle the most demanding snow-covered landscapes. Its 45-inch length contributes to a sleek and efficient design that complements the power-packed performance it delivers.

Equipped with up to two cutting edges, the Cat Snow Pusher boasts a trip edge system seamlessly integrated into its base. This innovative design allows the moldboard to spring back upon encountering unseen obstacles, minimizing the risk of damage to both the Snow Pusher and the machinery it partners with. The availability of a no-trip rubber cutting edge option in sizes ranging from 2.6 m (8 ft) to 3.8 m (12 ft) ensures adaptability across various models utilizing a Skid Steer Coupler. Whether it’s the rubber or steel cutting edges, each option caters to different needs—rubber edges minimizing surface damage during plowing, while steel edges power through hard-packed snow or ice with precision.

Yellow CAT 262D skid steer loader clearing snow from a road.

Designed for longevity and high performance, this Snow Pusher showcases streamlined sidewall support and a robust torque tube across the moldboard. The outer box support is crafted to minimize snow cling to the moldboard, offering both durability and effective support to the outer push sections. With a molded height of 33.6 inches, overall height at 39.1 inches, and an interface type compatible with Skid Steer Couplers, the Caterpillar 2.44 M (8 FT) Straight Snow Pusher emerges as a resilient solution, maximizing snow removal efficiency and enhancing productivity in the face of winter’s challenges.


  • Durable construction
  • Robust Design
  • Flexible Cutting Edges
  • Innovative Trip Edge System


  • Weight Consideration
  • Limited Trip Edge Options
  • Size Constraints
2. Bobcat 8ft Snow Pusher Attachment
Bobcat 8ft Snow Pusher Attachment

Key Specs

  • Width: 102 in
  • Weight: 1122 lbs
  • Length: 45 in

Bringing formidable capabilities to winter’s challenges, the Bobcat 8ft Snow Pusher Attachment redefines snow removal with a focus on efficiency and surface protection. Engineered for maximum uptime, its abrasion-resistant skid shoes guard against wear, ensuring durability in demanding conditions. The attachment’s free-floating blade movement, with lift, tilt, and oscillation features, not only maintains consistent contact with surfaces but also safeguards against damage when navigating uneven terrains. This design not only facilitates swift snow removal but also extends the life of the skid shoes by minimizing excessive down-pressure during operation.

Enhancing both strength and practicality, the Bobcat Snow Pusher Attachment incorporates rear support on the cutting edge, fortifying the moldboard for added resilience. Snow containment is optimized, preventing spillage over the sides and eliminating the need for additional cleanup on the jobsite. The exterior gusseting further reduces snow build-up inside the boxed blade, allowing for continuous snow collection and pushing power with fewer interruptions. For tailored surface protection, the attachment offers the choice of rubber or polyurethane cutting edges, balancing pushing power with sensitivity to delicate surfaces.

White Bobcat skid-steer loader clearing snow with a red bucket.

The forefront of the Bobcat 8ft Snow Pusher Attachment emphasizes versatility, thanks to the inclusion of the Bob-Tach™ mounting system. This system ensures swift and trouble-free attachment changes, effectively converting any carrier into a multi-functional machine. By doing so, it optimizes operational processes and reduces downtime. Boasting specifications such as an operating weight of 1122 lb, a length measuring 56.2 inches, a width spanning 102 inches, and a height of 37.8 inches, this attachment is tailored to meet a variety of snow removal requirements. Whether navigating through confined spaces or managing larger areas, the Bobcat 8ft Snow Pusher Attachment proves itself as a dependable and effective solution for confronting winter’s icy challenges head-on.


  • Versatility
  • Efficient Design
  • Snow Containment


  • Weight
  • Size Limitations
  • Limited Cutting Edge Options
3. Top Dog Attachment RKSP60 Snow Pusher
Top Dog Attachment RKSP60 Snow Pusher

Key Specs

  • Width: 60 in
  • Weight: 252 lbs
  • Height: 23.18 in

The Top Dog Attachment RKSP60 Snow Pusher is the go-to solution for swiftly tackling the challenge of clearing vast snow-covered areas. With a substantial width of 60 inches, this attachment effortlessly conquers parking lots, driveways, runways, and other expansive terrains in a single efficient sweep. Crafted for those seeking to elevate their snow removal game, the RKSP60 is designed to outpace standard snow blades, boasting a robust build and specialized features to handle high volumes of snow with ease.

At the core of its prowess lies a formidable cutting edge, measuring 1/4 x 4 inches and composed of GR-50 material. This ensures not only durability but also an effective snow removal process. The body and side plates, constructed from 3/16 inch A-50 material, contribute to the attachment’s overall resilience, while 1/4 inch side plate reinforcements provide additional strength where it’s needed most. Weighing in at 252 pounds, the RKSP60 strikes a balance between sturdiness and practicality, making it an indispensable asset for anyone facing the demanding task of snow removal.

Yellow and black New Holland L170 skid steer loader with a black bucket attachment.

More than a mere tool, this snow pusher becomes a dependable partner for those facing the trials of winter. With its considerate design and precision in construction, it emerges as the preferred option for skid steers or tractors, presenting an effective solution for handling large volumes of snow with efficiency. Whether you’re contending with a bustling commercial parking lot or a secluded private driveway, the Top Dog Attachment RKSP60 Snow Pusher distinguishes itself as a robust and trustworthy companion, guaranteeing that the challenges of winter won’t impede your progress.


  • Efficient Snow Removal
  • Wide Coverage
  • Durable Construction
  • Versatility


  • Specialized Design
  • Equipment Compatibility
  • Not Ideal for All Situations
4. Land Pride (Kubota) SSP2596 Snow Pusher
Land Pride (Kubota) SSP2596 Snow Pusher

Key Specs

  • Width: 96 inches
  • Weight: 844 lbs
  • Lift Capacity: 5,000 lbs

The Land Pride SSP2596 Snow Pusher is a robust and versatile solution designed to tackle the challenges of winter snow removal. With a generous working width of 96 inches, this snow pusher is a reliable companion for skid steers and tractor loaders equipped with a universal quick attach hitch. Its universal quick attach hitch ensures a swift and easy hookup, making it a practical choice for operators seeking efficiency in their snow-clearing tasks.

Built with durability in mind, the SSP2596 features heavy-duty construction, including 1/4″ and 5/16″ heavy side panels, coupled with low-profile exterior bracing on the side panels and back. This not only reinforces the unit but also minimizes snow build-up on the moldboard. The angled hitch frame allows operators to rotate the front of the Snow Pusher higher, facilitating the efficient pushing of snow up sizable piles. Additionally, the snow pusher offers flexibility with blade options, allowing users to choose between a steel or rubber blade, both of which are reversible to extend their lifespan.

Red Kubota SVL75-2 snowplow clearing snow from a parking lot.

Equipped with innovative features such as adjustable rubber snow blades, reversible skid shoes, and an optional pullback blade for effectively clearing snow around garage doors, the Land Pride SSP2596 Snow Pusher stands out as a reliable and adaptable snow removal tool. Its heavy-duty design and thoughtful features make it well-suited for handling tough winter conditions, providing operators with a durable and efficient solution for snow management.


  • Versatility
  • Durable Construction
  • Innovative Features
  • Angled Hitch Frame
  • Quick Attachment


  • Weight
  • Cost
  • Specific Application
  • Optional Accessories
5. John Deere SP10C Snow Pusher
John Deere SP10C Snow Pusher

Key Specs

  • Width: 126 in
  • Height: 25.5 in
  • Weight: 685 lb

Introducing the John Deere SP10C Snow Pusher, a robust solution designed to tackle winter’s challenges with unparalleled efficiency. This snow pusher is crafted for the swift and effective removal of heavy snow accumulations from sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. Boasting the innovative C-Series enhancements, it not only offers superior visibility but also presents a lighter weight compared to its predecessors, ensuring operators can navigate and maneuver with ease in demanding winter conditions.

Equipped with reversible and replaceable rubber cutting edges, the SP10C guarantees durability and versatility in snow removal operations. Its thoughtful design includes an optional pullback edge, ideal for navigating through tight spaces, such as around vehicles, buildings, fences, or other obstacles. Compatible with a range of John Deere skid steer loaders (SSLs), compact track loaders (CTLs), and compact wheel loaders (CWLs), as well as various competitive models, the SP10C provides a versatile and adaptable solution for diverse snow removal needs.

John Deere 330G Skid Steer Loader with a snow plow attachment parked in front of a warehouse.

Highlighting the SP10C’s capabilities are its impressive specifications, featuring a substantial 120-inch path width, a working height of 617 mm, and an overall width spanning 3200 mm. Tipping the scales at 311 kg, this snow pusher achieves a harmonious equilibrium between robustness and maneuverability. Whether engaged in the clearance of expansive commercial parking lots or the upkeep of smaller residential driveways, the John Deere SP10C Snow Pusher asserts itself as a steadfast and potent tool, prepared to confront the most formidable challenges of the winter season.


  • Efficient Snow Removal
  • Enhanced Visibility
  • Lightweight Design
  • Reversible and Replaceable Cutting Edges
  • Optional Pullback Edge
  • Compatibility


  • Size Limitation
  • Weight Consideration
  • Cost
6. Bobcat 96″ Hydraulic Snow Pusher Pro
Bobcat 96" Hydraulic Snow Pusher Pro

Key Specs

  • Weight: 1473 lbs
  • Length: 77 in
  • Width: 104 in

The Bobcat 96″ Hydraulic Snow Pusher Pro stands as the pinnacle of efficiency in commercial snow removal, seamlessly combining the functionalities of an angle snow blade and a snow pusher into a singular, powerhouse attachment. Exclusively available in a 96-inch width, it ensures compatibility with Bobcat compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders, including models such as the S740, S770, S850, T595, T650, T740, T770, T870, and the T550 with an optional 200lb. counterweight. Crafted with precision, its full-length, tri-formed box structure ensures unparalleled torque resistance and rigidity, incorporating a 10-gauge grade 50 steel moldboard. This construction not only extends the plow’s lifespan but also enhances its durability, making it more resistant to dents and tears.

The robust design is complemented by a heavy-duty powder coating, baked at 400+ degrees, offering protection against rust and ensuring a polished appearance for years to come. The 9-inch safety trip-edge with four compression-style return springs and seven 1-inch trip pins enhances functionality, preventing accidental damage by tripping back 68 degrees when encountering hidden obstacles. Operating with a 65-degree attack angle, this snow pusher ensures a clean scrape both forward and backward, further augmented by a 35-degree max angle for efficient plowing. Additionally, the replaceable high carbon steel cutting edge, flexible polyurethane skids, and low-maintenance features contribute to its overall durability and ease of use, making it a reliable companion for snow removal operations.

White Bobcat S650 skid-steer loader with a snowblower attachment clearing snow from a road.

For ultimate user convenience, the Bobcat 96″ Hydraulic Snow Pusher Pro introduces protective sleeves on hoses, advanced male and female couplings for easy connection, and blade oscillation that maintains a flat plowing surface. The simple yet ingenious box design promotes durability, overcoming the challenges often faced in snow removal operations. With pre-punched 10-inch-wide snow catches to prevent spillage and easily replaceable bolt-on side panels, this snow pusher promises a hassle-free and effective solution to winter challenges, ensuring businesses and operators can tackle extreme winter conditions with confidence.


  • Durable Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Powder Coating
  • Blade Trip Edge
  • Effective Plow Angle
  • Replaceable Plow Cutting Edge
  • Flexible Polyurethane Skids
  • Low Maintenance


  • Limited Width Options
  • Weight
  • Cost

Things to Consider When Choosing Snow Pusher for Skid Steer

Choosing the right snow pusher for a skid steer involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal performance and efficiency in winter operations. Here are key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Size and Capacity: Evaluate the size of the snow pusher in relation to the skid steer’s capacity. Choosing an attachment that matches the skid steer’s size ensures efficient snow removal without compromising the machine’s performance.
  2. Construction and Durability: Look for snow pushers constructed from durable materials, such as reinforced steel or heavy-duty polyethylene. A robust build is essential to withstand the harsh conditions of snow removal, including impacts with ice and other obstacles.
  3. Blade Design: Consider the design of the blade or moldboard. Different shapes, such as straight blades, V-plows, or adjustable blades, offer varying benefits. The choice depends on the specific requirements of your snow removal tasks, including the type of snow and the size of the areas you’ll be clearing.
  4. Adjustability: Choose for a snow pusher with adjustable features, such as height and angle adjustments. This flexibility allows operators to adapt to different snow conditions and navigate various terrains with ease.
  5. Compatibility with Skid Steer: Ensure that the snow pusher is compatible with the skid steer model you are using. Check for attachment mechanisms and mounting options to guarantee a secure and efficient connection.
  6. Ease of Attachment and Removal: Look for a snow pusher that facilitates quick and straightforward attachment and removal. Time is of the essence during winter operations, and an easy-to-use attachment system can significantly improve efficiency.
  7. Terrain Considerations: Evaluate the type of terrain you will be clearing. For uneven or rough surfaces, a snow pusher with a floating design that can adjust to ground contours may be beneficial.
  8. Hydraulic Features: Consider hydraulic options, such as adjustable wings or angling features. These features provide operators with enhanced control over the snow pusher, allowing for efficient snow displacement and maneuverability in tight spaces.
  9. Cost and Value: Assess the overall value of the snow pusher in relation to its cost. While budget is a consideration, it’s crucial to prioritize quality and performance to ensure a reliable and durable attachment that can handle the demands of winter conditions.
  10. User Reviews and Recommendations: Research user reviews and seek recommendations from industry peers. Real-world experiences can provide valuable insights into the performance, durability, and ease of use of specific snow pusher models.

By carefully considering these factors, skid steer operators can make informed decisions when choosing a snow pusher that aligns with their specific needs and the challenges posed by winter weather conditions.

Final Verdict

In summary, the selection of the optimal snow pusher for a skid steer stands as a pivotal decision in ensuring the effectiveness of snow removal operations. Examining the array of options underscores the critical factors of durability, versatility, and user-friendly features essential for confronting winter challenges. Whether prioritizing a robust construction tailored for heavy-duty tasks or favoring a design that maximizes efficiency across diverse snow conditions, each snow pusher presents distinctive advantages. Ultimately, the most suitable choice hinges on the specific needs and preferences of the operator. The investment in a top-tier snow pusher not only guarantees dependable performance but also enhances the overall efficiency of snow clearing endeavors, empowering skid steer operators to confidently navigate the rigors of winter conditions.


  1. How can I be sure that a snow pusher is up to the challenge of clearing snow in extreme winter conditions?
    Look for snow pushers designed with reinforced steel and innovative blade configurations. These features ensure not only durability but also efficient snow removal, even in the harshest weather.
  2. Is there a way to find the perfect balance between a snow pusher’s size and my skid steer’s capabilities?
    Match the snow pusher width slightly larger than your skid steer bucket for optimal coverage. This balance ensures you make the most out of each pass without overwhelming your equipment.
  3. Are there snow pushers that can handle both fluffy powder and heavy, wet snow equally well?
    Absolutely. Seek out models with adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the blade height and angle. This adaptability ensures effective performance across various snow conditions.
  4. How critical is the design of the blade when it comes to efficiently moving and directing snow?
    Blade design is paramount. Look for advanced curvature and precision angling in the blade construction for maximum efficiency in pushing and directing snow where you want it.
  5. Can a technologically-challenged person easily attach a snow pusher to their skid steer?
    Certainly. Choose for snow pusher attachments with intuitive mounting systems, designed for user-friendly installation. This way, you can focus more on snow removal and less on complicated attachment processes.
  6. What’s the secret to keeping a skid steer snow pusher in top-notch condition throughout the winter season?
    Regular TLC is key. Perform routine maintenance, check for wear and tear, and lubricate moving parts as necessary. A little upkeep goes a long way in ensuring your snow pusher’s longevity and peak performance.
  7. Does a heavier snow pusher always mean better results, and how does it affect my skid steer’s capabilities?
    While a heavier snow pusher provides added stability, it’s crucial to match it with your skid steer’s lift capacity. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid compromising your equipment’s performance.
  8. Besides snow removal, can a skid steer snow pusher moonlight as a versatile tool for other tasks?
    Indeed. Some snow pushers are multi-talented, tackling light debris and surface leveling. However, it’s essential to adhere to manufacturer recommendations to ensure safe and efficient use for diverse applications.

As the snowflakes begin to dance and winter’s icy grip tightens, choosing the best snow pusher for your skid steer becomes an essential ally in the battle against the cold. We’ve traversed through the snowy landscapes, exploring the nuances of durability, versatility, and user-friendliness in the realm of snow pushers. Whether you’re tackling powdery drifts or the heavy, wet blankets that winter sometimes bestows, finding the right balance in blade design and size is the key to conquering the elements. So, as you gear up for the snow-covered challenges ahead, remember that investing in a reliable snow pusher isn’t just about clearing pathways; it’s about embracing winter’s beauty with the confidence that comes from having the right tool by your side. Here’s to smoother, more efficient snow-clearing adventures and the warmth that follows in the wake of a well-cleared path. Stay warm, stay safe, and let your skid steer be the winter warrior it’s meant to be.

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