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Powermatic PM2014

Powermatic PM2014

Powermatic PM2014

Powermatic PM2014


Powermatic is proud to offer the powerful PM2014 model lathe. Only requiring a 115V single-phase power source, the inverter delivers 1HP, 230V, 3PH performance, giving users maximum speed with minimum input. With a capacity of 14" swing over bed and 20" between centers which can be increased with the optional 13" bed extension. Premium sliding headstock feature allows greater clearance when positioned at the end of the bed for outboard turning. Robust cast iron bed reduces vibration when turning larger and rougher pieces. Digital Indexing and spindle speed readout are clearly visible on the magnetic repositionable control box. The ergonomic stand adjusts from centerline to floor from 34 inches to 46 inches allowing the PM2014 to be accessible to users of a range of heights.

The Convenience and Safety of Magnetic Control

One of the standout features of the Powermatic PM2014 is its magnetic control box. Unlike traditional setups, this control box can be easily moved to the desired location, ensuring that woodworkers have optimal control over their workspace. This not only enhances convenience but also contributes to a safer working environment.

Simplified Indexing for Precision

Precision is the hallmark of a great woodworking project. The Powermatic PM2014 boasts 24 positive locking index positions, simplifying the indexing process. Woodworkers can achieve the precision they desire, thanks to the thoughtful design that eliminates guesswork.

Decreased Noise and Added Protection with Cast Iron Bed

The Powermatic PM2014 goes beyond precision and convenience by addressing a common challenge in woodworking—noise and motor vibration. The cast iron bed of this lathe reduces motor vibration, providing a quieter working experience and ensuring added protection to the machinery.

Exploring the Three Speed Ranges

Versatility is key in woodworking, and the Powermatic PM2014 understands this well. With three speed ranges, this lathe can operate as low as 15 RPM and as high as 3,600 RPM. Woodworkers can seamlessly switch between speeds, catering to the specific requirements of each project.

Easy Access to Tools with Attached Tool Caddy

Efficiency is the name of the game, and the Powermatic PM2014 excels in this aspect. An attached tool caddy holds centers, wrenches, and accessories, ensuring that woodworkers have easy access to their tools. This feature minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

Crafting Excellence with Powermatic PM2014

Now that we've explored the individual features, let's understand how these components work together to enable woodworkers to craft with excellence. The magnetic control box, simplified indexing, reduced motor vibration, variable speed ranges, and easy tool access collectively contribute to a seamless woodworking experience.

Understanding the Magnetic Control Box

The magnetic control box of the Powermatic PM2014 is a game-changer. Its mobility allows woodworkers to position it strategically for optimal control. Whether you're working on a large project or need to focus on intricate details, having the control box at your fingertips enhances the overall woodworking experience.

Mastering Precision through 24 Positive Locking Index Positions

Precision is non-negotiable in woodworking. The 24 positive locking index positions eliminate the guesswork, allowing woodworkers to achieve the exact results they envision. Whether you're turning spindles, bowls, or other intricate projects, the Powermatic PM2014 ensures that every detail is crafted with precision.

Embracing Reduced Motor Vibration with Cast Iron Bed

Noise and motor vibration can be significant nuisances in a woodworking shop. The cast iron bed of the Powermatic PM2014 is designed to absorb and dampen vibrations, resulting in a quieter and more stable operation. This not only protects the machinery but also contributes to a more comfortable working environment.

Navigating the Three Speed Ranges for Optimal Performance

Woodworking projects vary in complexity, and having the ability to adjust speed is crucial. The Powermatic PM2014 offers three speed ranges, catering to different types of wood and turning requirements. From slow and steady for intricate details to high-speed for roughing, this lathe adapts to your needs seamlessly.

Unveiling the Attached Tool Caddy

Efficiency is paramount in woodworking, and the Powermatic PM2014 ensures that tools are always within reach. The attached tool caddy is a thoughtful addition, holding centers, wrenches, and accessories. This not only saves time but also prevents interruptions in the workflow, allowing woodworkers to stay focused on their craft.

Real-Life Applications of the Powermatic PM2014

To truly understand the impact of the Powermatic PM2014, let's explore its real-life applications. Woodworkers, whether professionals or hobbyists, have found immense value in the convenience, precision, and reliability offered by this lathe. From creating intricate details on furniture pieces to turning large spindles, the Powermatic PM2014 proves its versatility.

User-Friendly Features and Benefits

Woodworking should be enjoyable, and the Powermatic PM2014 ensures a user-friendly experience. Its intuitive design, coupled with features like the magnetic control box and attached tool caddy, minimizes the learning curve. Beginners and seasoned woodworkers alike can harness the power of this lathe with ease.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

To maximize the lifespan of your Powermatic PM2014, regular maintenance is essential. Cleaning the cast iron bed, lubricating moving parts, and inspecting the magnetic control box for any wear are simple tasks that go a long way in ensuring the longevity of this powerful woodworking tool.


In conclusion, the Powermatic PM2014 is a game-changing lathe that redefines woodworking. Its innovative features, including the magnetic control box, simplified indexing, reduced motor vibration, variable speed ranges, and easy tool access, collectively contribute to a seamless and efficient woodworking experience. Whether you're a professional craftsman or a passionate hobbyist, the Powermatic PM2014 empowers you to craft with precision and power.


1. What makes Powermatic PM2014 stand out in the market?
The Powermatic PM2014 stands out for its combination of convenience, safety, and precision. The magnetic control box, simplified indexing, and reduced motor vibration make it a top choice for woodworkers.

2. How does the magnetic control box enhance convenience?
The magnetic control box of the Powermatic PM2014 can be moved where needed, providing woodworkers with optimal control over their workspace. This enhances convenience and flexibility during projects.

3. Can the Powermatic PM2014 be used by beginners?
Absolutely! The user-friendly design of the Powermatic PM2014, coupled with features like the attached tool caddy, makes it suitable for both beginners and seasoned woodworkers.

4. Are there any safety measures users need to follow?
While the Powermatic PM2014 is designed with safety in mind, users should always follow standard safety practices, including wearing appropriate protective gear and ensuring a well-ventilated workspace.

5. Where can I purchase the Powermatic PM2014?
For convenient access to the Powermatic PM2014, you can visit this link. Get ready to elevate your woodworking experience!

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Reviews (8)

January 30, 2023

A woodworker's dream come true!

The Powermatic PM2014 delivers unparalleled precision.

February 5, 2023

Whisper-Quiet Turning

Reduced motor vibration is a game-changer. Enjoying silent creativity with the PM2014.

March 12, 2023

Speedy Crafts

Three speed ranges mean efficiency. The PM2014 lets me tailor speed to my project.

April 2, 2023

Magnetic Control Mastery

Magnetic control box = total control. Precision woodworking at my fingertips!

May 20, 2023

Effortless Indexing

24 locking positions = zero guesswork. Indexing made easy with the PM2014.

June 8, 2023

Tool Access Triumphs

Attached tool caddy = no more searching. Seamless workflow with the PM2014.

July 1, 2023

Solid Build for Masterful Craft

Cast iron bed = stability. Mastering detailed projects effortlessly with PM2014.

August 14, 2023

Woodworking Bliss

PM2014 exceeds expectations. A must for serious woodworkers. Precision and power in one.