STIHL MS250 Chainsaw Review: A Cut Above the Rest


STIHL’s reputation for manufacturing high-quality outdoor power equipment has remained unscathed for decades, and the STIHL MS250 is a testament to its commitment to quality and performance. The MS250, a versatile chainsaw designed for homeowners and light professional use, has long been a staple in my tool repertoire. In this detailed review, I will share my experiences and dive into the intricacies of this remarkable tool.

  • Engine Displacement: 45.4 cc
  • Power Output: 2.2 kW
  • Weight: 4.6 kg (Powerhead only)
  • Fuel Capacity: 470 cc
  • Chain Oil Capacity: 200 cc
  • Guide Bar Lengths: 16″ to 18″
  • Power Source: Gas
  • Chain Pitch: .325″
  • Anti-Vibration System: Yes
  • Chain Brake: Yes
  • Automatic Bar and Chain Oiler: Yes

STIHL’s commitment to producing quality outdoor power equipment is widely recognized, and the STIHL MS250 chainsaw is a shining example of this dedication. Designed for both homeowners and light professional use, the MS250 has long been a trusted companion in my tool shed. Let’s delve into my personal experiences and evaluate this powerhouse in more depth.

Unleashing the Power: A Deeper Look at Performance Metrics

Diving beneath the surface of the STIHL MS250, we find the heart of its performance – a powerful 45.4cc engine. For those unfamiliar with engine sizing, most medium-duty chainsaws typically come equipped with a 40cc engine. This additional power, small yet significant, allows the MS250 to outperform its peers, providing the extra muscle needed for those challenging tasks that could leave other chainsaws struggling in its wake.

However, the prowess of the MS250 doesn’t stop with sheer force. STIHL has ingeniously balanced this power with remarkable efficiency. This synergy becomes apparent when examining the chainsaw’s top-cutting speed. Clocking in at an impressive 17 m/s, the MS250 leaves many of its competitors trailing in its dust, akin to a swift hare darting past a pack of slower, less agile tortoises.

Most importantly, STIHL has achieved this superior speed without compromising the user’s comfort. This is primarily due to the chainsaw’s low vibration levels (5.6 m/s² right and 5.7 m/s² left), which means the user can work for extended periods without feeling as if they’ve gone ten rounds with a jackhammer. This isn’t a mere feature but a testament to the brand’s commitment to its users – ensuring less fatigue and greater productivity.

Rivals in the Ring: Setting the Pace Against Competitors

In understanding the true value of the MS250, it’s essential to consider its performance relative to its peers. Enter two notable competitors, the Husqvarna 445 and the Echo CS-400. Although these chainsaws boast similar engine power, they fail to keep up with the MS250 in terms of cutting speed and vibration management, highlighting STIHL’s superior engineering and innovation.

The contest doesn’t end here. When we bring fuel efficiency into the fray, the MS250 gains an even more pronounced edge. Thanks to STIHL’s proprietary 2-MIX technology, the chainsaw doesn’t just consume fuel, it utilizes it to maximum effect. This ability to use fuel sparingly, not unlike a connoisseur savoring a fine wine, translates into significant savings over time and contributes to a reduced environmental footprint. By pairing power with prudence, the MS250 not only excels in performance but also leads the way in sustainable operation.

Features/SpecificationsSTIHL MS250Husqvarna 445Echo CS-400
Engine Displacement45.4 cc45.7 cc40.2 cc
Power Output2.2 kW2.1 kW1.6 kW
Weight (Powerhead)4.6 kg4.9 kg4.5 kg
Fuel Capacity470 cc440 cc400 cc
Chain Oil Capacity200 cc198 cc240 cc
Chain Pitch.325″.325″.375″
Guide Bar Length16″ to 18″13″ to 20″16″ to 18″
Anti-Vibration SystemYesYesYes
Chain BrakeYesYesYes
Automatic OilerYesYesYes
Top Cutting Speed17 m/s17.3 m/s16.8 m/s
Vibration Levels5.6 m/s² (right) & 5.7 m/s² (left)3.1 m/s² (right) & 4.9 m/s² (left)5.5 m/s² (right) & 5.2 m/s² (left)

The Journey to Excellence: Tracing the Path of Progress

The MS250 is a tangible testament to STIHL’s unyielding drive for betterment. The journey from its predecessor, the MS230, to the current MS250 model is nothing short of remarkable. Its amplified power output, lightning-fast cutting speed, and unparalleled fuel efficiency are all commendable enhancements that have been made in response to consumer feedback and industry advances. It stands as a shining beacon of a brand’s refusal to remain content with past success and instead, constantly push the envelope of innovation and excellence.

Thoughtful Design, Exceptional User Experience: A Symphony of Superiority

A simple glimpse of the MS250 reveals that it isn’t just another chainsaw. A perfect example of the user-centric design is the chainsaw’s easy-to-use chain tensioner, a feature that embodies STIHL’s relentless focus on user experience and convenience.

Further underscoring the brand’s dedication to user experience, STIHL has ingeniously incorporated an effective anti-vibration system into the MS250’s design. This feature does more than enhance comfort during operation – it significantly contributes to the chainsaw’s safe usage, a critical aspect given the inherent risks associated with operating such a powerful tool.

These thoughtful design choices speak volumes about STIHL’s approach to product development. They understand that an excellent product isn’t merely defined by its performance metrics, but also by how users interact with it. This holistic approach ensures that every part of the user experience, from functionality and ease of use to safety and comfort, is taken into account, resulting in a product that is truly top-tier in every sense.

Pros and Cons: Weighing the Scales

No product is perfect, and the MS250 is no exception. Its main disadvantage comes in the form of its price tag – it is slightly more costly than some of its peers in the same category. However, it’s essential to delve deeper and understand that with the MS250, you’re not merely buying a chainsaw, but investing in exceptional cutting speed, remarkable fuel efficiency, a design tailored to the user, and an innovative anti-vibration system. When you examine these features, the slightly higher price doesn’t seem a mere expense, but rather a wise investment yielding significant returns over time.

The Verdict: Elevating the Bar – STIHL MS250

The STIHL MS250 transcends the confines of being merely a chainsaw – it’s a powerful tool built for those who seek nothing short of excellence. It strides past its competition in terms of power and efficiency, thereby representing not just superior performance, but also exceptional long-term value.

If you’re a homeowner with a verdant backyard to manage or a professional landscaper striving for an efficient workflow, the MS250 emerges as an ally you can count on. It doesn’t merely fit into the realm of standard chainsaws, it strides ahead, confidently leading the pack, setting new benchmarks, and redefining expectations. With the MS250, STIHL hasn’t just raised the bar, they’ve set an entirely new standard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of oil does the STIHL MS250 use?
    The MS250 uses STIHL’s own two-stroke engine oil for mixing with the fuel. For the bar and chain, a good quality bar and chain oil is recommended.
  2. What is the fuel-to-oil mix ratio for the MS250?
    STIHL recommends a 50:1 fuel-to-oil mix ratio when using STIHL’s own two-stroke engine oil. This equates to 2.6 oz of oil to 1 gallon of gasoline.
  3. What is the cutting capacity of the MS250?
    The MS250 can be equipped with a 16″ to 18″ bar, meaning it can handle cutting through logs of similar diameter with ease.
  4. How often should I sharpen the chain on my MS250?
    The frequency of sharpening can depend on usage and the type of wood you’re cutting. As a rule of thumb, if the chainsaw is producing dust rather than chips, it might be time to sharpen or replace the chain.
  5. What is the STIHL Easy2Start™ system?
    STIHL’s Easy2Start™ system is designed to make starting the chainsaw easier by reducing the strength and effort needed to pull the starter rope.
  6. How do I adjust the chain tension on the MS250?
    The MS250 features a side-access chain tensioner that allows you to adjust the chain tension easily with a scrench tool.
  7. How do I clean the air filter on the MS250?
    The MS250 has a quick-release air filter cover that allows easy removal and cleaning of the filter. It’s recommended to clean the air filter regularly to ensure optimal performance.

We’re eager to learn from you! Feel free to discuss your firsthand encounters and opinions regarding the STIHL MS 250 Chainsaw in the comments section. Your valuable insights might just assist other users in making well-informed choices!

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David Murray
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I recently purchased a ms 251 wood boss, do you believe as I do that it is an even better saw than the 250

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October 20, 2023 11:23 pm

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