Best Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts of 2024


In 2024, the quest for efficient and stylish home heating solutions leads us to the best wood stove inserts. These modern iterations of traditional fireplaces are designed to enhance heat efficiency and add aesthetic value to homes. Their popularity stems from their ability to meld the rustic charm of wood fires with contemporary technological advancements.

Person relaxing in front of a burning fireplace

At the core of each fireplace insert is a fireproof box made of durable steel or cast iron, fronted by insulated glass. This setup forms a closed combustion system, significantly improving heat retention and output over traditional open fireplaces. Steel or cast iron components are essential in trapping and radiating heat, ensuring a warmer and more comfortable living space.

Modern fireplace inserts often include blowers to efficiently distribute heat, transforming them into effective supplemental heaters. This guide highlights some of the top fireplace inserts wood burning of 2024, each chosen for its unique efficiency, design, and innovative features, ensuring an ideal match for your heating needs and home décor.

List of Best Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts of 2024:

How We Chose the Best Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

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When choosing the best wood fireplace inserts for my two large property renovations, my firsthand installation experience played a crucial role in guiding my selections. One of the primary factors I considered was construction quality. Due to the intense heat stress these units endure, it’s essential that they are built to last. I specifically looked for inserts with robust fireboxes made of substantial steel or cast iron, ensuring a lifespan of at least 10 years.

Additionally, the reputation of the manufacturer was a significant consideration. A well-regarded brand often indicates a commitment to durability and reliability, which is vital for such a long-term investment. I also paid close attention to the heat output and recommended heating area of each model. It was important to select inserts capable of efficiently heating large spaces, making them versatile for various property sizes.

Understanding that visual appeal is highly subjective, I chose a range of styles to cater to different tastes and decors. Whether for a traditional setting or a modern interior, there’s a model in the selection to fit the desired aesthetic.

Lastly, considering the cost factor, I focused on the long-term economic benefits of these inserts. While the initial investment can be considerable, models that include a blower in the purchase price generally offer the best value. This approach to selection was aimed at providing a comprehensive array of options, balancing quality, functionality, aesthetics, and overall value to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts of 2024 Top Picks

1. Napoleon S25i S Series Wood Fireplace Insert


Best Overall Value

The Napoleon S25i S Series Wood Fireplace Insert stands as a prime example of the brand’s commitment to high-quality build and durability. It skillfully marries traditional and modern design elements, making it a visually appealing option for larger spaces. Its performance is equally noteworthy; with a maximum output of 70,000 BTUs, it can effectively warm a substantial area of up to 2,100 square feet. The insert’s large door, fitted with ceramic glass, not only boosts heat transfer but also plays a key role in enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Among its standout features is the twin-blower system, ingeniously designed for quick and even distribution of warmth throughout the space. What truly sets the S25i apart is its considerable 2.51-square-foot firebox, which allows for an impressive burn time of up to 16 hours, greatly minimizing the hassle of frequent refills – a common gripe with wood-burning inserts.

Modern living room with a fireplace and a coffee table

Efficiency is another area where the Napoleon S25i shines, boasting a 76 percent efficiency rating. Its lean burning approach ensures robust heating while keeping emissions to a minimum at just 1.3 grams per hour. Although it’s challenging to pinpoint significant drawbacks in this model, the high level of quality and performance it offers does necessitate a substantial investment. For those in the market for a wood-burning insert that seamlessly combines style, efficiency, and extended burn time, the Napoleon S25i emerges as an outstanding choice.


If you have a large room and need powerful heating, this model’s 70,000 BTUs and efficient burn time won’t disappoint.


However, consider the investment, as it’s pricey and might be too much for smaller spaces.

2. Osburn 1700 Wood Insert


Best Budget Pick

The Osburn 1700 Wood Insert stands out as a prime choice for budget-conscious individuals who do not want to compromise on quality and performance. This model exemplifies the possibility of achieving high efficiency and quality at an affordable price. Its competitive pricing, coupled with robust performance, makes it an attractive option for a wide range of consumers. With a heating capability ranging from 500 to 1,800 square feet and an output of 65,000 BTUs, the Osburn 1700 is versatile enough to suit various room sizes. Its compact design, requiring a minimum fireplace opening of just 27.5 inches, also allows it to fit into smaller spaces conveniently.

In terms of environmental impact, the Osburn 1700 excels with an impressive overall efficiency of 78 percent, a notable figure for its price category. Additionally, its low particle emissions rate of 1.26 grams per hour highlights its eco-friendly nature, making it a considerate choice for environmentally conscious users. Such features position the Osburn 1700 as a competitive player in the eco-friendly heating solution market.

Modern living room with a lit fire in a stone fireplace

However, it’s important to consider certain limitations of the Osburn 1700. Its firebox capacity, while comparable to that of other models, tends to consume wood at a quicker rate, which may increase the frequency of refueling. Furthermore, the absence of a blower system means that the unit may take longer to adequately warm larger rooms. Despite these points, the Osburn 1700 remains a compelling option for those seeking an efficient, cost-effective heating solution. Its balance of affordability, compact size, and environmental efficiency makes it a valuable investment for those prioritizing budget-friendliness without sacrificing performance.


Great for tighter budgets and smaller spaces, offering decent efficiency.


But, if you need to heat a larger area, this might not be sufficient.

3. Napoleon S20i Wood Insert With Dual Blower System


Best Dual-Blower System

The Napoleon S20i Wood Insert, equipped with a Dual Blower System, represents a versatile and high-quality heating solution, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. Its compact design ensures it fits seamlessly in modest-sized rooms, avoiding an overpowering presence. The heating efficiency of this unit is notable, with an output of up to 65,000 BTUs, making it capable of warming areas ranging from 800 to 1,800 square feet. This range of coverage makes the Napoleon S20i suitable for both small and larger spaces, offering flexibility to homeowners.

A standout feature of the S20i is its dual-blower system, which plays a crucial role in effectively circulating heat throughout the room. This ensures a more uniform and comfortable warmth, eliminating cold spots. The firebox capacity of 1.9 cubic feet is another significant aspect, allowing for longer burn times and reducing the need for frequent reloading of wood. This adds convenience and efficiency to the unit’s operation.

Modern living room with a fireplace and a TV on a wooden console table

In terms of build quality, the Napoleon S20i uses ceramic glass for its door, which is superior to tempered glass alternatives in terms of durability and heat transfer. While the unit meets the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emission standards, it’s worth noting that its emissions rate is slightly higher at 2.25 grams per hour (g/h). Despite this, the Napoleon S20i remains a compelling choice for those seeking a wood-burning insert that combines compact design, efficient heating, and environmental considerations.


It is ideal for evenly distributing heat in medium-sized rooms, plus it looks great.


Keep in mind the higher cost

4. Iron Strike Montlake 300 Wood Burning Insert


Best Efficiency for Price

The Iron Strike Montlake 300 Wood Burning Insert is a powerhouse of a heater, ideal for those requiring a robust and efficient heating solution for large spaces. This model is particularly notable for its spacious 3.0 cubic foot firebox, which can hold logs up to 21 inches long. This large capacity is a significant advantage, as it allows for extended burn times and reduces the need for frequent reloading. The Montlake 300’s impressive output of 100,000 BTUs per hour is capable of heating areas between 2,000 and 3,000 square feet, making it an excellent choice for larger homes or spaces.

In terms of technological innovation, the Montlake 300 is equipped with a Thermal Fin heat exchanger. This feature creates 32% more surface area than standard insert designs, resulting in more heat being transferred into the room. Another convenient feature is the air-boost timer, which automates the air intake control, simplifying the startup and reloading process. The tall opening of the insert not only provides an expansive view of the burning fire but also enhances the room’s ambiance.

Cozy living room with a fireplace and a view of the snowy woods

The build and design of the Iron Strike Montlake 300 are geared towards durability and efficiency. The use of ceramic glass ensures extra strength and optimal heat transfer, while an integral air wash system keeps the glass clean, offering a clear view of the fire. Constructed from precision-cut, heavy-gauge steel, it promises long-lasting operation. The inclusion of high-density firebrick helps retain heat longer, increasing the overall efficiency of the insert. With user-friendly features like one-touch control and a standard 150 CFM variable speed blower, the Montlake 300 is easy to operate and quickly distributes heat. Customization options, such as surround panel kits and warming tops, alongside EPA certification and Washington State approval, make the Iron Strike Montlake 300 a top choice for those seeking a high-capacity, efficient, and customizable wood-burning insert.


Perfect for heating large spaces with its high BTU output and advanced technology.


The significant cost and potential overpowering heat for smaller rooms are factors to consider

5. Regency Pro Series Ci2700 Wood Insert


Best Eco-Friendly Deal

The Regency Pro Series Ci2700 Wood Insert offers an impressive blend of efficiency and design, making it a strong contender for those seeking to enhance their home heating during the colder months. This model from Regency Fireplaces is a prime example of how modern fireplace inserts can significantly outperform traditional fireplaces in terms of efficiency. While traditional fireplaces typically convert only about 20 percent of their fuel into heat, the closed combustion system of the Ci2700 boasts an efficiency of 60 to 80 percent. This makes it a highly effective option for heating, with this particular model achieving a heating value efficiency between 74 and 79 percent.

A key feature of the Regency Ci2700 is its large ceramic glass viewing area. Not only does this add an attractive focal point to any room, but it also plays a crucial role in heat radiation. The design allows for efficient warming of the space while minimizing the loss of energy up the fireplace chimney. This efficient heat transfer is essential for maintaining a warm and comfortable environment in the home, especially during colder weather.

Modern fireplace with a roaring fire in a living room

In terms of product specifications, while the details are not fully provided, the high-efficiency rating and the large ceramic glass viewing area are noteworthy. The Regency Pro Series Ci2700 Wood Insert is thus an excellent option for those looking to invest in a fireplace insert that combines aesthetic appeal with high functional efficiency. It is particularly suited for individuals who prioritize energy efficiency and want to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace without the significant heat loss associated with traditional models.


A solid choice for mid-sized rooms, offering good efficiency and a lovely viewing area.


However, it’s a bit of an investment

6. Regency Cascades I2500 Wood Fireplace Insert


Best Premium Eco Option

The Regency Cascades I2500 Wood Fireplace Insert is a midrange model from Regency, a brand known for its high-quality wood-burning inserts. This particular insert marries a stylish, modern appearance with advanced catalytic technology, making it an environmentally friendly option. The use of catalytic technology significantly reduces emissions, with the Cascades I2500 boasting an impressively low emission rate of just 1 gram per hour. This feature is particularly appealing to those who are environmentally conscious and seeking to minimize their carbon footprint.

In terms of performance, the Regency Cascades I2500 delivers a heat output of 78,000 BTUs and an efficiency of up to 82 percent. This high level of efficiency results in a noteworthy burn time of up to 12 hours, which is quite impressive for a wood-burning insert. The heating area capability of this model ranges between 1,000 and 2,200 square feet, making it well-suited for large rooms and capable of providing ample warmth for such spaces.

Black wood-burning stove with a fire burning inside, set against a stone wal

However, potential buyers should be aware of the additional costs associated with this model. While the initial pricing may appear competitive, necessary components such as the door, backplate, and fitting kit come at an extra cost. These items are essential for the operation of the insert and not mere add-ons, leading to a significant increase in the final price. Additionally, the insert does not come with a blower fitted as standard, and opting for a two-speed blower model further adds to the total cost. As a result, the Regency Cascades I2500 ranks among the more expensive wood-burning inserts on the market. It’s worth noting, though, that such pricing is typical for catalytic models, which are generally more expensive due to their advanced technology and environmental benefits.


Eco-friendly and efficient, it’s great if you prioritize environmental impact.


Bear in mind the premium price and the extra care needed for catalytic models

7. Napoleon Oakdale EPI3T Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert


Best Classic Style

The Napoleon Oakdale EPI3T represents a blend of historical charm and modern functionality, making it an attractive option for those who appreciate classic aesthetics coupled with contemporary efficiency. This model revives the fashionable style of cast-iron fireplaces with bright enameled fronts, popular in a bygone era, and incorporates modern features for enhanced convenience and performance. The addition of a rear roller and large leveling screws simplifies the installation process into an existing masonry fireplace, demonstrating a thoughtful design that marries old-world charm with modern practicality.

Performance-wise, the Napoleon Oakdale EPI3T is quite capable, with a maximum heat output of 55,000 BTUs. This makes it suitable for heating areas up to 1,500 square feet, a reasonable coverage for most standard-sized rooms or living spaces. The insert includes a 1.8 cubic-foot firebox, which offers a decent capacity for wood. However, there is some uncertainty about the claimed 8-hour burn time, especially considering the insert’s efficiency rating of 72 percent. While specific particle emissions data is not provided, the fact that the Napoleon EPI3T meets the latest EPA standards is reassuring, indicating a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Living room with a fireplace, wooden furniture, and a view of trees and mountains

In terms of customization and aesthetics, the insert offers a choice between black or majolica brown fronts, allowing buyers to select an option that best suits their interior decor. A significant advantage is the inclusion of a blower, which aids in the efficient distribution of heat throughout the room. The style of the Napoleon Oakdale EPI3T is likely to appeal to many, particularly those who have an affinity for traditional designs with a modern twist. However, it’s important to note that this insert represents a significant investment, a factor that potential buyers will need to consider. Nonetheless, for those who value a unique combination of style, efficiency, and performance, the Napoleon Oakdale EPI3T is a compelling choice.


Aesthetically pleasing with efficient heating – a win for those who value style.


Consider the cost

8. Regency CI1150 Alterra Wood Insert


Best Modern Elegance

The Regency CI1150 Alterra Wood Insert is an embodiment of elegance and modernity, making it a perfect addition for those seeking to enhance their living room, entertainment area, or household fireplace. This insert stands out with its sleek design and large viewing window, allowing an unobstructed view of the fire, adding a contemporary and sophisticated touch to any space. It’s particularly well-suited for homeowners who prioritize aesthetic appeal in their heating solutions.

In terms of performance, the Regency CI1150 is impressively capable. It offers a maximum heat output of 55,000 BTUs, making it powerful enough to warm standard-sized rooms efficiently. The 70 percent efficiency rating at high heat levels is a testament to its ability to convert a substantial amount of fuel into usable heat. This efficiency not only enhances the warmth in your space but also ensures that the energy is used effectively, making it both an environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice for heating during the colder months.

Modern fireplace with a roaring fire in a living room setting

The physical design and additional features of the CI1150 are equally noteworthy. Measuring 23 inches in height, 25 inches in width, and 15⅛ inches in depth, it fits comfortably into most standard insert spaces. The cast-iron exterior is not just for looks; it also provides excellent radiant heating, a key feature during the chilly months. The insert includes a solid forged-steel cam lock for a reliable door seal, a brick-lined firebox for increased durability, heavy-gauge steel log retainers, and a flush mount two-speed blower. These features ensure efficient heat distribution and longevity, making the Regency CI1150 Alterra Wood Insert a stylish, efficient, and durable choice for heating your home.


Modern design lovers with medium-sized spaces will appreciate this model


It’s somewhat pricey, and the heating area isn’t explicitly defined.

9. Vogelzang VG1820 Wood Stove Insert


Best Cost-Effective Heating

The Vogelzang wood-burning fireplace insert presents a practical and cost-effective solution for those looking to upgrade their standard masonry fireplace. This model is particularly appealing for its straightforward installation process, making it a convenient choice for homeowners who prefer a hassle-free setup. Additionally, the insert’s reasonable price point makes it an attractive option for those on a budget, while the inclusion of a blower is a significant bonus, as it aids in heating the area more efficiently and quickly.

From a performance standpoint, the Vogelzang insert holds its own, especially considering its affordability. With an output of 69,000 BTUs, it is capable of providing sufficient warmth for spaces up to 1,800 square feet, a coverage area that is impressive for a budget model. However, its efficiency rating of 65.5 percent, while markedly better than a traditional open fireplace, is somewhat on the lower side compared to other wood-burning stoves. That said, it meets EPA certification standards for particulate emissions, which is a crucial factor for environmentally conscious users, even though specific emission figures are not provided.

Modern living room with a burning fireplace and a white armchair with a red pillow.

In terms of design and aesthetics, the Vogelzang insert leans more towards functionality than style. The wood-effect handle adds a quaint touch to its overall appearance, but the style and construction are primarily utilitarian. Notably, the insert package includes a faceplate, which is not always the case with other models, and adds value to the purchase. The inclusion of both the blower and faceplate in the price makes the Vogelzang wood-burning fireplace insert a well-rounded, budget-friendly option for those seeking a basic yet efficient wood-burning solution for their home heating needs.


An affordable option that adequately heats small to medium spaces.


However, it’s less efficient and more basic in design than some others.

10. Vermont Castings Montpelier Wood Insert


Best Timeless Design

The Vermont Castings Montpelier Wood Insert is an ideal choice for those who cherish the traditional appeal of a wood fire. This insert not only enhances the experience of watching flames and feeling their warmth but also transforms your existing masonry fireplace into an efficient and stylish centerpiece. The Montpelier is designed to provide large, unobstructed views of the fire, ensuring that the natural beauty and ambiance of the flames are the focal point of your space. Moreover, the availability of customization options allows for a personalized touch, ensuring that the insert complements the unique style of your home.

Performance-wise, the Vermont Castings Montpelier is quite capable. It can heat areas ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 square feet, with an output of 58,000 BTUs. This range makes it suitable for a variety of room sizes, from moderately sized to larger spaces. The heating capacity is also influenced by factors such as climate and home efficiency, allowing for a tailored heating experience. Additionally, the insert offers up to 10 hours of burn time from each load of wood, which is quite substantial, reducing the need for frequent refueling and ensuring consistent warmth over extended periods.

Roaring fireplace in a living room with leather chairs.

The Montpelier also excels in terms of convenience and functionality. It accommodates logs up to 18 inches, which is a practical size for easy handling and storage. A significant feature of this model is the heat-activated, variable-speed fan that comes standard with the unit. This fan is designed to enhance the efficiency of heat distribution throughout the room, ensuring that the warmth from the fire is spread evenly and effectively. Combining timeless appeal with modern functionality, the Vermont Castings Montpelier Wood Insert is not just a heating appliance but also a piece of craftsmanship that brings enduring beauty and warmth to your home.


Offers a broad heating range with a classic design and efficient fan system.


It’s a pricier option and may be too large for smaller rooms.

Summary: 10 Best Wood Stove Inserts

Product NameBTUsHeating Area (sq ft)Efficiency (%)Burn TimeSpecial FeaturesPrice Range
Napoleon S25i S SeriesNapoleon S25i S Series Wood Fireplace Insert70,000Up to 2,10076Up to 16 hoursLarge firebox, twin-blowerHigh
Osburn 1700Osburn 1700 Wood Insert65,000500 – 1,80078Up to 6 hoursCompact, eco-friendlyMid
Napoleon S20i
Napoleon S20i Wood Insert With Dual Blower System
65,000800 – 1,80072Up to 8 hoursDual-blower, glassHigh
Iron Strike Montlake 300 Iron Strike Montlake 300 Wood Burning Insert100,0002,000 – 3,00076Up to 7 to 12 hoursHeat exchangerHigh
Regency Pro Series Ci2700Regency Pro Series Ci2700 Wood Insert55,000Up to 1,50072Up to 14 hoursLarge glass viewing areaHigh
Regency Cascades I2500Regency Cascades I2500 Wood Fireplace Insert78,0001,000 – 2,20082Up to 12 hoursCatalytic, customizableHigh
Napoleon Oakdale EPI3TNapoleon Oakdale EPI3T Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert55,000Up to 1,50072Up to 8 hoursEnameled cast-iron, blowerHigh
Regency CI1150 AlterraRegency CI1150 Alterra Wood Insert55,000Up to 170 sq. in.70Up to 8 hoursModern design, cast-ironMid to High
Vogelzang VG182069,000Up to 1,80065.5Not SpecifiedAffordable, includes blowerLow to Mid
Vermont Castings Montpelier58,0001,000 – 2,50076Up to 10hTimeless design, fanHigh

All in all Conclusion

After thoroughly reviewing the features, efficiencies, and unique aspects of these ten wood-burning fireplace inserts, it’s evident that each model has its special qualities, catering to a range of preferences and needs.

For those seeking exceptional overall value, the Napoleon S25i S Series stands out with its balance of performance, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Budget-conscious buyers would find great satisfaction in the Osburn 1700, which offers competitive features without a hefty price tag. The Napoleon S20i, with its dual-blower system, is perfect for efficient heat distribution in medium to large spaces.

The Iron Strike Montlake 300 shines in terms of efficiency for its price range, making it an excellent choice for those prioritizing energy conservation. Environmentally conscious consumers would appreciate the Regency Pro Series Ci2700 and Regency Cascades I2500, both of which offer low emissions without compromising heating capability.

For a touch of classic elegance, the Napoleon Oakdale EPI3T offers a traditional design with modern functionality, while the Regency CI1150 Alterra stands out for its sleek, contemporary look. Those looking for a cost-effective heating solution would do well with the Vogelzang VG1820, which provides solid performance at an affordable price. Lastly, the Vermont Castings Montpelier offers a timeless design combined with modern heating efficiency.

In conclusion, while each model caters to specific needs, the Napoleon S25i S Series Wood Fireplace Insert emerges as the best overall pick for 2024. It offers an unparalleled combination of high performance, energy efficiency, and visual appeal, making it a versatile and desirable addition to any home. Whether it’s budget, efficiency, environmental impact, design, or specific heating needs, the Napoleon S25i S Series meets a wide range of consumer demands, representing the pinnacle of traditional warmth blended with modern technology.

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  1. Can wood-burning fireplace inserts be used in any type of existing fireplace?
    Wood-burning fireplace inserts are designed to fit into existing masonry or factory-built fireplaces. However, the size and condition of the existing fireplace, as well as the chimney, play a crucial role. It’s important to have a professional assess the compatibility.
  2. How do wood-burning inserts differ from traditional wood stoves?
    While both use wood as fuel, inserts are specifically designed to fit into existing fireplaces, whereas wood stoves are standalone units. Inserts are generally more efficient as they capture more heat that would otherwise escape up the chimney.
  3. What is the environmental impact of using a wood-burning insert?
    Modern wood-burning inserts are designed to be more efficient and burn cleaner than open fireplaces, reducing particle emissions. They use renewable wood fuel, but it’s important to source the wood responsibly and use EPA-certified models.
  4. Can I install a wood-burning insert myself, or do I need a professional?
    Installation of a wood-burning insert should typically be done by a professional. Proper installation is crucial for safety and efficiency, including correct venting and adherence to local building codes.
  5. How does the efficiency of a wood-burning insert compare to a traditional fireplace?
    Wood-burning inserts are significantly more efficient than traditional open fireplaces. They can convert a higher percentage of wood fuel into heat and retain it within the home while reducing heat loss through the chimney.
  6. What maintenance is required for a wood-burning fireplace insert?
    Regular maintenance includes cleaning the ash, inspecting and cleaning the chimney and vents, checking door gaskets, and ensuring the glass is clean. Annual professional inspections are also recommended.
  7. Can wood-burning inserts heat an entire house?
    While they are an effective supplemental heat source, whether a wood-burning insert can heat an entire house depends on the house’s size, layout, and insulation. In some cases, they can be used as a primary heat source in conjunction with a well-planned interior layout.
  8. Are there restrictions on where I can install a wood-burning insert?
    Yes, there can be local regulations and building codes that dictate where and how a wood-burning insert can be installed. It’s important to check local guidelines and consult with a professional installer.
  9. How long does a wood-burning insert typically last?
    With proper maintenance, a high-quality wood-burning insert can last upwards of 15 to 20 years. The lifespan can be affected by factors such as usage frequency, maintenance, and initial build quality.
  10. Can I use any type of wood in my insert, and does wood quality affect performance?
    Not all wood is suitable for burning in an insert. Hardwoods, like oak and maple, are preferred as they burn longer and hotter. The wood should be well-seasoned (dry) to ensure efficient burning and reduce creosote buildup, which can affect performance and safety.
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