Adler Rheinland

Adler Rheinland Hatchet

Founded in 1919, the Adler factory builds on four generations of knowhow to produce world class axes—Made in Germany. The cornerstone of today’s company was laid by Josef Schmitt when he founded a small village blacksmith shop in 1919 in southern Germany. His intuition and hand-on approach resulted in steel formed and hardened in a perfect manner. All aspects of axe creation were to his high-quality standards. Our axes today are fabricated with the same passion, exactness and high quality standards that our founder committed the company to 100 years ago

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Adler Rheinland 15 inch Anti-Slip

The Adler Rheinland 15-inch Anti-Slip axe is a standout, serving as the ultimate companion for various activities, whether in the wilderness or closer to...