In 1822 the apothecary Johan Jacob Julin (later, von Julin) from Turku bought Fiskars ironworks and village. In his time, the ironworks were actively developed and production focused on processing iron. With the 1832 founding in Fiskars of Finland's first cutlery mill the production range increased from knives to include forks and scissors. In 1837 Fiskars saw another first in Finland, when its machine workshop was founded in the village. In the 1830s, Finland's first steam engine was manufactured at the workshop. The Fiskars tradition of implementing reform and innovation has its roots in this period. Many social reforms also took place during Julin's ownership, during which the ironworks village got its own school and hospital. Farming in the village was greatly improved. Fiskars had a significant influence on the development of Finnish agriculture, and in its day the Fiskars plough workshop manufactured more than a million ploughs. Under Julin's leadership, Fiskars became known for its farm and household implements, and the Fiskars name became synonymous with high quality.

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