Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed Review


Elevate your gardening with the Keter 12.7 Gal Self-Watering Garden Bed – a stylish, efficient solution for vibrant, low-maintenance plants. This innovative self-watering garden bed transcends traditional gardening setups by seamlessly blending practicality with efficiency. Crafted by Keter, a brand synonymous with quality and ingenuity, this 12.7-gallon oasis for your plants offers a hassle-free gardening experience. The bed’s self-watering feature ensures that your plants receive the right amount of hydration, promoting healthy growth and minimizing the need for constant monitoring. With its spacious design and durable construction, the Keter Self-Watering Garden Bed becomes a stylish addition to any outdoor space, transforming gardening into a gratifying and low-maintenance endeavor. Say goodbye to the challenges of conventional gardening and welcome a new era of thriving plants with the Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed.

What You Need To Know About Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed

Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed

The Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed, also known as the Urban Bloomer, revolutionizes the gardening experience with its thoughtful design and practical features. This raised garden bed is equipped with a smart watering system, boasting an easy-to-read gauge that signals when your plants need hydration. The manual drainage tap ensures that excess water can be removed, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The inclusion of a germination station with a seedling tray adds a level of organization to your cultivation process. Beyond functionality, the elevated design of the bed eliminates the need for bending, catering to gardeners of all ages. With a generous 12.7-gallon capacity, this planter is perfect for growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers. The light grey wood-look texture not only adds a touch of modern aesthetics to your outdoor space but is also crafted from weather-resistant resin for durability. Experience the joy of hassle-free gardening and elevate your green thumb pursuits with the Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed – a blend of style and efficiency for plant enthusiasts.

Technical Specifications

Capacity12.7 gallons
Color FamilyLight Grey
Exterior Depth14.7 inches
Exterior Height30.7 inches
Exterior Width32.3 inches
Loading Capacity105 lbs
Weight15.035 lbs
Weather ResistantYes
Smart Watering SystemYes
Manual Drainage TapYes
Germination StationSeedling tray included
Elevated DesignYes

Key Features

  • Smart Watering System: The integrated water gauge provides an easy-to-read indicator of moisture levels, ensuring plants receive the right amount of hydration. The system simplifies watering management.
  • Manual Drainage Tap: Never worry about over-watering. The manual drainage tap allows for the removal of excess water from the reservoir, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Germination Station: The included seedling tray facilitates organized cultivation, enabling users to start seeds strong and keep track of individual seedlings until they are ready for planting.
  • Elevated Design: Designed with ergonomics in mind, the elevated structure eliminates the need to bend over during gardening, providing a comfortable experience for users of all ages.
  • Ample Capacity: With a generous 12.7-gallon capacity, this garden bed offers ample space for growing a variety of plants, making it versatile for herbs, vegetables, or flowers.
  • Weather-Resistant Material: Crafted from durable resin with a wood-look texture, the garden bed is not only stylish but also resistant to weather conditions, preventing rusting, rotting, and fading even after prolonged sun exposure.
  • Easy Assembly: The raised garden bed is simple to assemble, with easy-to-follow instructions, allowing users to set it up quickly and start gardening without unnecessary hassle.
  • Versatility: Perfect for various settings, from spacious backyards to compact patios, the Urban Bloomer adapts seamlessly to different environments, making it a versatile choice for gardeners with varying space constraints.

Design and Ergonomics

The raised structure of the garden bed isn’t just for looks—it’s a smart solution for easy gardening. The design makes it comfy for everyone, so you don’t have to bend too much. Gardening becomes fun for people of all ages and helps you feel good. This design stops you from getting into awkward positions, making taking care of plants a happy task rather than a tiring one.

Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed

Also, the light grey wood-look style of the garden bed isn’t just for show. It matches well with your outdoor setup, giving it a modern touch, and it adds to the bed’s durability. The design reflects a well-thought-out plan that combines style with practicality. This means your garden not only looks good but also proves to be a clever and appealing gardening setup.

Durability and Efficiency

The Urban Bloomer is made of strong resin, showing how tough garden beds can be. Its strong build means it can handle different weather conditions without getting rusty, rotting, or fading. This durability not only proves its quality but also makes the Urban Bloomer a reliable choice for your gardening needs.

Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed

Additionally, this garden bed’s ability to resist weather doesn’t just protect it from damage; it also makes gardening easier. The design doesn’t just highlight its ability to withstand the weather but also reduces the need for constant maintenance. This means that, once you’ve set it up, the Urban Bloomer lets you focus more on enjoying your garden rather than spending too much time and effort on upkeep.


Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a modest patio, this garden bed adapts effortlessly to different environments. Ideal for herb gardens or balcony planters, its versatile design caters to various planting needs. Here are some practical applications where the Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed excels:

  1. Herb Gardens: The Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed is perfect for cultivating your own herb garden. Its compact size and efficient watering system make it an ideal choice for growing a variety of herbs, providing easy access to fresh flavors for your culinary endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just enjoy adding a pinch of freshness to your dishes, having a dedicated herb garden is both practical and rewarding.
  2. Balcony Planters: For those with limited outdoor space, this garden bed serves as an excellent balcony planter. Its versatility allows you to bring a touch of greenery to your urban dwelling. The self-watering system ensures your plants thrive even in a confined space, transforming your balcony into a small, vibrant oasis. This application is especially beneficial for city dwellers looking to infuse a bit of nature into their everyday surroundings.
  3. Vegetable Patches: Growing your own vegetables becomes hassle-free with the Keter 12.7 Gallon Garden Bed. Its ample capacity accommodates various vegetable plants, making it suitable for creating a small vegetable patch in your backyard. Whether you’re a beginner in home gardening or aiming to supplement your grocery runs with homegrown produce, this garden bed provides an accessible and efficient solution.
  4. Apartment Gardening: Perfect for apartment living, this self-watering garden bed brings the joy of gardening to those with limited outdoor space. Its compact design allows you to create a small garden on your balcony, patio, or even indoors, bringing the serenity of nature to your urban dwelling. The self-sufficient watering system makes it an easy-to-maintain option for those leading busy lifestyles.
  5. Educational Tool for Kids: The Keter garden bed is an excellent educational tool for children. It provides a hands-on experience for kids to learn about planting, nurturing, and observing the growth of plants. The raised design makes it accessible for children of all ages, fostering a love for nature and encouraging responsibility as they take care of their little green corner.
  6. Flower Gardens: Beyond herbs and vegetables, the Keter Garden Bed can also be used for cultivating vibrant flower gardens. The self-watering system ensures that your flowers receive the right amount of moisture, promoting healthy growth and blooming. This application allows you to add a burst of color and fragrance to your outdoor space, creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere.
  7. Elderly-Friendly Gardening: The elevated and ergonomic design of the Keter garden bed makes it an ideal choice for elderly individuals who enjoy gardening. The raised structure eliminates the need for bending over, reducing strain on the back and knees. This user-friendly approach ensures that individuals of all ages can engage in the therapeutic benefits of gardening with ease.
  8. Seedling Starters: The Keter 12.7 Gallon Garden Bed, equipped with a germination station and seedling tray, is perfect for starting seedlings. This controlled environment allows you to nurture your seeds until they are ready to be transplanted into the ground or larger containers. It’s a valuable tool for kickstarting your gardening journey and ensuring the successful growth of your plants from the very beginning.

Maintenance Tips

Assembly is a breeze with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. The smart watering system and manual drainage tap make day-to-day maintenance a cinch. No more worrying about over-watering or struggling with complicated setups. Here are some tips for keeping your Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed in top shape:

  1. Keep an Eye on the Water Gauge: Check the water gauge regularly, especially on hot days. If it’s low, give your plants a drink.
  2. Adjust Watering in Different Seasons: Be mindful of the seasons. In summer, your plants might need more water. Adjust how often you water accordingly.
  3. Clear the Drainage Tap: Every now and then, make sure the drainage tap isn’t clogged. This helps prevent puddles and keeps your garden bed happy.
  4. Swap Plants with the Seasons: Change up your plant lineup as the seasons shift. Some plants prefer cooler weather, while others thrive in the sun.
  5. Celebrate Plant Milestones: When you see new growth or a flower, take a moment to appreciate it. It’s a sign that your care is paying off.
  6. Tidy Up Fallen Leaves: Keep things tidy by clearing away fallen leaves or debris. This ensures good drainage and a neat-looking garden bed.
  7. Connect with Other Gardeners: Join a gardening community to share tips and stories. It’s a great way to learn from others and maybe show off your own successes.
  8. Add Personal Touches: Make your garden bed unique with personal touches—whether it’s a small decoration or something that reflects your style.

Remember, gardening is about enjoying the process and watching your little green space flourish. Happy gardening! 🌱🌼

Price and Value for Money

Though it might cost a bit more at the beginning compared to regular garden beds, the Urban Bloomer’s features and durability are worth the investment. You’ll see the value in the long run as it makes gardening easier and better.

Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed

Apart from the initial price, the Urban Bloomer is a strong and lasting choice for your gardening needs. It’s made with tough materials, so you won’t have to buy a new one soon. Plus, the better gardening experience it offers is like a continuous bonus. The smart watering system, easy design, and resistance to weather not only make plant care simple but also make gardening more enjoyable and efficient. Think of it as more than a buy; it’s like a long-term friend making your gardening journey better.

Is it Worth it to Buy?

The Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed has transformed my gardening routine. Its practical features, user-friendly design, and sturdy build have become crucial for my outdoor space, offering a significant upgrade for those serious about cultivating a thriving garden.

Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed

The garden bed goes beyond its basic function by simplifying the gardening experience. Smart features, such as the easy-to-read water gauge and manual drainage tap, provide hands-on control. It’s akin to having a gardening assistant, ensuring the right hydration for plants without any guesswork. The ergonomic design, with its elevated structure, reduces the need for constant bending, catering to the comfort of gardeners of all ages. This practical upgrade not only simplifies the process but also adds joy to growing a healthy garden right at home.

Pros and Cons


  • Effortless Watering: Smart watering system simplifies plant care, ensuring they receive optimal hydration without the guesswork.
  • Back-Friendly Design: Elevated structure eliminates the need for bending, providing a comfortable gardening experience for all ages.
  • Stylish and Durable: Resilient resin with a wood-look texture combines durability with a modern aesthetic, enhancing your outdoor space.
  • Seedling Support: The included seedling tray aids organized cultivation, making it easier to nurture your plants from the beginning.


  • Higher Initial Cost: While justifiable for its features, the initial price might be a bit higher compared to basic garden beds.
  • Assembly Attention Required: While assembly is straightforward, meticulous attention to instructions is necessary for a seamless setup.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed isn’t just a container for plants; it’s a comprehensive solution for efficient, comfortable gardening. While the price might give you pause, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment. This garden bed has earned its place as a staple in my gardening repertoire, and I wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone looking to elevate their green thumb pursuits.


  1. Is the Keter 12.7 Gallon Garden Bed suitable for small spaces like balconies?
    Absolutely! Its versatile design makes it ideal for balconies, providing a compact and efficient gardening solution.
  2. How often do I need to water my plants with the smart watering system?
    The smart system eliminates the guesswork. Water when the gauge indicates, ensuring your plants get the right moisture without constant monitoring.
  3. Can I use the garden bed for flowers as well as vegetables?
    Yes, the 12.7-gallon capacity and versatile design make it perfect for cultivating both flowers and vegetables.
  4. Is the assembly process user-friendly for someone with minimal DIY skills?
    Absolutely! The assembly is straightforward, and the provided instructions make it easy for even those with basic DIY skills.
  5. Does the elevated design truly reduce strain on the back during gardening?
    Yes, the elevated design minimizes the need to bend over, making it a back-friendly option for all ages.
  6. How resistant is the resin material to harsh weather conditions?
    The resin construction is weather-resistant, preventing rust, rot, and fading, ensuring longevity and durability.
  7. Can I move the garden bed around easily once assembled?
    Yes, the garden bed is designed to be portable, allowing you to move it around your outdoor space as needed.
  8. Can I leave the Keter Garden Bed outside year-round?
    Yes, the weather-resistant material ensures the garden bed can withstand various weather conditions, making it suitable for year-round outdoor use.

In closing, the Keter 12.7 Gallon Self-Watering Garden Bed isn’t just a planter; it’s a smarter way to nurture your garden. With user-friendly features and durable design, it transforms gardening into an easy, enjoyable experience. Elevate your green space with Keter—where simplicity meets efficiency.

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