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Hello, nature lovers and forestry professionals! I’m David Murray, an arborist with a passion for technology that helps us understand and navigate our natural world. Today, I’m bringing you a detailed, user-focused review of a device that’s become a constant companion in my forestry adventures—the Nikon Forestry Pro II.

First Impressions and Specifications

Straight out of the box, the Nikon Forestry Pro II impressed me with its compact size and sturdy design. Made for the great outdoors, it’s both waterproof and fog proof, an essential feature for any serious forestry tool.

This nifty device offers a measurement range of 7.5-1,600 yards, with an accuracy of ±0.75m/yd up to 590 yards. It also provides inclination and declination measurements, allowing you to determine the height of trees with ease.

The Nikon Forestry Pro II also includes a convenient external LCD, making it easy to view measurements from different angles. It can also switch between three measurement units: meters, yards, and feet, a feature I found particularly handy.

Personal Experiences

As an arborist, precision is key in my line of work, and the Nikon Forestry Pro II has been instrumental in providing me with accurate measurements. The rangefinder’s ease of use, combined with its high precision, has made my work both more efficient and more enjoyable. I’ve also found the device’s compact design and lightweight nature (Just 210g without batteries!) to be an advantage during long field days.

I must also mention that the Forestry Pro II’s waterproof feature has been a lifesaver during unexpected weather changes, ensuring the device’s durability even in less-than-ideal conditions.

The Nikon Advantage: How It Stands Out from the Crowd

In the sea of rangefinders and forestry tools available today, what makes the Nikon Forestry Pro II stand out?

Firstly, it’s high precision and multi-functionality set it apart. The device allows you to measure not only distance but also the height and angle of objects, making it a highly versatile tool for both hobbyists and professionals. In addition, the Nikon Forestry Pro II’s rangefinder function stands out with its Target Priority Switch System, which allows for flexible switching between distant and close target priorities.

Moreover, the Forestry Pro II has been improved from its previous model with better-ranging capability and the addition of the external LCD. Other competitor products, such as the Leica DISTO E7400x and the Bosch GLR825, while also offering high-quality measurements, do not provide the same combination of features and durability as the Nikon Forestry Pro II.

Evolution of the Pro II: From Pro to Pro II

When analyzing the evolution from the Nikon Forestry Pro to the Nikon Forestry Pro II, it’s evident that Nikon has adopted an attentive approach towards incorporating user feedback into their product development. This attentiveness has led to several significant improvements, enhancing user experience and the device’s performance alike.

One of the most commendable improvements in the Pro II model is its upgraded-ranging capabilities. The original Forestry Pro was already known for its precise measurements, but the Pro II takes this a step further. The advanced technology of the Pro II provides even more accurate distance, height, and angle measurements, a critical feature for those requiring high precision in their work or outdoor activities.

Secondly, the display clarity has been markedly improved in the Pro II. The internal and external LCDs of the Pro II have higher resolution, ensuring that measurements are easier to read under varying light conditions. This is particularly useful in outdoor environments where sunlight or shadows could make a display hard to read.

Lastly, the introduction of an external LCD is another significant upgrade. In the original Forestry Pro, users had to look through the eyepiece to read measurements. However, the Pro II model includes an external LCD. This thoughtful addition allows users to take readings without needing to look through the eyepiece, offering more versatility in the field and making the device more comfortable to use over prolonged periods.

All these enhancements make the Nikon Forestry Pro II not just a simple upgrade but rather a substantial leap forward from the original model. The Pro II isn’t just the same device with minor tweaks; instead, it stands as a testament to Nikon’s commitment to continuous product improvement, driven by user feedback and the company’s drive for excellence.

Conclusion: A Rangefinder Worth Your Consideration

The Nikon Forestry Pro II has proven to be a valuable asset in my forestry toolkit. Its precision, ease of use, durability, and multifunctionality make it a standout choice for any forestry professional or enthusiast. For those seeking a reliable, high-quality rangefinder with added features tailored specifically to forestry work, the Nikon Forestry Pro II is undoubtedly worth considering.

How to Use the Nikon Forestry Pro II :

Getting Started

Step 1: Understanding the Device – Get familiar with your Nikon Forestry Pro II. This device is equipped with an internal and external LCD display, measurement and mode buttons, a battery chamber, and an eyepiece, among other components.

Step 2: Inserting the Battery – To power up your rangefinder, open the battery chamber on the underside of the device and insert the CR2 lithium battery (DC 3V) in the correct orientation.

Step 3: Adjust the Eyepiece – Turn the eyepiece ring until the display inside the eyepiece comes into sharp focus. This is also the diopter adjustment and can compensate for differences in the user’s eyes.

Taking Measurements

Step 1: Power On and Off – To turn on the device, press the power button. To turn it off, press and hold the power button for about 2 seconds.

Step 2: Choosing the Mode – Press the mode button to choose between the distance, height, and angle measurement modes.

Step 3: Taking Measurements – Aim at the target using the crosshairs in the viewfinder. Press and release the power button. The distance to the target will appear on the internal LCD.

Step 4: Switching Measurement Units – Press and hold the mode button for about 2 seconds to switch between meters, feet, and yards.

Step 5: Using the Target Priority Switch System – This feature allows you to switch between distant and close target priority modes. In distant target priority mode, the device displays the distance to the furthest target among the overlapping subjects. In contrast, in the first target priority mode, the device displays the distance to the nearest target.

Measuring Heights

Step 1: Horizontal Distance Measurement – Aim at the base of the object and press the power button to measure the horizontal distance.

Step 2: Angle Measurement – Tilt the device to aim at the top of the object and press the power button again. The device will then display the angle of elevation.

Step 3: Height Measurement – Press the power button once more, and the device will calculate and display the height of the object.

I hope you found this review helpful in your search for the perfect forestry tool. For more reviews and insights into the world of forestry equipment and outdoor gear, stay tuned to my blog. Until next time, enjoy your adventures in the great outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the key features of the Nikon Forestry Pro II?
    The Nikon Forestry Pro II is a handheld laser rangefinder and inclinometer. It features a measurement range of 7.5-1600m/8-1750 yd., and it offers three-point measurements for accurate calculations of height and distance.
  2. Is the Nikon Forestry Pro II waterproof?
    The Forestry Pro II is water-resistant and can handle rain or snow, but it’s not designed to be submerged in water.
  3. What kind of batteries does the Nikon Forestry Pro II use?
    The Nikon Forestry Pro II uses a CR2 lithium battery, which is widely available and offers a substantial lifespan.
  4. What is the warranty on the Nikon Forestry Pro II?
    Nikon offers a 1-year warranty on the Forestry Pro II, which covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.
  5. How accurate is the distance measurement on the Nikon Forestry Pro II?
    The Forestry Pro II offers a high level of accuracy in its distance measurements, typically within +/- 0.2m/yd. in the range of 100m/yd.
  6. Does the Nikon Forestry Pro II come with a case or lanyard?
    Yes, the Nikon Forestry Pro II comes with a carrying case and a lanyard for easy transport and to keep the rangefinder safe and secure.
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