Honda FRC800 Tiller Review


The Honda FRC800 Tiller is a powerhouse in the world of gardening and landscaping equipment. Known for its robust performance and reliability, this tiller has become a go-to tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its reputation is built on Honda’s legacy of engineering excellence, combining state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features.


  • Type: Honda GX240 4-stroke OHV
  • Displacement: 270cc
  • Air filter: Dual element with cyclone pre-cleaner
  • Fuel capacity: 4.6 qt (4.4 L)
  • Fuel type: Unleaded gasoline
  • Starting system: Electric

Key Features of the Honda FRC800 Tiller

Engine Specifications

Person operating a red Honda tiller on grassy ground

At the heart of the Honda FRC800 Tiller lies a high-performance engine that sets the standard for power and reliability in the tilling industry. Known for its exceptional output, this engine drives the FRC800 to deliver unparalleled tilling efficiency. It is engineered to tackle a wide array of tilling tasks, effortlessly transitioning from light, surface-level cultivation to the deep turnover of soil necessary for more intensive agricultural projects. This versatility is a significant advantage for users who require a tiller that can adapt to various soil conditions and cultivation needs. The engine’s design emphasizes not only power but also longevity, ensuring that the FRC800 remains a reliable companion for gardening and farming endeavors year after year.

Tilling Width and Depth

Rear view of a vehicle showing the undercarriage, including suspension system and wheels, parked on a concrete surface

The FRC800 distinguishes itself with its adjustable tilling capabilities, offering users the flexibility to modify both the width and depth of tilling according to the specific requirements of their project. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who work on diverse projects, from maintaining narrow pathways in a home vegetable garden to preparing larger areas in commercial agricultural fields. The ability to adjust the tilling width ensures that the FRC800 can navigate tight spaces with the same efficiency as it covers expansive areas, making it an invaluable tool for projects of any scale. Similarly, the adjustable depth feature allows for the precise cultivation of soil, whether it’s a shallow stirring needed for seeding or a deep turnover for planting. This adaptability makes the FRC800 a versatile tool, capable of meeting the nuanced needs of various tilling tasks.

Adjustable Controls

Person wearing gloves adjusting a black tiller near a tree

Ease of use and precision are at the forefront of the FRC800’s design, particularly evident in its adjustable controls. These controls offer the user a high degree of customization, enabling adjustments to speed, depth, and width with simple, intuitive actions. This level of control ensures that users can fine-tune the tiller’s operation to match the specific requirements of each task, resulting in more efficient and effective tilling. Whether it’s adjusting the speed to navigate through different soil types or modifying the tilling depth for various crops, the FRC800 provides a user experience that is both convenient and precise, ensuring optimal results for every tilling endeavor.

Safety Features

Person in gloves handling a red Honda machinery on grass

Honda places a high priority on user safety, a commitment that is clearly reflected in the design of the FRC800 Tiller. Equipped with a range of safety features, the tiller is designed to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries during operation. Protective shields are strategically placed to guard the user against debris and soil thrown up during tilling, while emergency shut-off capabilities ensure that the tiller can be quickly and safely deactivated in case of an unexpected situation. The thoughtful design of the FRC800 also focuses on preventing user fatigue and strain, which can lead to accidents. By incorporating features that enhance the tiller’s safety, Honda ensures that users can operate the FRC800 with confidence, focusing on their tilling tasks without compromising their well-being.

Practical Applications of the Honda FRC800

Home Gardening

The Honda FRC800 Tiller is a dream come true for home gardeners, blending the perfect mix of power and precision to cater to their diverse needs. For those embarking on the journey of preparing a new garden bed, the FRC800’s robust engine and adjustable settings make it an ideal tool for breaking new ground and creating the perfect seedbed. The tiller’s ability to finely turn over soil ensures that air, water, and nutrients can easily reach plant roots, fostering an environment where plants can thrive.

Vibrant park with colorful flowers, green trees, and benches under a clear sky

Moreover, for gardeners dedicated to the upkeep of their existing gardens, the FRC800 proves to be equally invaluable. Its precision in cultivating the soil around plants helps in weed control and maintaining the soil’s health without disturbing the plant roots. The ease with which the FRC800 can be maneuvered around tight spaces makes it perfect for residential gardens, where space can often be limited. Its versatility extends to various types of soil, ensuring that regardless of the garden’s soil composition, the FRC800 can be adjusted to provide optimal tilling conditions.

Commercial Farming

In the demanding environment of commercial farming, the Honda FRC800 stands out for its exceptional durability and efficiency. Designed to endure the rigors of large-scale agricultural operations, this tiller is built to last and withstand continuous use across vast expanses of land. Its powerful engine facilitates the quick turnover of large areas, significantly reducing the time and labor traditionally required for soil preparation.

Serene farm landscape at sunset with silos, buildings, and a lush field

The FRC800’s adaptability to different soil types and conditions makes it an indispensable tool for farmers aiming to enhance their productivity. Whether it’s for the initial soil preparation before planting or the incorporation of organic matter into the soil at the end of the season, the FRC800 delivers consistent performance. By streamlining the tilling process, it allows farmers to focus on other aspects of their operation, knowing that soil preparation is handled efficiently and effectively.

Landscaping Projects

For professional landscapers, the Honda FRC800 is a versatile ally, capable of tackling a wide range of landscaping projects with ease. Its robust construction and powerful tilling capabilities make it suitable for creating new garden beds, where precision and power are required to break new ground and prepare the soil for planting. The FRC800’s adjustable settings allow landscapers to customize the tilling depth and width, ensuring that each project’s specific needs are met, from delicate flower beds to more extensive landscape renovations.

Plowed agricultural field with cityscape in the background

The tiller’s reliability and consistent performance are crucial for landscapers who depend on their tools to deliver high-quality results. With the FRC800, they can achieve a well-prepared soil base that enhances the growth and health of plants, ultimately contributing to the overall beauty and success of their landscaping projects. Whether it’s a small backyard renovation or a large public garden, the FRC800 provides the power, precision, and versatility needed to bring landscaping visions to life.

Comparative Analysis Table: Honda FRC800 vs. Troy-Bilt Horse

FeatureHonda FRC800 TillerTroy-Bilt Horse Tiller
Engine PowerHonda GX240, 4-stroke, 8 HP engine known for reliability and fuel efficiency.Briggs & Stratton engine, 4-stroke, estimated 8 HP, reputable for durability.
Tilling CapacityAdjustable tilling width (12 to 32 inches) and depth (up to 12 inches), suitable for various soil types and conditions.Fixed tilling width of 20 inches and adjustable depth up to 7 inches, designed for deep tilling and soil aeration.
Ease of UseFeatures ergonomic adjustable handles, intuitive controls, and self-propelled operation with multiple speed settings for user comfort.Equipped with a manual-start mechanism and a single forward speed, focusing on simplicity and manual control.
DurabilityHeavy-duty construction with high-quality materials, built for longevity in both residential and commercial settings.Rugged design with cast-iron transmission and bronze gear drive, known for long-term durability and performance.
Additional FeaturesOffers commercial-grade transmission, comprehensive safety features, and is capable of precision tilling with adjustable settings.Features a ‘Just One Hand’ operation for better maneuverability, a PTO (Power Take-Off) for attachments, and a traditional design focused on tilling efficiency.


  • Briggs & Stratton OHV 1450 Series engine
  • Displacement: 306cc
  • Starting System: Standard recoil


The Honda FRC800 Tiller and the Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller both offer robust solutions for tilling tasks but cater to different user preferences and needs. The Honda FRC800 stands out with its versatile tilling capacity, offering a wide range of adjustments for tilling width and depth, making it suitable for various gardening and farming tasks. Its 4-stroke Honda engine is notable for its reliability and fuel efficiency, while ergonomic features and safety measures enhance user comfort and protection.

On the other hand, the Troy-Bilt Horse Tiller, with its Briggs & Stratton engine, emphasizes durability and straightforward operation. Its fixed tilling width and depth are designed for effective deep soil tilling. The Horse’s rugged construction and ‘Just One Hand’ operation appeal to users looking for a durable, no-frills tiller with the capability of attaching additional tools for varied tasks.

Pros and Cons of Honda FRC800 Tiller


  • Powerful Engine: The Honda FRC800 comes equipped with a powerful Honda GX240 engine, known for its reliability and high performance. This engine ensures that the tiller can handle tough soil conditions with ease.
  • Durability: Built with high-quality materials, the FRC800 is designed to last. Its sturdy construction can withstand the rigors of both residential and commercial use, making it a long-term investment.
  • Adjustable Tilling Width and Depth: The tiller offers flexibility with adjustable tilling widths and depths, allowing it to be customized for different soil conditions and tasks, from light weeding to deep tilling.
  • Ease of Use: Features like self-propulsion, multiple speed settings, and user-friendly controls make the FRC800 easy to operate, reducing the physical strain on the user.
  • Safety Features: Equipped with safety features such as protective guards and an emergency shut-off, the FRC800 prioritizes user safety during operation.


  • Weight and Size: The robust construction and powerful engine make the FRC800 relatively heavy and large. This could make maneuvering and storage challenging for some users, particularly in tight spaces.
  • Price: The high-quality features and construction of the FRC800 come at a premium price. This might be a significant investment, especially for casual or hobbyist gardeners.
  • Learning Curve: While the tiller is designed for ease of use, beginners might find it takes some time to get accustomed to its operation, especially given its power and size.
  • Fuel Consumption: Despite its efficiency, the powerful engine of the FRC800 means it may consume more fuel than smaller, less powerful models, potentially increasing operating costs over time.
  • Overkill for Small Gardens: For those with small garden plots, the FRC800’s power and size might be more than what is necessary, making smaller, lighter tillers a more suitable option.

Maintenance Tips for the Honda FRC800

General Maintenance

  1. Clean Regularly: After each use, clean the tiller to remove soil, debris, and plant material from the tines and other parts of the machine. This prevents rust and keeps the tiller in good working condition.
  2. Check for Loose Parts: Before and after use, inspect the tiller for any loose bolts, nuts, or other parts. Tighten them as necessary to ensure the tiller is safe to use.
  3. Lubrication: Regularly lubricate moving parts, such as the cables and linkage, to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation.

Engine Maintenance

  1. Oil Change: Regularly check the engine oil level and change the oil as recommended in the owner’s manual, typically after the first 20 hours of use and every 100 hours thereafter.
  2. Air Filter: Clean the air filter regularly and replace it as needed to ensure the engine runs efficiently. A clogged air filter can reduce the engine’s performance and increase fuel consumption.
  3. Spark Plug: Inspect the spark plug periodically for signs of wear or damage and replace it as needed. A faulty spark plug can lead to starting difficulties and poor engine performance.

Tine Maintenance

  1. Inspect Tines: Regularly check the tines for wear or damage. Sharp and intact tines are essential for effective tilling.
  2. Replacement: If tines are bent, worn, or broken, replace them to maintain the tiller’s efficiency. Refer to the owner’s manual for guidance on replacing tines.

Gearbox and Transmission

  1. Gearbox Oil: Check the gearbox oil level and top up or change the oil as specified in the owner’s manual. Proper lubrication is crucial for the gearbox’s longevity.
  2. Transmission Check: Inspect the transmission regularly for any signs of leakage or wear. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance.


  1. End-of-Season Storage: Clean the tiller thoroughly before storing it at the end of the season. Apply a light coat of oil to metal parts to prevent rust.
  2. Fuel Storage: If storing the tiller for an extended period, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for fuel storage. This may involve adding a fuel stabilizer or draining the fuel system to prevent gum and varnish buildup.


In conclusion, the Honda FRC800 Tiller stands out as a high-performance, durable, and versatile gardening tool, ideal for a wide array of tilling tasks. Its powerful Honda GX240 engine, combined with its robust construction, ensures reliability and efficiency in both residential and commercial settings. The tiller’s adjustable tilling width and depth, along with user-friendly features, offer flexibility and ease of use, making it suitable for various soil types and gardening requirements.


  1. What engine does the Honda FRC800 Tiller use?
    The Honda FRC800 Tiller is equipped with a Honda GX240 engine, known for its reliability, power, and fuel efficiency.
  2. Can the tilling depth and width on the FRC800 be adjusted?
    Yes, the FRC800 offers adjustable tilling widths and depths, allowing users to customize the tiller for different soil conditions and tasks.
  3. Is the Honda FRC800 Tiller suitable for residential use?
    While the FRC800 is powerful enough for commercial use, it is also suitable for residential users who require a robust and reliable tiller for large gardens or tough tilling tasks.
  4. How does the Honda FRC800 Tiller handle different soil types?
    The FRC800 is designed to handle a variety of soil types, from light and sandy to heavy and clay-rich soils, thanks to its powerful engine and adjustable settings.
  5. What safety features are included in the FRC800?
    The FRC800 includes several safety features, such as protective guards to shield the user from debris and an emergency shut-off switch for quick disengagement.
  6. How should the Honda FRC800 Tiller be maintained?
    Regular maintenance for the FRC800 includes cleaning after use, checking and tightening any loose parts, changing the oil, inspecting the air filter and spark plug, and ensuring the tines are in good condition.
  7. Is the Honda FRC800 Tiller self-propelled?
    Yes, the FRC800 is a self-propelled tiller with multiple speed settings, making it easier to maneuver and reducing physical strain on the user.
  8. What is the weight of the Honda FRC800 Tiller, and how does it impact its use?
    The FRC800 is on the heavier side due to its sturdy construction and powerful engine, which enhances its durability and performance but may make it more challenging to maneuver in tight spaces.
  9. How does the cost of the Honda FRC800 Tiller compare to other tillers?
    The FRC800 is considered a premium tiller with a price reflecting its high-quality construction, powerful performance, and brand reliability. It may be more expensive than some lighter-duty models but is a worthwhile investment for those needing its advanced capabilities.
  10. Where can I purchase the Honda FRC800 Tiller, and is there a warranty?
    The FRC800 can be purchased through authorized Honda power equipment dealers and retailers. It typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, the details of which can vary, so it’s best to check with the specific retailer or Honda’s official website for the most accurate information.
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