Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Wood-Mizer offers a complete line of portable and industrial sawmills, resaws, edgers, kilns, log splitters, material handling equipment, bandsaw blades and blade maintenance equipment for forestry and timber professionals all over the world.

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Wood-Mizer FS350 Dual Action 29 Ton

Powerful Wood-Mizer FS350 Dual Action 29-Ton Skid Steer Log Splitter splits logs up to 24" long quickly and easily.A log splitter can make the...


Wood-mizer EA3000

The Wood-Mizer EA3000 can edge lumber up to 20 inches wide and 6 inches thick, with a 30HP engine power and heavy-duty construction, it...


Wood-mizer MR5000

The Wood-mizer MR5000 can edge boards up to 20 inches wide and 6 inches thick. The precision knives ensure that your edges are perfectly straight...


Wood-mizer MR3000

The Wood-Mizer MR3000 is a versatile bandsaw mill with a powerful 30HP engine. It can edge boards up to 160mm wide and cut boards...


Wood-mizer EG800

The Wood-Mizer EG800 is a powerful and versatile machine that can cut up to 80 inches wide and 36 inches tall, with a maximum...


Wood-mizer EG300

The Wood-Mizer EG300 is capable of edging boards up to 520mm wide and 50mm thick, With 20HP engine and large cutting capacity, it can...


Wood-mizer EG100

The Wood-Mizer EG100 is a versatile bandsaw mill with a powerful 14HP engine that can edge boards up to 20-1/2" wide and cut boards...


Wood-mizer EG50

The Wood-Mizer EG50 is the affordable bandsaw mill for small woodwork businesses. With a powerful 10HP engine and lightweight design, it's easy to use...


Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic

Craftsmanship meets innovation with the Wood-Mizer LT35 Hydraulic, the go-to sawmill for woodworkers seeking unmatched performance and precision. With a 32" max log diameter...


Wood-Mizer B37516710S-5 167"

The Wood-Mizer DoubleHard 167" B37516710S-5 5-pack sawmill blades are expertly designed to deliver outstanding performance and durability, making them an excellent choice for the...


Wood-Mizer B37515810S-5 158"

In the lumber industry, sawmill blades are the unsung heroes that transform logs into valuable lumber. The Wood-Mizer DoubleHard 158" B37515810S-5 5-pack sawmill blades...


Wood-Mizer B27513210S-5 132"

These sawmill blades are made from premium steel that is heat-treated to a hardness of 58-60 HRC. This ensures that the blades are durable...


Wood-Mizer B27512510S-5 125"

The Wood-Mizer DoubleHard 125" Sawmill Blades B27512510S-5 5-packs are a fundamental element of the lumber industry. These blades are integral to the process of...


Wood-Mizer B27514410S-5 144"

The Wood-Mizer B27514410S-5 5-Pack bandsaw blades present an excellent choice that comes packed with numerous advantages. They are crafted from superior-grade steel and undergo...


Wood-Mizer EG200

The EG200 is the perfect bandsaw mill for small woodworking businesses. With its powerful 20HP engine and compact design, it's easy to maneuver in...


Wood-Mizer LT70WIDE Sawmill

The LT70WIDE sawmill is the perfect choice for those who need more capacity. It's equipped with a WIDE head that can cut larger logs,...


Wood-Mizer MR200 Gang Saw

The Wood-Mizer MR200 Gang Rip Saw is a reliable, accurate, and versatile machine designed to increase sawmill productivity by reducing the time and effort...


Wood-Mizer EG400

The Wood-Mizer EG400 Board Edger is the ultimate bandsaw mill, with its powerful 40HP engine and heavy-duty construction, it can handle even the toughest...


Wood-Mizer HR1000 Horizontal Resaw

This top-of-the-line resaw allows you to select between one and six heads and can produce up to seven boards simultaneously. Its compact design allows...


Wood-Mizer LT20 Sawmill

The LT20 sawmill can cut logs up to 80 cm in diameter and 4.8-8.4 m long. You can customize the log handling to match...


Wood-Mizer FS300 29-Ton Commercial

The FS300 log splitter is a robust and efficient log splitter, ideal for commercial firewood operations at an entry-level. With its powerful Honda 390cc...


Wood-Mizer LX25

The LX25 is a portable sawmill that offers a larger cutting capacity than other models in its class. It can saw logs up to...


Wood-Mizer LT40 Super Hydraulic

The LT40 Super Hydraulic is a long-lasting and durable portable sawmill, engineered with top-of-the-line features for efficient sawing. It is an ideal option for...


Wood-Mizer LX150 Twin Rail

The Wood-Mizer LX150 Twin Rail Portable Sawmill is a versatile and efficient solution for individuals and small businesses looking to produce their own lumber....