Timberking 2020 Sawmill Review


Timberking has long been recognized as a stalwart in the forestry industry, particularly for its commitment to vertical integration. This approach allows Timberking to control all stages of its production process, from the initial design and manufacturing of its sawmills to direct customer sales and service. The Timberking 2020, one of the company’s flagship models, exemplifies this comprehensive control.

Timberking 2020

Product Specifications

  • Cutting capacity: 24 inches (610 mm) wide by 16 feet (4880 mm) long
  • Log diameter: Up to 54 inches (1372 mm)
  • Blade speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Engine: 35 HP Kohler Command Pro
  • Weight: 4,500 pounds (2041 kg)
  • Price: $56,995.00

Additional Features

  • Full hydraulic log handling
  • Computer networks
  • Massive Big 3 Super-Structure
  • Electric blade clutch
  • Side-wind support jacks
  • Greasable blade guides
  • Moveable guide roller
  • Tandem axle
  • Operator-height swing command post

Personal Experience

From the moment I first started up Timberking 2020, I could tell I was dealing with a superior piece of machinery. The hum of its industrial-grade engine filled the air, promising a day of productive work ahead.

Timberking 2020

Once I had a log loaded up using the hydraulic log loaders – a process that was refreshingly effortless – I prepared for the first cut. I was dealing with a large, thick log, the kind that would test the capabilities of any sawmill.

Using the Command Control station, I adjusted the electric blade height control to position the band saw blade at the desired starting point. It was a smooth operation, with the controls responding readily to my touch. The system’s precision was impressive, allowing me to make accurate adjustments to cater to the log’s dimensions.

As I initiated the cut, I could feel the power and stability of Timberking 2020. The saw blade sliced through the wood smoothly, with the 37HP gas engine providing plenty of power. I watched as the sawmill’s wide, 32-inch cutting throat accommodated the large-diameter log without a hitch, the band saw blade moving steadily through the grain of the wood.

Timberking 2020

Thanks to the bi-directional chain log turners, repositioning the log for the next cut was straightforward and required minimal effort. This hydraulic feature, coupled with the hydraulic log clamp, ensured the log stayed firmly in place during the cut. The quality of the resulting lumber was exceptional, with a consistent thickness achieved across its width.

Throughout the day, I marveled at how the Timberking 2020 made handling and milling such large, wide logs not just feasible, but efficient and precise. This piece of machinery, with its attention to detail in design and functionality, had indeed made my task remarkably easier.

Design and Manufacturing Process

The Timberking 2020 sawmill is a product of meticulous engineering and superior craftsmanship, evident in every detail of its design. The robust framework, built around a solid-welded four-post head and a big beam power core, ensures unmatched stability. It’s designed to withstand the heavy-duty demands of professional sawing, demonstrating a durability that’s characteristic of Timberking’s legacy.

Timberking 2020

The expansive cutting throat and precise electric blade height control are clear markers of Timberking’s careful attention to user needs. These features allow operators to accommodate large-diameter logs with relative ease, maintaining high levels of efficiency and quality in every cut.

One standout feature of the Timberking 2020 is its comprehensive hydraulic system, designed to automate the log handling process. By integrating hydraulic log loaders, bi-directional chain log turners, and a log clamp, Timberking increases operational efficiency and reduces manual labor. The elegance of this system is a direct result of Timberking’s end-to-end control over its manufacturing process, a testament to the advantages of in-house production.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits of the Timberking 2020
  • With a solid-welded four-post head and big beam power core, the Timberking 2020 is designed for heavy-duty sawing operations, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  • A comprehensive hydraulic system automates the log handling process, which includes hydraulic log loaders, bi-directional chain log turners, and a log clamp. This increases operational efficiency and saves significant manual labor.
  • The large cutting throat of the Timberking 2020 allows for the accommodation of large-diameter logs, making it versatile for various logging tasks.
  • The electric blade height control provides precise adjustments, which are key in maintaining the quality and consistency of cuts.
  • Timberking’s direct-to-consumer sales and service model ensures personalized service and quick resolution of any issues, improving the overall customer experience.

Drawbacks of the Timberking 2020

  • The Timberking 2020 might be cost-prohibitive for some users, particularly hobbyist woodworkers or small-scale sawmill operators. The high-quality features and build come with a higher price tag compared to some other sawmill options.
  • While the Timberking 2020 is designed for performance, its size and weight might make it less portable than smaller, more lightweight sawmill options. This could be a disadvantage for operators who need to frequently move their sawmill between different locations.
  • Given the Timberking 2020’s powerful 37HP gas engine, fuel consumption might be higher than less powerful models, leading to increased operational costs.
  • For users who only need a sawmill for simple, small-scale tasks, the Timberking 2020 might offer more features than necessary, making it less user-friendly for beginners or those with basic needs

Direct Customer Sales and Service

Timberking 2020

Beyond superior design and manufacturing, Timberking’s vertical integration extends to its sales and service model. Purchasers of Timberking 2020 benefit from direct access to a network of seasoned service professionals and an expansive resource library. This direct-to-consumer model fosters personalized service, faster response times, and generally better pricing. As such, Timberking can quickly resolve any issues while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.

Comparing Timberking 2020 to Other Brands

Timberking 2020

The advantages of Timberking’s vertically integrated approach become particularly clear when comparing Timberking 2020 with competitor brands. Timberking’s full control over its supply chain ensures a product that meets the highest quality standards, coupled with customer service that’s direct and personalized. This gives Timberking 2020 a competitive edge, making it an attractive option for professionals in the forestry industry.

Impact on the Sawmill Industry

Timberking 2020

The vertical integration model adopted by Timberking, epitomized in Timberking 2020, has significant implications for the broader sawmill industry. By setting high standards in design, manufacturing, and customer service, Timberking challenges competitors to elevate their game. Their integrated approach promotes industry-wide improvements, benefitting all stakeholders, from other manufacturers to end users.


Timberking 2020

Timberking 2020 stands as a powerful illustration of vertical integration’s advantages. By maintaining control over every step, from design to customer service, Timberking ensures that its customers receive a product that’s high-quality, reliable, and efficient, all underpinned by excellent support. It’s a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and a beacon of what a focused, customer-centric approach can achieve in the sawmill industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of logs can the Timberking 2020 handle?
    The Timberking 2020 is designed to handle large logs efficiently. With a large cutting throat and precise electric blade height control, it can accommodate logs of various sizes.
  2. How does the hydraulic system improve the Timberking 2020’s operation?
    The comprehensive hydraulic system automates log handling, including loading and turning the logs, significantly increasing operational efficiency and reducing manual labor.
  3. What is the power source of Timberking 2020?
    The Timberking 2020 comes equipped with a 37HP gas engine, delivering the power needed for heavy-duty sawing operations.
  4. How does Timberking’s direct customer service model benefit me?
    Timberking’s direct-to-consumer model ensures you receive personalized service and swift resolution of any issues. You gain access to a network of seasoned service professionals and an expansive resource library.
  5. How does Timberking 2020 compare with other sawmills on the market?
    Timberking 2020 holds a distinct edge over other sawmills due to its robust build, hydraulic features, and focus on operator comfort. Its comprehensive control over its supply chain guarantees a product built to the highest standards and a customer service experience that is both direct and personalized.
  6. How portable is the Timberking 2020?
    Despite its large-scale operations, the Timberking 2020 is designed for easy transport from one location to another, adding an extra layer of convenience to your sawmill operations.

We invite you to contribute your insights! Share your personal experiences and thoughts about the Timberking 2020 Sawmill in the comments section below. Your valuable input could serve as a guiding light for fellow woodworkers who are considering this sawmill. By sharing your perspective, you’re playing a pivotal role in helping others make informed decisions about this equipment. Let’s foster a community of knowledge sharing—your participation matters!

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