American Lawn Mower Company 14″ Reel Mower Review


American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower is a manual, reel lawn mower. It is a good option for small lawns, as it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It is also a good choice for people who are looking for an eco-friendly option, as it does not require gas or electricity to operate.


  • Brand: American Lawn Mower Company
  • Power Source: self-propelled
  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polymer
  • Color: Red
  • Style: 14-Inch, 4-Blade
  • Item Weight: 1 Kilograms
  • Cutting Width: 14 Inches
  • Number of Positions: 5
  • Operation Mode: Manual
  • Product Dimensions: 24″D x 20″W x 42.5″H

American Lawn Mower Company Reel Mower Overview

The American Lawn Mower Company’s 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower stands as a quintessential tool in any gardener’s collection, embodying both precision and environmental mindfulness. Designed for the modern, eco-aware individual, this mower merges traditional manual lawn care with sustainable practices. Its 14-inch path, carved by four sharp blades, ensures an efficient and gentle cut, favoring the lawn’s health and catering well to small and medium-sized spaces. This mower’s manual operation invites a hands-on, gratifying gardening experience, appreciated by enthusiasts for its direct engagement with the lawn.

manual push lawn mower with an orange base and silver handlebars, positioned on a grassy area with unevenly cut grass

This mower is a testament to simple, eco-friendly living, operating solely on human energy, thus eliminating the need for fuel or electricity and reducing noise and pollution. Its design is straightforward, lightweight, and maneuverable, making it accessible to a wide range of gardeners. The compact size of the 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower makes it ideal for navigating tight spots and around obstacles, offering precise control. Its ease of use and minimal storage requirements make it an attractive option for those with limited space or a preference for low-maintenance lawn care solutions. Ultimately, this mower blends traditional lawn maintenance with modern environmental values, providing an efficient, eco-friendly way to maintain a beautiful lawn, making it an essential tool for gardeners and homeowners alike.

Key Features of American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower

Design and Build Quality

Red lawn mower on grass

The construction of the 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower is a testament to the American Lawn Mower Company’s commitment to quality and sustainability. The mower features a robust design, with a frame built from durable materials that ensure longevity and resist wear and tear from regular use. The quality of materials used in its construction, from the hardened steel blades to the weather-resistant metal body, speaks to the mower’s overall reliability and durability. The design philosophy of the mower centers around functionality and user-friendliness, with ergonomic handles for comfortable use and a compact form factor for easy storage. This blend of durability and thoughtful design underscores the mower’s exceptional build quality.


Lawn mower on grass

In terms of performance, the 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower shines across various lawn types and conditions. Its cutting efficiency is unmatched, with the ability to tackle different grass types and heights with ease, thanks to its adjustable blade height settings. The mower’s adaptability is a significant advantage for gardeners dealing with diverse lawn landscapes, offering consistent results whether on flat terrains or more challenging, uneven grounds. Maneuverability is another area where this mower excels, as its lightweight design and smooth-rolling wheels allow for effortless navigation around obstacles and tight spaces, making lawn care a less daunting task.

Ease of Use

Disassembled orange hand truck in an open cardboard box on a carpeted floor

The user experience with the 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower is straightforward and enjoyable, from setup to operation and storage. The mower’s design eliminates the need for complex assembly, allowing for immediate use straight out of the box. Its ease of operation is evident in the minimal effort required to push the mower across the lawn, thanks to its efficient blade system and ergonomic design. When it comes to storage, the mower’s compact size means it takes up minimal space in your shed or garage, making it an excellent choice for those with limited storage options. These aspects of ease of use make the mower a favorite among gardeners of all skill levels.

Environmental Impact

Red lawn mower on grass

The environmental impact of the 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower is overwhelmingly positive, distinguishing it as a greener choice for lawn care. Unlike gas-powered mowers that emit harmful pollutants, this push reel mower offers a pollution-free solution, contributing to cleaner air and a healthier environment. Additionally, the manual operation of the mower means it consumes no fossil fuels, further reducing your ecological footprint. This eco-friendly approach to lawn maintenance not only benefits the planet but also encourages a more sustainable lifestyle among gardeners and homeowners, aligning with the growing global emphasis on environmental conservation.

Table Comparison

FeatureAmerican Lawn Mower Co.Great StatesScotts
Cutting Width14 inches14 inches14 inches
Number of Blades4 blades5 blades4 blades
Build QualityHigh-quality materials, durable and lightweightSimilar quality, slightly enhanced cutting with 5th bladeRobust construction, reliable brand reputation
PerformanceEfficient, clean cuts across various grass typesFiner cut in dense/thick grass, good for manicured lawnsSmooth operation, effective cutting, versatile height adjustment
Ease of UseLightweight, easy to push and maneuver, ergonomic designComfortable handling, balanced design, easy storageUser-friendly, comfortable handle, easy to push and turn
Environmental ImpactZero emissions, quiet operationZero emissions, quiet operationZero emissions, quiet operation

The American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower is characterized by its excellent build quality, making it durable and lightweight for easy maneuverability. It offers efficient and clean cuts, suitable for a range of grass types, and is particularly noted for its ease of use, with an ergonomic design that minimizes user fatigue.

The Great States 14-Inch 5-Blade Reel Mower shares many similarities with the American Lawn Mower but includes an additional blade, potentially offering a slightly finer cut which might be preferable for dense or thick grass and for those desiring a very manicured lawn look.

Scotts 14-Inch 4-Blade Reel Mower is known for its reliable performance, attributable to the brand’s reputation. It provides smooth operation and effective cutting with easy adjustability for height, making it versatile for different lawn conditions.

All three mowers are environmentally friendly, operating without gas, oil, or electricity, thus ensuring zero emissions and reducing noise pollution. The choice between them would largely depend on personal preferences regarding brand, slight differences in cutting quality, and the value placed on the mower’s ease of use and storage.

American Lawn Mower Company Pros and Cons


  • Eco-Friendly Operation: With no need for gas, oil, or electricity, this mower is an excellent choice for environmentally conscious users, reducing carbon footprint and eliminating emissions.
  • Quiet Performance: Unlike gas-powered mowers, this reel mower operates quietly, making it ideal for maintaining peace in residential areas and allowing for early morning or late evening lawn care without disturbing neighbors.
  • Low Maintenance: The mower requires minimal maintenance compared to its gas-powered counterparts, with no need for fuel refills, oil changes, or dealing with electrical cords and batteries.
  • Ease of Use: Its lightweight design and ergonomic handle make it easy to push and maneuver, offering a user-friendly experience even for those new to lawn care.
  • Promotes Lawn Health: The 4-blade reel provides a clean, scissor-like cut, promoting healthier grass growth and reducing the risk of lawn diseases associated with torn grass tips.
  • Cost-Effective: With minimal operational costs and low maintenance requirements, this mower is a cost-effective solution for lawn care over the long term.
  • Compact Design: The mower’s compact size makes it easy to store in tight spaces, ideal for those with limited storage options.


  • Physical Effort Required: As a manual push mower, it requires physical effort to operate, which might be challenging for some users, especially in larger or hilly lawns.
  • Limited Cutting Width: The 14-inch cutting width might require more passes to cover larger lawns, making it less efficient for bigger properties compared to wider mowers.
  • Difficulty with Tall or Thick Grass: While excellent for regular maintenance, it might struggle with very tall or thick grass, requiring multiple passes or pre-cutting in some cases.
  • Lack of Additional Features: Unlike some modern mowers, it lacks additional features such as bagging or mulching options, focusing solely on cutting.
  • Manual Height Adjustment: Adjusting the cutting height can be less convenient than on some powered mowers, requiring manual adjustment.

Maintenance and Care

  1. Regular Cleaning:After each use, it’s important to clean the mower to remove grass clippings, dirt, and debris. Use a brush or cloth to gently wipe the blades and the body. This prevents buildup that can hinder the mower’s performance.
  2. Blade Sharpening:The blades should be sharpened regularly to maintain a clean, efficient cut. Depending on usage, sharpening once or twice a season is typically sufficient. You can use a reel mower sharpening kit or take it to a professional if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.
  3. Checking and Adjusting the Blade Alignment:Ensure that the reel and cutter bar are properly aligned. Misalignment can cause the mower to cut unevenly or damage the blades. Consult the mower’s manual for instructions on checking and adjusting the alignment.
  4. Lubrication:Regularly lubricate moving parts, such as the wheels and reel shaft, to ensure smooth operation. Use a light oil or silicone-based lubricant as recommended by the manufacturer. This reduces wear and tear on the components and makes pushing the mower easier.
  5. Tightening Loose Parts:Periodically check for any loose screws, bolts, or nuts and tighten them as needed. Vibrations from use can cause parts to loosen over time, which can lead to damage or inefficient operation.
  6. Storage:Store the mower in a dry, covered area to protect it from the elements. Avoid leaving it outside where it can be exposed to rain or excessive moisture, as this can cause rust and deterioration.
  7. Avoiding Obstacles:Be mindful of rocks, sticks, and other debris in your lawn that could damage the blades. Clear the lawn of such obstacles before mowing to maintain the integrity of the blades and ensure a smooth mowing experience.
  8. Consult the Manual:For specific maintenance tasks or troubleshooting, refer to the mower’s user manual. It will provide detailed instructions tailored to your model, ensuring that you perform maintenance tasks correctly.


In summary, the American Lawn Mower Company 14-Inch 4-Blade Mower is a top choice for eco-conscious homeowners seeking a simple, effective lawn care solution. Its environmentally friendly design and quiet operation make it perfect for residential use, offering ease of use and durability. While it requires some physical effort and may struggle with very tall grass, its advantages in cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness make it highly appealing. With basic maintenance, this mower promises a well-kept lawn and aligns with a sustainable gardening ethos, making it ideal for small to medium-sized lawns and those looking to reduce their environmental impact.


  1. How often do the blades need to be sharpened?
    The blades should be sharpened once or twice a season, depending on usage frequency and the condition of your lawn. Regular sharpening ensures optimal cutting performance.
  2. Can this mower handle tall grass?
    The mower is most effective on grass up to 4-6 inches tall. For taller grass, it may require multiple passes or pre-trimming with a string trimmer for the best results.
  3. Is the mower suitable for uneven lawns?
    Yes, the mower can handle slight undulations in the lawn. However, extremely uneven terrain might make pushing the mower more challenging and potentially affect the uniformity of the cut.
  4. How does this mower compare to electric or gas-powered mowers?
    This manual push reel mower is quieter, more environmentally friendly, and requires less maintenance than gas or electric mowers. However, it requires physical effort to push and might not be suitable for very large lawns.
  5. What is the warranty period for this mower?
    The warranty period can vary, so it’s best to check the manufacturer’s documentation or contact them directly for the most accurate information.
  6. Can the cutting height be adjusted?
    Yes, the mower offers adjustable cutting heights to suit different types of grass and preferences for lawn height.
  7. How easy is it to assemble the mower?
    The mower comes mostly assembled, with minimal setup required. Typically, you’ll just need to attach the handle, which can be done without special tools.
  8. Is this mower suitable for wet grass?
    For optimal performance and to avoid damaging the grass, it’s recommended to mow when the grass is dry. Wet grass can clog the mower and make pushing more difficult.
  9. How do I clean the mower after use?
    After each use, remove any grass clippings and debris from the blades and body with a brush or cloth. Avoid using water to prevent rusting.
  10. Where can I purchase replacement parts if needed?
    Replacement parts can be ordered directly from the American Lawn Mower Company or through various authorized retailers and online platforms.
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