Powermatic PM701

Powermatic PM701

Powermatic PM701

Powermatic PM701

Powermatic PM701


The POWERMATIC PM701 Benchtop Mortiser features an in-line depth stop which allows the user to stop at preset depths without racking the mortiser bit to the base. Its heavy-duty reversible handle is so versatile that it can be changed from one side to the other quickly and easily and requires no tools to do so. The stock hold down features a specially designed double lock system. One locks from the side, the other locks from the top, to completely eliminate any slippage when removing the chisel from the work piece. This hold-down is also reversible to allow stock from 0 to 5" thick to be captured underneath it. The PM701 Benchtop Mortiser has a quick-action cam lock that will quickly lock the fence into position with one 90° movement. This lock also features lock nuts, so once set they will not have to be continually adjusted. Set-up has never been easier or more precise.

A Versatile Woodworking Tool

Powermatic PM701 is a highly efficient and versatile woodworking tool designed to meet the needs of both professional craftsmen and hobbyists. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the PM701 offers unparalleled performance and precision in a compact and portable package.

Ambidextrous Controls

One of the standout features of the Powermatic PM701 is its ambidextrous controls, allowing users to operate the tool with ease regardless of their dominant hand. The heavy-duty reversible handle can be installed on either side of the head without the need for additional tools, providing flexibility and convenience during operation.

Fast Setup

The PM701 is engineered for fast and efficient setup, thanks to its integrated bit and chisel spacers. These spacers streamline the setup process, allowing users to achieve optimal results in minimal time, whether they're working on a professional project or a DIY endeavor.

Preset Cuts

Equipped with an inline depth stop feature, the PM701 enables users to make preset cuts with precision and consistency. This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments, ensuring accurate results every time while saving valuable time and effort.

Handy Storage

To enhance user convenience, the Powermatic PM701 features an integrated chisel and tool holder complete with a sharpening stone. This integrated storage solution keeps essential accessories within reach, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity during woodworking tasks.

Rapid Chisel Changes

The PM701 is designed for efficient chisel changes, thanks to its large hinged chuck door with a magnetic catch. This design allows users to access the chuck quickly and easily, enabling swift chisel changes without disrupting workflow or compromising precision.

Quick-Action Cam Lock

For added convenience and stability, the PM701 is equipped with a quick-action cam lock mechanism. With just one 90° movement, users can securely lock the fence in position, ensuring precise and consistent cuts while minimizing the risk of slippage or misalignment.

Enhanced Stability

To promote stability and accuracy during operation, the PM701 features a stock hold-down system with a double lock mechanism. This system, comprising both top and side locks, effectively eliminates workpiece slippage, allowing users to achieve professional-quality results with confidence and ease.


The Powermatic PM701 stands out as a versatile and reliable woodworking tool that combines advanced features with user-friendly design elements. From its ambidextrous controls to its rapid chisel changes and enhanced stability, the PM701 offers everything woodworkers need to tackle projects with precision and confidence.


1. Is the Powermatic PM701 suitable for both professional and amateur woodworkers?
Yes, the PM701 is designed to meet the needs of users at all skill levels, from seasoned professionals to hobbyists.

2. Does the PM701 come with a warranty?
Yes, Powermatic offers a warranty on the PM701, providing peace of mind to users regarding its quality and performance.

3. Can the PM701 handle a wide range of woodworking tasks?
Absolutely, the PM701 is versatile enough to tackle various woodworking tasks with ease, from intricate detail work to larger projects.

4. Is assembly required for the Powermatic PM701?
Minimal assembly may be required upon initial setup, but the PM701 comes with clear instructions for easy assembly.

5. Where can I purchase the Powermatic PM701?
The PM701 is available for purchase through authorized Powermatic dealers and select retailers.

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Reviews (7)

May 5, 2023

Unleashing the PM701's Potential

Top-notch precision & effortless operation make the Powermatic PM701 a dream for woodworking enthusiasts.

June 16, 2023

PM701 Delivers on Every Cut

As a seasoned woodworker, the PM701 exceeded my expectations with its accuracy & ease of use.

July 10, 2023

PM701 Sets the Standard

The Powermatic PM701 streamlines my woodworking process with its fast setup & reliable performance.

August 11, 2023

PM701 Crafts Perfection

With the PM701, precision is paramount. Its ambidextrous controls & rapid chisel changes make every project a masterpiece.

September 19, 2023

PM701 Never Disappoints

I rely on the Powermatic PM701 for consistent, accurate cuts every time. It's a game-changer in my woodworking shop.

October 10, 2023

PM701 Elevates Craftsmanship

The Powermatic PM701 is a professional-grade tool that enhances precision & efficiency in woodworking tasks.

November 28, 2023

M701 Exceeds Expectations

Investing in the Powermatic PM701 was one of the best decisions for my woodworking projects. Its performance is unmatched.