Grizzly G0621X

Grizzly G0621X

Grizzly G0621X

Grizzly G0621X

Grizzly G0621X


The heart of any bandsaw is its motor, and the Grizzly Industrial G0621X doesn't disappoint in this regard. Equipped with a 1-1/4 HP motor, operating at 220V with 3-phase power, and running at 1725 RPM, this bandsaw delivers reliable performance to tackle various woodworking tasks. Additionally, it features a single-phase inverter, ensuring smooth operation even in demanding applications. The latest addition to our vertical metal-cutting bandsaws offers affordable versatility not found on any saw in its class. Start with inverter motor speed control. 220V, single-phase goes in and 220V, 3-phase comes out, giving you variable speed control over the blade speed with just the turn of a dial. Blade changes are fast and easy with the quick-release blade feature. This combination allows you to cut any variety of materials (even wood!) and adjust for blade width, tooth pitch and speed on one machine!

Horsepower and RPM

The 1-1/4 HP motor provides ample power to cut through hardwoods and other tough materials with ease. Coupled with a speed of 1725 RPM, it maintains consistent performance, delivering clean and precise cuts every time.

Power Source

The Grizzly Industrial G0621X requires a 220V power source, typically found in workshops and industrial settings. With single-phase compatibility and a frequency of 60Hz, it integrates seamlessly into most woodworking setups, providing versatility and convenience.

Cutting Capacity

When it comes to cutting capacity, the Grizzly G0621X offers impressive capabilities, allowing users to tackle a wide range of projects with ease.

Maximum Cutting Height

With a maximum cutting height of 10 inches, this bandsaw can handle sizable workpieces, making it suitable for various woodworking applications, from crafting furniture to shaping intricate designs.

Throat Capacity

The throat capacity of 13-1/2 inches provides ample space for maneuvering large pieces of wood, enhancing efficiency and productivity in the workshop.

Blade Length

Featuring a blade length of 108 inches, the Grizzly G0621X ensures smooth and accurate cuts, minimizing wastage and improving overall workflow.

Features and Benefits

The Grizzly Industrial G0621X comes equipped with a range of features designed to enhance user experience and deliver exceptional results.

  • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand heavy-duty use, this bandsaw boasts a robust frame and durable components, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Adjustable Blade Guides: Easily adjust the blade guides to achieve precise cuts and minimize blade deflection, resulting in cleaner and more accurate results.
  • Quick-Release Blade Tension: Streamline blade changes and adjustments with the convenient quick-release blade tension mechanism, saving time and effort during setup.
  • Integrated Dust Collection Port: Keep your workspace clean and dust-free with the built-in dust collection port, reducing airborne particles and improving visibility.
  • User-Friendly Controls: With intuitive controls and ergonomic design, operating the Grizzly G0621X is straightforward and hassle-free, allowing users to focus on their craft.


The versatility and performance of the Grizzly Industrial G0621X make it suitable for a wide range of woodworking applications, including:

  • Resawing lumber to desired thickness
  • Cutting curves, angles, and intricate designs
  • Crafting furniture, cabinets, and decorative items
  • Sculpting and shaping wood for artistic projects
Comparison with Similar Models

When comparing the Grizzly G0621X with other bandsaws on the market, it stands out for its combination of power, precision, and value. While there are other options available, few can match the performance and features offered by this model in its price range.

User Experience and Reviews

Feedback from users of the Grizzly Industrial G0621X has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising its performance, reliability, and ease of use. Woodworkers of all skill levels appreciate its sturdy construction, smooth operation, and ability to deliver consistent results.

Maintenance Tips

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Grizzly G0621X bandsaw, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly inspect and clean the machine to remove dust and debris buildup.
  • Lubricate moving parts according to the manufacturer's recommendations to prevent wear and tear.
  • Check blade tension and alignment regularly to maintain cutting accuracy.
  • Replace worn or damaged parts promptly to avoid compromising performance and safety.
Safety Precautions

While the Grizzly Industrial G0621X is designed with safety in mind, it's essential to follow these precautions to prevent accidents and injuries

  • Always wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and hearing protection, when operating the bandsaw.
  • Keep hands and fingers away from the blade during operation, and use push sticks or other tools to guide the workpiece.
  • Disconnect the power source before performing any maintenance or blade changes.
  • Familiarize yourself with the machine's operation manual and safety guidelines before use.


The Grizzly Industrial G0621X bandsaw offers woodworkers a powerful and versatile tool for tackling a wide range of projects with ease and precision. With its robust motor, impressive cutting capacity, and user-friendly features, it's no wonder this machine has become a favorite among professionals and hobbyists alike.


1. Is the Grizzly G0621X suitable for beginners?
Yes, while it's a robust machine designed for professional use, beginners can also benefit from its user-friendly features and versatility.

2. Can I use the Grizzly G0621X for cutting metal or other materials?
This bandsaw is specifically designed for woodworking applications and may not be suitable for cutting metal or other materials.

3. Does the Grizzly G0621X come with a warranty?
Yes, Grizzly offers a warranty on their products. Be sure to check the terms and conditions for details.

4. What kind of maintenance does the Grizzly G0621X require?
Regular cleaning, lubrication, and blade tension adjustments are essential for maintaining optimal performance.

5. Where can I purchase the Grizzly G0621X?
You can find the Grizzly G0621X bandsaw at authorized dealers or through Grizzly's official website.

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Reviews (6)

January 15, 2023

Cutting-edge Performance!

Exceptional bandsaw, ideal for serious woodworkers. The Grizzly Industrial G0621X exceeded my expectations with its power and precision. Highly recommend!

February 5, 2023

Smooth Operator for Woodworking Pros!

Impressive machine! As an experienced woodworker, I rely on the Grizzly G0621X for its smooth operation and accurate cuts. A game-changer in my workshop.

March 10, 2023

Versatile and Reliable!

The Grizzly G0621X is a versatile powerhouse! From resawing to intricate cuts, it handles every task with ease. A must-have for serious woodworkers.

April 20, 2023

Precision Perfected!

Precision at its finest! The Grizzly Industrial G0621X delivers consistent, accurate cuts every time. Its robust motor and sturdy build make it a top choice.

May 15, 2023

Efficiency Elevated!

The Grizzly G0621X is a game-changer in my woodworking projects. Its efficiency and reliability have boosted my productivity to new heights. Highly recommended!

June 30, 2023

Craftsman's Dream Machine!

A dream machine for any craftsman! The Grizzly Industrial G0621X combines power, precision, and durability, making it an essential tool in my workshop.