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At Grizzly, we take pride in being synonymous with quality craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to empowering builders, makers, and craftsmen worldwide. Since our inception, we've been on a mission to redefine excellence in the world of tools, and today, we stand as a symbol of innovation, reliability, and precision.

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Grizzly G0548ZP

G0548ZP 2 HP Canister Dust Collector with Aluminum Impeller Efficiently capture the wood dust from your projects. With a filter rating of 1-micron, the...


Grizzly Industrial 14" 1 HP Deluxe

The G0555LX 14" Deluxe Bandsaw has many of the same great specifications and features as our extremely popular G0555. However, this great bandsaw also...


Grizzly Industrial G0774 Automatic

Grizzly Industrial, known for its robust and reliable woodworking machinery, introduces the G0774 Automatic, a cutting-edge addition to their lineup. This machine is designed...


Grizzly G0716 10-Inch

The Grizzly G0716 10-Inch is a versatile woodworking machine designed to meet the needs of both professionals and hobbyists. Its combination of power, precision,...


Grizzly T33587 Mini Portable

Portable power tools have revolutionized the way we tackle DIY projects and repairs. Among the myriad of options available, the Grizzly T33587 Mini Portable...


Grizzly G0621X

The heart of any bandsaw is its motor, and the Grizzly Industrial G0621X doesn't disappoint in this regard. Equipped with a 1-1/4 HP motor,...


Grizzly G0645

Grizzly G0645 1/2 HP Benchtop Mortising Machine Rigid cast-iron construction and rack-and-pinion head control on a dovetail column help ensure this Benchtop Mortising Machine will...


Grizzly Industrial G0642

Grizzly Industrial G0642 simplify cabinet construction with this highly accurate boring device. The hand lever activates the work holding clamps and lowers the boring...


Grizzly G1079R

2 Horsepower 16" Wood Drum Sander with Stand we've taken the great features of our G1066 24" Drum Sander and downsized them to create...


Grizzly Pro T31635

The T31635 12" Dual-Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw is the perfect blend of capacity and rigidity all in one convenient package designed to handle...


Grizzly G1023RL

The G1023RL is equipped with a robust 3HP motor, ensuring high-performance capabilities for a variety of woodworking tasks. Operating at 240V with a single-phase...


Grizzly G7947

Floor Drill Presses for a high-producing workhorse drill press for your shop, select from 14”, 15”, 17”, or 20” models that each feature precision-ground...


Grizzly G0454Z

Grizzly G0454Z Spiral Cutterhead 4-sided German-made carbide inserts for ultra smooth surfaces. The carbide inserts can be rotated to use all four edges, eliminating...


Grizzly Industrial G0490X

Professionals and hobbyist woodworkers alike, you can't go wrong with this 8" jointer with parallelogram tables and 4-row spiral cutterhead. Featuring an extra-long infeed...


Grizzly G0725

Grizzly G0946 - 6" Benchtop Jointer with Spiral-Type Cutterhead The G0946 6" Benchtop Jointer features a spiral-type cutterhead for smoother finishes, quieter operation, and...


Grizzly G8027

This incredible machine is a game-changer for woodworking enthusiasts, offering a compact design with a punch of a 1 HP motor. Let's delve into...


Grizzly Industrial H7760

Grizzly Industrial H7760 1/2 Horsepower Benchtop Combination 2" Belt / 6" Grinder. Grind the perfect edge on all your tooling and cutting edges with this...


Grizzly 4 in. G0787

The Grizzly Industrial G0787 stands out as a powerful and versatile tool in the realm of woodworking machinery. Crafted with precision and durability in...


Grizzly Industrial G0945

The G0945 lies its straight-knife cutterhead, armed with two SK5 steel knives. This combination ensures precise and clean cuts, setting a high standard for...


Grizzly 3 HP G1030Z2P

This is the same machine as our G1030Z2, but with the hugely popular Polar Bear color scheme and an aluminum impeller! This 3 HP...


Grizzly Industrial 3 HP G0862

A cyclone dust collector is the ideal partner for your woodworking machines and will boost your productivity on every project. These specialized units capture...


Grizzly Industrial G1026-3 HP

This machine is the hottest shaper in the USA! Equipped with a formidable 3 H.P. single-phase motor running on 220V power, the Grizzly G1026-3...


Grizzly Industrial G0450

The Grizzly Industrial G0450 Disc Sander emerges as a powerful ally for craftsmen dedicated to achieving excellence. This in-depth guide delves into the distinctive...


Grizzly Industrial G1531

The Model G1531 offers 30" of platen-backed sanding surface—perfect for finishing and sanding door edges and long stock. The "heart-and-soul" of custom and production...