Fiskars Digging Shovel

Fiskars Digging Shovel

Fiskars Digging Shovel

Fiskars Digging Shovel

Fiskars Digging Shovel


A teardrop-shaped shaft fits the contours of your hand, while Softgrip touchpoints enhance comfort and control. A D-handle design keeps your wrist in a neutral position to reduce strain. A heavy-gauge spade stands up to any task, while a large step provides more stable footing. A sharpened edge and an extended shank make it easier to dig, chop and pry. The simple, heavy-duty construction of Fiskars Pro tools makes this a reliable choice for daily, quality performance under all conditions.

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  • The Fiskars Advantage: Unmatched Durability and Strength Fiskars Pro D-handle Digging Shovel is engineered to withstand the toughest of gardening tasks with ease.
  • Extruded Aluminum Handle: A Mark of Robustness crafted from extruded aluminum, the handle of the Fiskars Digging Shovel is not only lightweight but also incredibly durable. This ensures that it can endure prolonged use without succumbing to wear and tear, making it a reliable companion for years to come.
  • Double-Bolted Connections: Ensuring Reliability to further bolster its strength, the Fiskars Digging Shovel features double-bolted connections between the handle and the blade. This robust construction minimizes the risk of breakage or detachment during rigorous digging tasks, providing users with peace of mind knowing that their tool can withstand the most demanding conditions.
  • Extended Shank: Enhancing Strength and Efficiency one of the standout features of the Fiskars Digging Shovel is its extended shank, which not only improves overall strength but also offers an optimized angle for digging and prying. This design element enhances efficiency, allowing users to tackle tough soil with minimal effort.
  • Unmatched Performance: The Power of Heavy-Gauge Steel at the heart of the Fiskars Digging Shovel lies its heavy-gauge steel blade, renowned for its exceptional performance and durability. The sharpened edge of the blade makes light work of digging, chopping, and prying, ensuring that even the most stubborn of soils can be conquered with ease.
  • Sharpened Edge: Making Digging Effortless the head of the Fiskars Digging Shovel is equipped with a sharpened edge, which not only facilitates effortless digging but also enhances cutting and chopping capabilities. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with compacted soil or dense roots, allowing users to complete their tasks more efficiently.
  • Ergonomic Design: Prioritizing Comfort and Ease of Use in addition to its formidable strength and performance, the Fiskars Digging Shovel boasts an ergonomic design that prioritizes user comfort and ease of use.
  • D-Handle: Reducing Wrist Strain the D-handle of the shovel is designed to keep the wrist in a neutral position, thereby reducing strain and fatigue during prolonged use. This ergonomic feature ensures that users can work for extended periods without experiencing discomfort, making gardening tasks more enjoyable and less strenuous.
  • Shorter Length: Ideal for Tight Spaces furthermore, the shorter length of the Fiskars Digging Shovel makes it ideal for working in tight spaces, such as between rows of plants or in raised beds. This compact design allows users to maneuver the shovel with ease, even in confined areas where larger tools would struggle to reach.
  • Full Lifetime Warranty: A Testament to Quality to underscore their confidence in the durability and performance of the Pro D-handle Digging Shovel, Fiskars offers a full lifetime warranty on the product. This demonstrates their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing users with added assurance and peace of mind.


The Fiskars Pro D-handle Digging Shovel is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and user-centric design. With its unmatched durability, strength, and ergonomic features, it's no wonder that this shovel has become a favorite among gardeners worldwide. Whether you're tackling tough soil, digging trenches, or simply maintaining your garden, the Fiskars Digging Shovel is sure to exceed your expectations.


1. Is the Fiskars Digging Shovel suitable for both amateur and professional use?
Absolutely! The Fiskars Digging Shovel is designed to meet the needs of both amateur gardeners and professional landscapers, thanks to its unmatched durability and performance.

2. Can the sharpened edge of the shovel blade be sharpened further if needed?
While the blade of the Fiskars Digging Shovel comes pre-sharpened for optimal performance, it can be sharpened further if necessary using appropriate sharpening tools.

3. Does the D-handle of the shovel rotate for added convenience?
No, the D-handle of the Fiskars Digging Shovel is fixed in place to maintain stability and reduce wrist strain during use.

4. What is the weight of the Fiskars Digging Shovel?
The Fiskars Digging Shovel is designed to be lightweight yet durable, with a weight that is comfortable for extended use without causing fatigue.

5. Can the Fiskars Digging Shovel be used for prying tasks as well?
Yes, the extended shank and heavy-gauge steel construction of the Fiskars Digging Shovel make it well-suited for prying tasks in addition to digging and chopping.

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Reviews (6)

March 10, 2023

Fiskars Pro D-Handle Shovel Delivers!

Effortlessly conquered rocky soil in my garden. The D-handle kept me comfortable. A must-have for serious gardeners!

April 17, 2023

Unrivaled Durability and Performance

From dense clay to stubborn roots, this shovel handles it all with ease. A game-changer for landscaping projects!

June 2, 2023

Tough Tasks, Easy Solutions

Dug trenches effortlessly for a new irrigation system. The shorter length was perfect for tight spots.

July 18, 2023

Fiskars Pro D-Handle Shovel Exceeds Expectations

As a professional landscaper, this shovel is my go-to tool. The extended shank makes all the difference!

August 15, 2023

Fiskars Pro D-Handle Shovel is a Lifesaver!

The sharpened edge cut through roots like butter. The aluminum handle is lightweight yet sturdy. Highly recommend!

September 11, 2023

A Cut Above the Rest

The full lifetime warranty is icing on the cake. You won't find a better shovel on the market!