Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic

Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic


Craftsmanship meets innovation with the Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic, the go-to sawmill for woodworkers seeking unmatched performance and precision. With a 32" max log diameter capacity, 26" max width of cut, and 21' length of cut, this sawmill is built to handle logs of various sizes, giving you the freedom to bring your boldest woodworking projects to life. The complete hydraulic log handling system, including log loading arms, toeboards, claw log turner, log clamp, and two side supports, ensures smooth and efficient operations, saving you valuable time and effort.

Experience the power of effortless control with the Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic's innovative features. The powered saw head allows you to adjust the saw head up/down and forward/reverse with ease, empowering you to make precise cuts with confidence. Say goodbye to tedious adjustments - the SimpleSet Setworks feature lets you choose from two pre-set board thicknesses, enabling you to control blade height quickly and accurately while referencing from the previous cut. Increase your productivity and produce flawless results with every pass.

Crafted with ingenuity and designed for convenience, the Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic, a remarkable woodmizer sawmill for sale, is a perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation. comes equipped with a standard trailer boasting a patented cantilever design and trapezoid-shaped bed. This ingenious design optimizes portability, making it easy to transport your sawmill wherever your woodworking endeavors take you. Whether you're working on-site or in your workshop, this sawmill's portability and sturdiness ensure you never compromise on quality and precision.

The Power of LT35 Hydraulic Portable Sawmill

  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Log Clamp: One of the standout features of the LT35 is its heavy-duty hydraulic log clamp.
  • Hydraulic Roller Toeboards: The two hydraulic roller toeboards play a vital role in achieving precise leveling of the logs on the bed, especially when dealing with tapered logs.
  • SimpleSet Setworks for Efficiency: The LT35 comes equipped with SimpleSet Setworks, a user-friendly system that allows sawyers to program two exact board thicknesses.

Seamless Sawing Process

The LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill boasts a seamless sawing process that enhances efficiency and productivity.

Power Feed Control: Engaging the blade is made easy with the handle-operated power feed control, which offers variable speed for optimal sawing control. This feature ensures smooth and consistent cutting, even through dense or challenging wood.

Blade Reversal and Positioning: Once a cut is completed, the saw head is raised and reversed using the powered saw head controls. The head is then efficiently positioned for the next cut, streamlining the entire sawing process.

Blade Lubrication for Improved Performance:To enhance cutting performance and prolong the blade's life, a water tank supplies lubrication directly to the blade. This feature ensures cleaner cuts and reduces wear and tear on the blade.

Additional Features and Options

The LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill offers a range of additional features and options to cater to specific needs and requirements.

Optional Debarker: For those seeking extended blade life between sharpenings, the optional debarker is a valuable addition. It clears a ¼-inch path in front of the sawmill blade's cut entry, removing dirt and bark.

Adjustable Blade Guide Arm: The adjustable blade guide arm provides reliable support while cutting various sizes of materials. This feature contributes to increased accuracy and precision during the sawing process.


The LT35 hydraulic portable sawmill is a versatile and efficient tool that has transformed the lumber processing industry. Its user-friendly features, such as the SimpleSet Setworks and powered head controls, enable sawyers to achieve outstanding results in less time. Whether you're a seasoned lumber producer or just starting, the LT35 will undoubtedly be a valuable addition to your wood processing equipment.


  1. Is the LT35 hydraulic sawmill suitable for professional use?
  2. Yes, the LT35 is a professional-grade sawmill capable of handling large-scale lumber production.

  3. What is the maximum log diameter the LT35 can handle?
  4. The LT35 can process logs with a maximum diameter of 32 inches.

  5. Does the sawmill come with any warranty?
  6. Yes, the LT35 comes with a 2-year sawmill warranty and a 5-year chassis warranty.

  7. Can the sawmill be easily transported?
  8. Yes, the LT35 comes with a standard trailer featuring a patented cantilever design, making transportation convenient.

  9. What kind of support is available for new users?
  10. Wood-Mizer provides free one-on-one sawmill training by experienced service representatives to ensure users get the most out of their LT35 sawmill.

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Reviews (5)

January 15, 2022

Sawing Marvel!

Cutting with the Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic is a breeze! Its precision and efficiency have elevated my lumber production.

February 28, 2022

Log Slayer's Dream

As a seasoned lumberjack, I vouch for the LT35 Hydraulic's outstanding performance. Its SimpleSet Setworks and hydraulic controls are unmatched!

March 22, 2022

Game Changer!

I've been in the industry for years, and the LT35 Hydraulic has revolutionized my sawing game. Perfectly leveled cuts with ease.

April 10, 2022

Lumber Production Beast

With the LT35 Hydraulic, I saw more lumber in less time! The adjustable blade guide arm ensures precise cuts every time. Love it!

May 18, 2022

Sawmill Royalty

The Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic is the king of sawmills! The powered head controls and roller toeboards make it a joy to operate.