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Welcome to, your one-stop solution for top-quality pallet lumber. Our carefully curated collection is designed to optimize your material handling processes, offering enhanced efficiency, durability, and support in every logistical endeavor.

Why Choose Our Pallet Lumber? understands that choosing the right pallet lumber is crucial for your supply chain success. That's why we offer a diverse range of premium wood species, each meticulously selected for its specific strengths. Pine stands out as the lightweight champion, perfect for cost-conscious one-way shipments. Spruce offers similar affordability with a touch more muscle for moderate loads. For the ultimate in power and longevity, look no further than our robust oak, ideal for heavy machinery and long-distance journeys. Douglas fir strikes the perfect balance, a versatile choice for everyday needs. Explore the natural resilience of cedar, ideal for outdoor storage or food-related applications. And for a smooth, stable pallet that presents beautifully, birch takes the top spot. No matter your challenge, has the perfect pallet lumber solution, meticulously crafted to optimize your operations and empower your success.

Pre-Cut Pallet Lumber Sizes: Build Your Ideal Pallet, Effortlessly!

Component Standard Sizes (in.) Custom Sizes Advantage Stock
Deck Boards 2x4/6/8 (36"-96") Yes Precise custom cuts In Stock
Stringers 2x4/6/3x4 (36"-96") Yes Online Design Tool guides you In Stock
Blocks (Single) Custom Yes Tell us your design, we'll cut them Limited Stock
Blocks (Double) Custom Yes Double the ease, double the strength Pre-order Only

Why is Your Best Choice for Pallet Lumber

At, we don’t just offer products - we offer solutions. Here’s why we are your go-to source for pallet lumber:

  • We offer a wide variety of wood species for pallet lumber, including pine, oak, poplar, maple, birch and fir
  • Our pallet lumber comes in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs.
  • Choose from different grades, including select and common, to match your project requirements.
  • We offer different treatments and finishes to enhance the durability and appearance of our pallet lumber.
  • We offer wholesale. Looking to buy in bulk? We offer wholesale options to meet your large-scale needs.
  • We offer competitive prices. Get the highest quality pallet lumber at unbeatable prices. “Request a Quote”
More Than Just Pallet Lumber

Your premium pallet lumber is just the beginning. builds on that foundation with comprehensive solutions for every logistic need. Single-Face pallets keep internal transfers light, while Double-Face champions handle external journeys. Need industrial muscle? Block pallets stack strong and conquer any heavy-duty task. Streamline workflows with cost-effective Stringers for one-way shipments, and optimize return trips with collapsible Concertina pallets. For oversized cargo, Platform pallets offer unwavering support.

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