Untreated Railroad Cross Ties

Untreated Railroad Cross Ties


Untreated railroad cross ties play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of any railroad track. These cross ties provide the essential support that trains rely on for their smooth travel. Crafted from high-quality hardwoods like oak, maple, or pine, untreated cross ties possess exceptional strength and durability, enabling them to withstand the rigorous demands of daily use.

In addition to their robust construction, untreated cross ties are an environmentally conscious choice. They are made from renewable resources and can be recycled or reused, offering a sustainable alternative for those seeking eco-friendly options.

Key Features:

  • Strength and Durability: Made from premium hardwoods, untreated cross ties exhibit impressive strength and durability, enabling them to bear the weight of trains and endure various weather conditions.
  • Easy Installation: Installing untreated cross ties is a hassle-free process, allowing for convenient and efficient setup. They can be easily nailed or screwed in place, saving time and effort.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike chemically treated alternatives, untreated cross ties require minimal maintenance. Their natural composition eliminates the need for chemical treatments, reducing potential harm to the environment.
  • Safety: Untreated cross ties provide a stable and secure foundation for trains, significantly reducing the risk of derailments and accidents. They prioritize the safety of both passengers and freight transportation.
  • Sustainability: Composed of renewable resources, untreated cross ties contribute to sustainable practices in the railway industry. Their recyclability and reusability promote waste reduction and environmental stewardship.


Untreated cross ties excel in terms of durability and longevity, outperforming alternative options. Resistant to rot, decay, and insects, these cross ties offer exceptional durability, ensuring they can withstand the test of time. Their reliability and longevity make them a cost-effective choice for maintaining railroad tracks.

Furthermore, untreated cross ties provide superior stability, enhancing the safety of train operations. By minimizing jolts and preventing shifts, these cross ties contribute to a smooth and secure journey for passengers and cargo.


The use of untreated railroad cross ties provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Strength and DurabilityUntreated cross ties exhibit remarkable strength and durability, ensuring a reliable support system for railroad tracks.
  • Easy Installation: Installing untreated cross ties is a straightforward process, saving time and effort during setup.
  • Low Maintenance: With minimal maintenance requirements, untreated cross ties offer cost and time savings over their lifespan.
  • Safety: The stability provided by untreated cross ties significantly reduces the risk of accidents, enhancing overall safety.
  • Sustainability: Choosing untreated cross ties supports sustainable practices by utilizing renewable resources and promoting recycling and reuse.

If you are seeking a robust, durable, safe, and sustainable solution for your railroad track needs, untreated cross ties are the perfect choice. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive range of products and services. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions and assist you in selecting the ideal cross ties for your specific application.

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June 15, 2022

Sturdy and Reliable - Untreated Railroad Ties from Forestry

Untreated railroad ties are a solid investment. They provide excellent structural support and durability for railway projects.

Daily Lumber Blog.com
July 28, 2022

Versatile and Sustainable

I've used Forestry Depot's untreated railroad ties for landscaping and agricultural structures. They offer great deals.

Oregon Sawmilling Inc.
September 10, 2022

Quality You Can Trust Untreated Railroad Ties from Forestry Depot Are Top-Notch!

The high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure long-lasting performance

Garcia Monel
October 22, 2022

Reliable Supplier

Their consistent quality, prompt service, and competitive prices make them my go-to supplier.

Go Green Earth
December 5, 2022

Eco-Friendly and Durable

I appreciate Forestry.com commitment to sustainability. Their untreated railroad ties offer excellent durability while minimizing environmental impact.