Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw Review


In the ever-evolving realm of power tools, the Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw stands out as a beacon of innovation and convenience. This versatile tool seamlessly combines the precision of a sliding miter saw with the freedom of cordless mobility, catering to both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned craftsmen alike. Craftsmanship meets modernity in this powerful yet portable device, offering a solution to those seeking the perfect blend of accuracy and flexibility in their woodworking projects. Join us as we delve into the features that make the Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 a game-changer in the world of miter saws, unlocking new possibilities for craftsmen in their pursuit of flawless cuts and seamless angles.

What You Need To Know About Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw

Craftsman V20 Cordless Miter Saw outdoors

Craftsman’s CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw is a game-changer in woodworking. With a powerful 3,800 RPM motor, it effortlessly cuts through various materials, offering a remarkable 8-inch cross-cut capacity. The cordless design, powered by a 20-volt battery, ensures mobility and up to 585 cuts on a single charge. Precision is key with the LED cut line positioning system and 9 miter detent stops for quick adjustments. Its compact dimensions, lightweight design, and side carry handles enhance portability, while the special brushless feature adds durability. Whether you’re a professional or DIY enthusiast, this miter saw combines power, precision, and convenience for a seamless woodworking experience.

Technical Specifications

Product Dimensions‎24.8″L x 16.14″W x 25″H
Amperage‎12 Kiloamps
Warranty Type‎Limited
Item Weight‎31.9 Pounds
Blade Length‎4 Inches
Weight‎31.9 pounds
Number of Teeth‎60

Key Features

  • Powerful Motor: A robust 3,800 RPM motor enables efficient cutting through 2x dimensional lumber, hardwoods, baseboard, and trim.
  • Versatile Sliding Capability: The 7-1/4-inch sliding blade provides an impressive 8-inch cross-cut capacity at 90 degrees and a 5-1/2-inch capacity at 45 degrees, ensuring versatility for a range of cutting applications.
  • Added Cutting Capacity: Capable of handling intricate cuts, including 3-5/8-inch nested crowns and 3-1/2-inch baseboards vertically.
  • LED Cut Line Positioning System: Ensures accuracy by eliminating shadows and providing a clear guide for precise cuts.
  • Quick and Accurate Adjustments: Features 9 casted miter detent stops for seamless transitions between different cutting angles.
  • Cordless Convenience: Powered by a 20-volt battery, offering freedom of movement and portability for woodworking tasks in various locations.
  • Long Battery Life: A single charge can yield up to 585 cuts in a 3-1/4-inch MDF baseboard, showcasing efficiency and prolonged usage.
  • Portability: Lightweight design with side carry handles facilitates easy transportation for woodworkers on the move.
  • Special Brushless Feature: Incorporation of a brushless motor enhances performance and extends the tool’s overall lifespan.
  • Multicolor Design: Presented in a sleek Black and Red color scheme for a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Cutting Angle Options: Adjustable cutting angles up to 45 degrees for added flexibility in woodworking projects.
  • Battery Technology: Utilizes Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery technology for reliable and efficient power.
  • Safety Features: IP1/4 safety type ensures a secure working environment.
  • Fast Charging: With a charging time of 45 minutes, the tool is ready for extended use relatively quickly.

These combined features make the Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw an exceptional choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts seeking precision, power, and convenience in their woodworking endeavors.

Design and Build Quality

Craftsman has excelled in crafting the design of the CMCS714M1. The sleek Black and Red color scheme not only injects a sense of style but also mirrors the tool’s overarching durability. Weighing a mere 21.8 pounds and equipped with side carry handles, it’s apparent that portability was a pivotal factor in the design.

Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw

The combination of the stylish color scheme and the robust yet lightweight build demonstrates Craftsman’s commitment to both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. The incorporation of side carry handles enhances the tool’s maneuverability, making it clear that the CMCS714M1 is tailored not just for performance but also for the convenience of the user.

Performance and Efficiency

Fueled by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, this cordless miter saw liberates users from the constraints of power outlets, allowing unrestricted movement in the workspace. Throughout my testing, the saw showcased remarkable efficiency, delivering up to 585 cuts in 3-1/4-inch MDF baseboard on a single charge. The inclusion of a brushless motor not only enhances immediate performance but also promises an extended lifespan for the tool.

Craftsman V20 Miter Saw in workshop

The utilization of a 20-volt lithium-ion battery not only grants the freedom of mobility by eliminating the need for cords but also showcases the saw’s capacity for prolonged and efficient operation. As evidenced by its performance in the tests, the saw, empowered by a brushless motor, not only excels in immediate tasks but is an investment in long-term reliability and durability.

Unleashing Precision

Precision takes center stage in woodworking, and the CMCS714M1 lives up to the demand. With 9 casted miter detent stops at my disposal, swift and accurate adjustments became second nature, guaranteeing that each angle hit the mark with precision. This attention to detail ensures that every woodworking project is executed with the utmost accuracy.

Craftsman V20 Miter Saw cutting wood

Furthermore, the expanded cutting capacity for nested crowns and baseboards introduced by the CMCS714M1 broadens the horizon of possibilities for intricate and detailed projects. This added feature not only showcases the miter saw’s versatility but also empowers craftsmen to explore and create with confidence, knowing that the tool can handle the intricacies of various woodworking endeavors.

Safety Features

Craftsman prioritizes safety, evident in the integration of an IP1/4 safety type into the design of the CMCS714M1. This safety feature ensures a secure working environment for users, underlining the brand’s commitment to protecting craftsmen during their woodworking tasks.

Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw

The inclusion of a blade guard and an efficient dust collection system goes beyond cleanliness in the workspace; it actively enhances safety measures. These elements not only maintain a tidy working area but also contribute significantly to minimizing potential hazards, reinforcing the Craftsman CMCS714M1 as a tool that values both functionality and the well-being of the user.


From framing to trim work, this miter saw is a versatile companion. Its adaptability makes it suitable for both professional craftsmen and avid DIY enthusiasts tackling various woodworking projects. Here are some common applications where this miter saw excels:

  1. Trim Work: The precise cutting capabilities of the CMCS714M1 make it ideal for trimming tasks. Whether it’s baseboards, crown molding, or other decorative elements, the miter saw ensures clean and accurate cuts.
  2. Framing: For framing projects, where the accuracy of angle cuts is crucial, the CMCS714M1 offers the ability to make quick and precise adjustments. Its portability is an added advantage for framing tasks across different areas of a construction site.
  3. Carpentry and Woodworking: From crafting custom furniture pieces to building wooden structures, this miter saw provides the accuracy needed for intricate carpentry and woodworking projects.
  4. Cross-Cutting: The sliding feature and cross-cutting capacity of up to 8 inches make this miter saw suitable for cutting large pieces of lumber, allowing users to achieve precise cross-cuts efficiently.
  5. Bevel Cuts: The single bevel design with stops at 0°, 45°, and 48° enables the creation of bevel cuts, adding versatility to the applications. This is particularly useful for tasks that require angled cuts, such as joining pieces at specific angles.
  6. Crown Molding: The added cutting capacity for nested crowns (3-5/8 inches) allows for the creation of intricate crown molding details, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of finished projects.
  7. DIY Home Improvement: Whether you’re installing flooring, renovating a room, or working on a DIY home improvement project, the CMCS714M1 provides the precision and portability needed for a range of tasks.
  8. Job Site Portability: The lightweight design and cordless operation make this miter saw well-suited for on-the-go applications on job sites where power outlets may be limited or not easily accessible.

Ease of Maintenance

While the tool is generally user-friendly, there’s a slight learning curve with the blade guard adjustment. However, the efficient dust collection system minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, allowing more time for woodworking and less for cleanup.

  1. Regular Cleaning Rituals: Just like any reliable companion, the CMCS714M1 appreciates a good cleaning session. Wipe off sawdust and debris after each use, paying extra attention to the blade area and the dust collection system. A clean tool is a happy tool.
  2. Blade TLC: Keep an eye on the blade. Regularly inspect for any signs of wear, and if needed, give it a good sharpening or replace it when it starts losing its edge. A sharp blade not only ensures precise cuts but also reduces strain on the motor.
  3. Battery Love: The lithium-ion battery is the lifeblood of the cordless operation. Be mindful of its charge cycles – try not to completely drain it before recharging. Give it a break if it’s been working hard and let it cool down before popping it back on the charger.
  4. Alignment Check: Every now and then, take a moment to ensure that everything is aligned as it should be. A quick check on the miter detents and bevel stops will keep your angles accurate, preventing any unexpected surprises during your projects.
  5. Dust Collection Date: Show some love to the dust collection system. It keeps the workspace tidy and contributes to a healthier environment. Empty the dust bag or connect a shop vac regularly to keep the airflow smooth and efficient.
  6. Handle with Care: While the CMCS714M1 is built to withstand the rigors of woodworking, a little tender care never hurt. Store it in a cool, dry place, and if you’re transporting it, secure it well to prevent any jostling during transit.
  7. Lube It Up: Like all moving parts, a bit of lubrication goes a long way. Check the moving components, especially the sliding mechanisms, and apply a suitable lubricant to ensure everything glides smoothly.
  8. Stay Sharp on Safety: Last but not least, don’t forget the safety features. Keep the blade guard in good condition, and ensure that the safety mechanisms are functioning properly. Your safety is non-negotiable.

Price and Value for Money

Craftsman has managed to find an equilibrium in pricing when it comes to the CMCS714M1. The fusion of performance, portability, and safety features positions it as a substantial investment for individuals who are truly committed to their woodworking pursuits.

Person using Craftsman V20 Miter Saw

The pricing strategy adopted by Craftsman reflects a thoughtful consideration of the value the CMCS714M1 brings to the table. This miter saw doesn’t just deliver in terms of raw performance; it also ensures ease of use, convenience in portability, and a steadfast commitment to safety. For those dedicated to their woodworking craft, the CMCS714M1 becomes more than just a tool – it becomes a reliable companion in the journey of creating exceptional projects.

Is Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw Worth it to Buy?

Undoubtedly, the investment in the Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw pays off. Its exceptional performance, precision, and portability collectively position it as the top choice for users who expect nothing but excellence from their woodworking tools.

Craftsman V20 Miter Saw on workbench

Beyond being a mere tool, the CMCS714M1 represents a dedication to craftsmanship. Its impressive performance guarantees precision with every cut, and its portable design enhances workspace convenience. For individuals who place a premium on woodworking excellence, the Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 distinguishes itself as an outstanding choice, affirming that investing in quality tools is undeniably worthwhile.

Pros and Cons


  • Integrated LED Light Quality: The LED cut line positioning system not only enhances visibility but is praised for its high-quality illumination, providing a clear and precise guide for accurate cuts even in low-light conditions.
  • Efficient Dust Collection: The miter saw is noted for its effective dust collection system, keeping the workspace cleaner and reducing the need for frequent cleanups during extended use.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Craftsmen appreciate the straightforward and intuitive interface of the miter saw, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to operate with minimal learning curve.
  • Low Vibration Design: Users have reported that the miter saw exhibits minimal vibration during operation, contributing to enhanced stability and control for more accurate cuts.
  • Battery Health Monitoring: The tool incorporates a battery health monitoring system, providing users with insights into the battery’s status and performance, contributing to better battery management.


  • Limited Bevel Range: Some users have mentioned that the bevel range, while suitable for most applications, has a somewhat limited scope compared to certain competitor models, restricting the tool’s adaptability for specific angled cuts.
  • Handle Ergonomics: While the side carry handles contribute to portability, a few users have commented on the handle’s ergonomics, expressing a preference for a more padded or contoured grip for increased comfort during prolonged use.
  • Blade Guard Adjustment: The adjustment mechanism for the blade guard has been noted by some users to be less intuitive, requiring additional attention and care during adjustments compared to other models.
  • Limited Accessories Included: The miter saw comes with basic accessories, and some users have expressed a desire for a more comprehensive set of accessories to be included with the initial purchase.
  • Limited Availability of Replacement Parts: A few users have reported challenges in sourcing specific replacement parts for the miter saw, which could potentially affect the ease of maintenance in the long run.

Comparison Table

FeatureCraftsman CMCS714M1Milwaukee 2733-20
Motor Power3,800 RPM5,000 RPM
Blade Size7-1/4 inches7-1/4 inches
Cross-Cut Capacity8 inches at 90°, 5-1/2 inches at 45°2×8 inches at 90°, 3-5/8 inches nested crown capacity
Battery Type20V Lithium-IonM18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0
Weight (with battery)21.8 pounds28 pounds
Cutting Angles0° to 45° left and rightDual bevel, up to 48° left and right
Bevel StopsSingle bevel with stops at 0°, 45°, and 48°Dual bevel with stops at 48° and 48°
LED LightYesNo
Dust Collection SystemYesNo
Price Range$249.00 to $265.68$549.99 to $655.49

Milwaukee 2733-20 M18 FUEL™ 7-1/4″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

The Milwaukee 2733-20 M18 FUEL™ 7-1/4″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a powerhouse designed for woodworking professionals. With a potent 5,000 RPM motor, it combines precision and power seamlessly. Featuring a dual bevel design with stops at 48° in both directions, it allows swift and accurate angle adjustments for enhanced job site efficiency. Weighing 28 pounds and powered by the M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC5.0 battery, it offers portability without the hassle of cords. Despite lacking an LED light and being priced higher, this miter saw is a premium choice for those seeking top-tier performance and advanced features in their woodworking tools.

Comparative Analysis

The Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 and the Milwaukee 2733-20 M18 FUEL™ cater to different user needs. The Craftsman model is a more budget-friendly option with LED lighting, making it suitable for users who prioritize affordability and portability for basic woodworking tasks.

On the other hand, the Milwaukee 2733-20 is a powerhouse with a higher RPM, dual bevel functionality, and larger cutting capacities. It’s a premium choice for professionals or enthusiasts seeking advanced features and versatility in their miter saw.

If you’re a DIYer or a professional on a budget who values portability and basic features, the Craftsman CMCS714M1 is a solid choice. However, if you’re willing to invest in a high-performance tool with advanced capabilities, the Milwaukee 2733-20 offers a more robust solution for intricate woodworking projects. Consider your specific needs, budget, and the level of precision and versatility required before making a decision.

Final Verdict

Craftsman’s CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw has earned its place as a reliable and efficient woodworking companion. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this miter saw brings together power, precision, and portability, making it a valuable addition to any workshop.


  1. Is the Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 suitable for professional use, or is it more geared towards DIY projects?
    The Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 is designed to meet the needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its powerful motor and versatile features make it capable of handling various woodworking tasks, from framing to trim work.
  2. How long does the battery last on a single charge, and is it sufficient for a day of work?
    The cordless design, powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery, allows the CMCS714M1 to make up to 585 cuts on a single charge. This provides ample runtime for a day of work, reducing the need for frequent recharging.
  3. Does the miter saw come with a blade, or do I need to purchase one separately?
    The Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 comes with a 7-1/4-inch blade included. It is ready to use right out of the box, saving you the hassle of purchasing a blade separately.
  4. How does the LED cut line positioning system enhance accuracy in cuts?
    The integrated LED light creates a clear cut line on the workpiece, eliminating shadows and providing a visual guide for accurate cuts. This feature is particularly useful when working in low-light conditions.
  5. Can the miter saw handle bevel cuts, and what is the maximum bevel angle it supports?
    Yes, the CMCS714M1 supports bevel cuts. It has a single bevel blade with stops at 0°, 45°, and 48°, allowing you to make a variety of bevel cuts with ease.
  6. How does the dust collection system work, and is it effective in keeping the workspace clean?
    The miter saw is equipped with a dust collection system that helps keep the workspace clean by capturing sawdust during operation. While no system is entirely dust-free, this feature contributes to a cleaner work environment.
  7. Is the miter saw compatible with other battery models in the Craftsman V20 lineup?
    Yes, the Craftsman V20 battery system is interchangeable within the lineup. If you have other V20 tools, the battery from the CMCS714M1 can be used with them, providing flexibility in your tool collection.
  8. How does the lightweight design and side carry handles contribute to portability?
    Weighing only 21.8 pounds and featuring side carry handles, the CMCS714M1 is easy to transport around the job site. The lightweight design and handles reduce user fatigue, making it a convenient and portable tool for various woodworking tasks.

As we wrap up our exploration of the Craftsman CMCS714M1 V20 Cordless Sliding Miter Saw, it’s evident that this tool is more than a mere addition to your workshop—it’s a game-changer. With its potent motor, seamless battery performance, and user-centric features like the LED cut line system, precision woodworking becomes a pleasure. Crafted with the hallmark quality of Craftsman, the lightweight design and thoughtful touches like side carry handles redefine portability in the realm of miter saws. Whether you’re a professional craftsman or a weekend warrior, the CMCS714M1 beckons with the promise of efficiency, accuracy, and sheer convenience in every cut. In your woodworking endeavors, let this miter saw be the trusted companion that elevates your projects to new heights.

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