Dual-Fuel Generators For Sale

Dual-fuel generators are highly reliable and commonly found in portable and standby generator models. This versatility is especially valuable for those who want to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, such as power outages, but also desire the adaptability to use the generator for outdoor events or in remote locations.

Popular Dual-Fuel Generators


Westinghouse iGen2550DFc

The Westinghouse iGen2550DFc stands out as a versatile and compact solution, addressing a wide range of requirements. It's the go-to choice whether you're gearing...


DuroMax XP12000HX

The DuroMax XP12000HX stands as a powerhouse in the world of generators. From its innovative control center to its dual-fuel capabilities, CO Alert Technology,...


DuroStar DS10000EH

The DuroStar DS10000EH stands as a true workhorse, delivering an impressive 10,000 starting watts and a reliable 8,000 running watts. Whether you're facing a...


Pulsar G12KBN-SG

The Pulsar G12KBN-SG is a robust and versatile dual-fuel generator designed to provide reliable power in a wide range of situations. Whether you need...


Champion 76533

The Champion Power Equipment 76533 stands out as a symbol of dependability and adaptability. Boasting the flexibility of dual-fuel operation, the ease of electric...



The WEN DF452iX Dual Fuel Generator is a versatile and reliable power solution for a variety of applications. With the ability to run on...



The FIRMAN H08051 is more than just a generator it's a reliable and efficient power solution that's ready to tackle any challenge. With dual...


DuroMax XP4850EH

The DuroMax XP4850EH, a dual fuel portable generator, emerges as a beacon of hope when the lights go out. With an ample supply of...


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