Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter Review


Revolutionize planting with Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter. Precision, efficiency, and durability for optimal crop yields. Designed with efficiency and versatility in mind, this innovative implement seamlessly integrates with your tractor’s 3-point hitch system, providing a reliable and convenient solution for planting corn and beans with utmost precision. The Field Tuff planter boasts user-friendly features that simplify the planting process, ensuring an even and consistent distribution of seeds across your fields. Its robust construction and durable materials speak to its longevity and resilience in various farming conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting out, the Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter is set to elevate your planting experience, making it an indispensable tool for achieving optimal crop yields with ease.

What You Need To Know About Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter

Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter

The Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter stands as a reliable and efficient solution for seamlessly planting large gardens, food plots, or small acreages. Designed to work with tractors equipped with a Category 1 hitch, this planter offers unparalleled versatility. With an adjustable row width ranging from 14 to 36.6 inches, users have precise control over the planting process. The adjustable seed control opening and user-managed seed depth ensure optimal customization. The 13-inch pneumatic wheels not only aid in maintaining planting depth but also contribute to the planter’s ground-driven functionality. Featuring hoppers with a capacity of 0.22 bushels and 15 pounds each, this implement is capable of handling substantial amounts of seed. The dimensions of 51 inches in length, 17 inches in width, and 42.5 inches in height, coupled with a weight of 275 pounds, make it robust and suitable for various terrains. Backed by a 12-month limited parts warranty, the Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter embodies durability, precision, and ease of use, promising a successful planting experience for both seasoned farmers and beginners alike.

Technical Specifications

Hitch CompatibilityCategory 1
Adjustable Row Width14 to 36.6 inches
Seed Control OpeningAdjustable
Seed Depth ControlUser-Managed
Wheel Type13-inch Pneumatic
Hopper Capacity0.22 Bushels per Hopper
Seed Capacity per HopperUp to 15 Pounds
ApplicationLarger Gardens, Food Plots, Small Acreages
Dimensions51 inches (L) x 17 inches (W) x 42.5 inches (H)
Weight275 pounds
Average Price$1,499.99 to $1,821.76

Key Features

  • Category 1 Hitch Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with tractors equipped with a Category 1 hitch, ensuring widespread compatibility.
  • Adjustable Row Width: Offers an adjustable row width ranging from 14 to 36.6 inches, providing flexibility for various planting needs.
  • Customizable Seed Control: Equipped with an adjustable seed control opening, allowing users to customize the planting process according to their preferences.
  • User-Managed Seed Depth: Provides the ability for users to manage and control the depth at which seeds are planted, ensuring optimal conditions for growth.
  • Ground-Driven Functionality: Features ground-driven operation for enhanced control and precision during the planting process.
  • Pneumatic Wheels: 13-inch pneumatic wheels contribute to depth control and facilitate smooth operation across different terrains.
  • High Seed Capacity: The hoppers have a capacity of 0.22 bushels and can hold up to 15 pounds of seed each, accommodating substantial amounts of planting material.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for larger gardens, food plots, or small acreages, offering versatility for a range of farming needs.
  • Robust Construction: Built with durability in mind, the planter is constructed to withstand various farming conditions, weighing 275 pounds.

Design and Build Quality

Engineered with a focus on longevity, the Field Tuff Planter radiates durability. Its solid construction, weighing a sturdy 275 pounds, instills confidence, demonstrating resilience against the demanding terrains encountered on my farm. The meticulous design not only ensures sturdiness but also underscores a dedicated commitment to lasting performance, a critical consideration for any farmer making equipment investments.

Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter

In addition to its robust build, the Field Tuff Planter incorporates thoughtful design elements that contribute to its overall longevity. The use of high-quality materials and precision engineering not only enhances its durability but also reinforces its capability to withstand the wear and tear associated with continuous and rigorous use in a variety of farming conditions. This meticulous approach to design not only bolsters the planter’s resilience but also speaks to the manufacturer’s dedication to providing farmers with a reliable and enduring agricultural tool.

Performance and Efficiency

The Field Tuff Planter is built to last, focusing on durability. Weighing 275 pounds, it’s tough and handles the challenges of different terrains on my farm. The deliberate design reflects a commitment to lasting quality, a crucial factor when investing in farming equipment.

Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter

What makes the Field Tuff Planter stand out is its excellent performance. The ground-driven operation, along with the 13-inch pneumatic wheels, ensures precise depth control, essential for successful plantings. In my experience, this planter is efficient and consistently boosts crop yields. The combination of durability and performance makes the Field Tuff Planter not just a farming tool but a reliable partner for achieving agricultural success.

Safety Features

Ensuring safety is a top priority while aiming for efficiency. The Field Tuff Planter is made with a strong focus on safety, incorporating features that meet industry standards. This commitment to safety gives users a feeling of security and peace of mind when using the planter.

Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter

One important safety feature of the Field Tuff Planter involves using modern technologies to actively prevent possible dangers during operation. These technologies might include sensors that detect obstacles or changes in the terrain, making automatic adjustments to avoid potential issues. The planter’s construction may also have sturdy safety guards or shields, reducing the risk of accidents. This emphasis on safety not only follows industry guidelines but also takes extra steps to proactively handle potential concerns. This makes the Field Tuff Planter a dependable choice for those who prioritize a safe planting environment.


Versatility is a key factor for any farming equipment. The Field Tuff Planter doesn’t disappoint, seamlessly adapting to a range of applications. Whether I’m working on a large garden, tending to a food plot, or managing a small acreage, this implement proves its adaptability. Here are some practical applications where the Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter excels:

  1. Large Gardens: The Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter finds its stride in large gardens, where its adjustable row width, ranging from 14 to 36.6 inches, offers flexibility to accommodate different crop layouts. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for gardeners who cultivate a variety of plants with varying spacing requirements.
  2. Food Plots: Ideal for creating food plots, this planter’s compatibility with tractors equipped with a Category 1 hitch makes it a versatile choice for those looking to attract wildlife or manage hunting areas. The adjustable seed control opening ensures precise distribution, optimizing the attractiveness and effectiveness of the food plot.
  3. Small Acreages: The Field Tuff Planter caters to small acreages, providing efficiency and precision in planting. Its ground-driven operation and manageable size make it well-suited for farmers or landowners working on a scale that may not require larger, more complex equipment, offering a balance between functionality and ease of use.
  4. Custom Crop Arrangements: For farmers experimenting with unique crop arrangements or implementing diverse planting strategies, the adjustable features of this planter are a boon. The user-managed seed depth and row width customization empower farmers to tailor their planting techniques to the specific needs of different crops, fostering experimentation and innovation.
  5. Versatile Crop Planting: The planter’s compatibility with both corn and beans adds to its versatility. It allows farmers to diversify their crops within the same planting season, optimizing land usage and potentially enhancing overall yield. This flexibility suits those aiming for a varied crop portfolio to meet market demands or personal preferences.
  6. Precision Planting in Challenging Terrains: The robust construction of the Field Tuff Planter, combined with its 13-inch pneumatic wheels, equips it to handle challenging terrains with ease. This makes it an excellent choice for farmers dealing with uneven or rough landscapes, ensuring that planting operations can proceed smoothly across various topographies.
  7. Conservation and Sustainable Agriculture: For practitioners of conservation and sustainable agriculture, the precision and efficiency offered by this planter can contribute to responsible land management. The ability to control seed depth and spacing aids in optimizing resource utilization, supporting practices that prioritize environmental sustainability.
  8. Crop Rotation Practices: Farmers engaging in crop rotation strategies can benefit from the versatility of the Field Tuff Planter. Its adjustable features allow for seamless transitions between crops with different spatial requirements, facilitating effective crop rotation practices that contribute to soil health and fertility.
  9. Diversified Farming Enterprises: The planter caters to diversified farming enterprises where farmers engage in a range of agricultural activities. Its adaptability makes it a valuable tool for those managing multifaceted farming operations, providing efficiency and precision across various aspects of their agricultural endeavors.
  10. Educational and Experimental Farming: In educational settings or experimental farming scenarios, where individuals are learning or testing different planting techniques, the Field Tuff Planter offers a user-friendly and adaptable solution. Its features facilitate hands-on learning experiences, allowing individuals to explore and understand the nuances of precision planting.

Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance is crucial for the longevity of any farming equipment. The Field Tuff Planter’s straightforward maintenance process aligns perfectly with the demands of my busy farming schedule. Here’s a more practical tips on maintaining your Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter:

  1. Regular Checkup: Take a walk around the planter and inspect its parts. Ensure everything is in place and functioning well. Regular checkups can catch small issues before they become big problems.
  2. Post-Planting Cleanup: After the planting season, give the planter a thorough cleaning. Remove any debris or soil to keep it looking good and functioning at its best.
  3. Grease Up Joints: Keep the joints lubricated by applying grease. This simple maintenance task ensures smooth operation and extends the lifespan of moving parts.
  4. Depth Control Adjustment: Monitor and adjust the depth control according to the soil and crop requirements. Proper depth control is crucial for effective planting.
  5. Store in a Sheltered Space: When the planting season ends, store the planter in a sheltered space to protect it from the elements. This preserves its condition for the next season.
  6. Listen for Unusual Sounds: Pay attention to any unusual sounds or signs of wear during operation. Early detection of issues can prevent more significant problems later on.
  7. Handle Hoppers with Care: Treat the hoppers, which hold the seeds, with care to avoid damage. Proper handling ensures a smooth and efficient planting process.
  8. Check Tire Pressure: Regularly check the tire pressure to ensure they are properly inflated. Proper tire maintenance contributes to stable and efficient planter performance.
  9. Read the Manual: Take the time to read the manual thoroughly. It contains essential tips and instructions for proper use and maintenance of the planter.
  10. Express Appreciation: While your planter may not understand, expressing appreciation through regular maintenance and care contributes to its overall longevity and performance. A well-maintained planter is a reliable one!

Price and Value for Money

When I look at the Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter, it’s clear that it gives good value for the money. The initial cost is fair because the planter brings efficiency and precision to my farming. It fits right into my equipment lineup, making it a useful tool for improving how I plant crops.

Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter

Besides the money side of things, the Field Tuff Planter also helps save on operational costs. It’s efficient in distributing seeds and controlling planting depth, which means less seed wastage and more savings over time. Plus, it’s durable, so I don’t have to replace or repair it often. This makes it a smart and long-lasting investment for my farm, offering a cost-effective solution for continuous agricultural productivity.

Is it Worth it to Buy?

No doubt, putting money into the Field Tuff Planter is a smart move. It’s a versatile, precise, and durable tool that’s become a must-have on my farm. The planter easily adapts to different crops and planting situations, fitting smoothly into my farming routines and bringing a level of accuracy that really helps my planting go well.

Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter

When you look beyond the initial cost, the long-term advantages of the Field Tuff Planter make it even more valuable. Its versatility lets me grow different crops, keeping it useful throughout various planting seasons. The precision it offers in spreading seeds and controlling planting depth means I get better yields, leading to more productivity and profit over the years. Plus, because the planter is tough and durable, I don’t have to spend a lot on replacements or fixes. This makes it a wise investment upfront, bringing me consistent and reliable performance every time I use it.

Pros and Cons


  • Tailored Planting Precision: Adjustable row width caters to diverse crop needs, ensuring a customized and efficient planting process.
  • Seed Distribution Mastery: The adjustable seed control opening provides precise seed distribution, enhancing overall planting accuracy.
  • Terrain Versatility: 13-inch pneumatic wheels navigate various terrains effortlessly, adding durability to every planting session.
  • Efficient Hopper Design: With a .22 bushel capacity and 15-pound seed load per hopper, it minimizes refills, streamlining the planting experience.


  • Weight Consideration: Weighing 275 pounds, it’s a robust choice; however, smaller tractors may find it a bit weighty for optimal performance.
  • Hitch Compatibility Limitation: Restricted to Category 1 hitch tractors, limiting adaptability for those with different hitch configurations.
  • Standard Warranty Coverage: The 12-month limited parts warranty may feel standard, leaving some users wishing for more extended coverage.
  • Decibel Awareness: While not excessively loud, the ground-driven operation lacks the silent sophistication of premium planters, a minor consideration for noise-conscious users.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter earns my strong recommendation. Its robust design, versatile features, and precision in planting make it a reliable asset. The upfront investment is justified by its long-term benefits, offering seamless integration into diverse farming practices, enhanced yields, and overall productivity. With adaptability and durability, it stands as a dependable and cost-effective choice for efficient planting, embodying durability, efficiency, and practicality.


  1. Is the Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter suitable for small-scale farming?
    Yes, the planter is versatile and well-suited for small-acreage farming, offering efficiency and precision in planting operations.
  2. Can I use this planter for crops other than corn and beans?
    Absolutely! The Field Tuff Planter is adaptable to various crops, providing flexibility for farmers to diversify their plantings.
  3. How often should I perform maintenance on the planter?
    Regular checkups are recommended, and specific maintenance tasks, such as greasing joints and cleaning after use, contribute to its longevity. Refer to the manual for detailed guidelines.
  4. Is the planter easy to attach to tractors with a Category 1 hitch?
    Yes, the Field Tuff Planter is designed for easy attachment to tractors equipped with a Category 1 hitch, ensuring compatibility for most standard tractors.
  5. Can I adjust the row width for different planting configurations?
    Certainly! The planter features adjustable row width, ranging from 14 to 36.6 inches, allowing farmers to customize their planting setups based on crop requirements.
  6. How does the planter handle uneven terrain?
    The 13-inch pneumatic wheels, combined with the ground-driven operation, enable the planter to navigate uneven terrain with ease, ensuring consistent planting depth.
  7. Does the planter come with a warranty?
    Yes, the Field Tuff Planter is backed by a 12-month limited parts warranty, providing assurance and support for your investment.
  8. Can this planter be used for conservation tillage practices?
    Yes, the precision in seed distribution and depth control makes the Field Tuff Planter suitable for conservation tillage, supporting environmentally conscious farming practices.

In closing, the Field Tuff 3-Point Corn and Bean Planter isn’t just equipment; it’s a reliable farming companion. With adaptable features and lasting durability, this investment ensures long-term benefits for farmers. From navigating diverse crops to challenging terrains, it stands as a testament to efficiency and practicality in the field. Consider the Field Tuff Planter for a reliable partner in your planting endeavors.

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