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Elevate your outdoor projects with Fencing Lumber. Explore natural wood options, craft durable and beautiful fences, and unleash your creative vision. Get expert guidance for a seamless outdoor transformation. Discover the rich hues and textures that only natural wood can provide, adding warmth and character to your landscapes. Dive into a selection of wood species, from the rustic charm of cedar to the durability of pressure-treated lumber. Choose the perfect wood to complement your style here in Forestry.com and create fences that harmonize with your surroundings.

Why Forestry.com is the Best Place to Fencing Lumber

At Forestry.com, we offer the highest quality fencing lumber at unbeatable prices. We have a wide selection of lumber in different species, sizes, and grades. We can help you understand the different species of wood and their properties, and we can help you select the right size and grade of fencing lumber for your project. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

Here are some of the benefits of buying fencing lumber from Forestry.com:

  • We offer a wide variety of wood species for fencing lumber, including cedar, pine, redwood and red oak
  • We offer a variety of sizes.
  • We offer different grades, including select and common.
  • We offer different treatment and finishes.
  • We offer wholesale.
  • We offer competitive prices.

Fencing Lumber Is Just A Small Part Of What We Offer

Along with our different wood species of fencing lumber, you’ll find all sorts of other types of fencing lumber to choose from - such as picket fence, board on board fence, lattice fence, stockade fence, shadowbox fence, horizontal shadowbox fence and ornamental fence.

Popular Fencing Lumber


Fencing Lumber

Building a fence requires careful consideration of the type of lumber you choose. Fencing lumber can be broadly classified into two categories: softwood and...


Red Oak Fencing Lumber

Red oak fencing lumber offers homeowners the perfect combination of beauty and durability. With its natural elegance and long-lasting strength, red oak is an...


Cedar Fencing Lumber

Cedar fencing lumber is a natural and durable wood product that is made from cedar trees, which are native to North America. Cedar trees...


Pine Fencing Lumber

Pine fencing lumber is made from pine trees, which are a fast-growing softwood. Pine trees are abundant in North America, making pine fencing lumber...


Redwood Fence Lumber

Redwood fence lumber is made from redwood trees, which are native to California and Oregon. Redwood trees are some of the tallest and oldest...


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