Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill Review


The LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill, priced at $4,295.00, stands out as an exceptional entry-level offering in the portable sawmill market, blending premium features with an attractive price point. This review aims to delve into the specifics that make the LX50SUPER a compelling choice for hobbyists and entry-level sawyers alike.

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Specification of Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER

  • Power: 14HP Kohler Gas
  • Max. Log Diameter: 26 inches (.66m)
  • Max. Width of Cut: 23-1/2 inches (.60m)
  • Max. Cant Width: 21-1/2 inches (.55m)
  • Max. Depth of Cut: 8 inches (.20m)
  • Max. Length of Cut: 12′ 5″ (3.8m)
  • Max. Length of Cut with Bed Extensions: Unlimited
  • Bed Extensions: 5 feet (1.53m) extensions
  • Sawhead Movement: Push Feed (Forward/Reverse)
  • Sawhead Adjustment: Hand Crank (Up/Down)
  • Side Supports: 2 Quick-Set
  • Log Clamps: 2 Quick-Set
  • Bed Leveling Feet: 12 Feet
  • Blade Lubrication: 1 gallon (3.8L) Water Tank with On/Off Valve
  • Blade Engagement: Mechanical Clutch
  • Blade Length: 132 inches (3.35m)
  • Blade Wheels: 16 inches (400mm) Diameter, Cast Iron Belted
  • Machine Weight: 985 lbs (447 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 64″ x 26″ x 59″ (162 cm x 66 cm x 150 cm)

Design and Construction of the LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill

The Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill stands out with its exceptional design and construction, tailored for advanced woodworking. Central to its robust architecture is the heavy-duty bent steel frame, which establishes a solid foundation for all sawing operations. This frame not only signifies a substantial enhancement from the LX50START model but also underscores the LX50SUPER’s superior build quality.

Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER cutting big log

The sawmill’s bed, meticulously fashioned from laser-cut steel, incorporates diagonal crossbars that contribute an additional layer of strength. This construction not only fortifies the sawmill’s structure but also ensures consistent performance and longevity, even under continuous use. The integration of these crossbars helps distribute weight evenly, minimizing vibration and enhancing the precision of cuts.

Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER cutting lumber

This thoughtful engineering of the LX50SUPER results in a sawmill that not only surpasses its predecessors in terms of stability and durability but also provides a reliable and efficient sawing experience. The combination of a reinforced steel frame and a robustly designed bed makes the LX50SUPER an ideal choice for professionals seeking a durable, stable, and high-performance sawing solution.

Performance and Capabilities of the LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill

The LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill showcases exceptional power and versatility, primarily driven by its robust 14HP KOHLER gas engine. This engine, renowned for its reliability and endurance, propels the sawmill through extensive operations without faltering. Its standout feature, the Quad-Clean all-season four-stage cyclonic air filter, provides unparalleled protection against dust and debris, ensuring the engine operates efficiently even in demanding sawing environments.

Person pulling the engine rope of Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER

This sawmill is designed to accommodate a wide range of woodworking tasks, capable of handling logs up to 26 inches in diameter. It offers a generous 23-1/2 inch width of cut and an 8-inch depth of cut, providing ample capacity for processing both softwood and hardwood. Such capabilities make the LX50SUPER an excellent choice for hobbyists and professional woodworkers alike, offering the flexibility to tackle various projects with ease and precision.

Person holding big slab

The integration of these features into the LX50SUPER underlines Wood-Mizer’s commitment to delivering high-performance sawing solutions. Its engine’s power, combined with the sawmill’s cutting capabilities, positions the LX50SUPER as a top contender in its class, ensuring users can achieve efficient, precise cuts in a variety of wood types and sizes.

Sawing Efficiency and Control of the LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill

The Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill stands out for its exceptional sawing efficiency, underpinned by its innovative rectangular throat design. This design ensures a constant 23-1/2” width of cut across all depths, contrasting with the triangular throat designs of some sawmills that narrow the cutting width as depth increases. Such consistency allows for full utilization of the blade’s width, significantly boosting the sawmill’s operational efficiency and productivity.

Person pushing the Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER

In addition to its design advantages, the LX50SUPER is equipped with a quick sawhead up/down mechanism, operated by a crank handle. This feature allows for swift and precise adjustments of the saw head, facilitating a seamless transition between cuts. The handle’s design, featuring 68 locking locations, ensures exact blade depth adjustment for various cut sizes. This precision is further supported by a log scale, enabling accurate sawing of lumber sizes ranging from 8/4” to 3/4”.

Close up of sawmill blade preparing to cut the log

The sawmill’s capacity for handling extended log lengths is enhanced with optional 5’ bed extensions, eliminating practical limits on log size. This adaptability makes the LX50SUPER suitable for a broad spectrum of projects, ensuring it meets the needs of both hobbyists and professionals. The combination of consistent cutting width, precise sawhead control, and the ability to process longer logs cements the LX50SUPER’s reputation as a versatile and efficient sawmilling solution.

User-Friendly Features of the LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill

The LX50SUPER is designed with the user’s experience in mind, incorporating features that streamline sawing operations and enhance ease of use. One such feature is the gravity-fed blade lubrication system, which consistently keeps the blade cool and free from debris, facilitating smoother cuts and extending the blade’s lifespan. The sawmill also boasts quick-set log clamps and side supports, ensuring logs are securely and stably positioned for cutting.

Person putting Big log on  LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill bed

Precision in cutting depth is easily managed with the crank handle, allowing operators to make adjustments effortlessly for accurate sawing results. Furthermore, the LX50SUPER is engineered for straightforward blade changes, significantly reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

Additional Advantages

Aside from its impressive sawing performance, the LX50SUPER offers added benefits like free shipping and minimal assembly requirements, enabling users to commence sawing soon after the sawmill’s arrival. Constructed by Wood-Mizer, a leader in the industry based in Europe, the LX50SUPER carries the hallmark of quality and innovation, derived from decades of expertise in sawmill manufacturing.

Enhance Your Sawmilling Experience with These Top Accessories

Steel Cant Hooks for Log Handling on a white background

Steel Cant Hooks for Log Handling

  • Sizes: 28″, 48″, 60″
  • Function: Easily roll, lift, and maneuver heavy logs on your woodlot or sawmill.

Leveling with Log Taper Wedge on a white background

Leveling with Log Taper Wedge

  • Use: Perfect for leveling tapered or uneven logs, ensuring even cuts.

Stability with Quick-Set Log Clamp and Side Support on a white background

Stability with Quick-Set Log Clamp and Side Support

  • Construction: Durable tube steel
  • Feature: Integrates clamp and support on a single bar for maximum log stability during operations.

Extend Your Reach with Sawmill Bed Extension (5') on a white background

Extend Your Reach with Sawmill Bed Extension (5′)

  • Length Addition: 5 feet
  • Benefit: Allows for processing of longer logs, effectively removing length limitations.

Efficient Log Loading Ramps on a white background

Efficient Log Loading Ramps

  • Design: Steel construction with spring-loaded, anti-rollback mechanism
  • Purpose: Streamlines manual log loading, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Reliable Cutting with 132" Sawmill Blades on a white background

Reliable Cutting with 132″ Sawmill Blades

  • Pack Options: Available in 5, 10, or 15 packs
  • Advantage: Maintain continuous, effective sawing with high-quality replacement blades.

Selecting these accessories will significantly improve the functionality and productivity of your sawmilling operations, making them invaluable additions to your sawmill setup.


The LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill stands out as an excellent choice for newcomers to sawmilling or hobbyists aiming for an upgrade. It integrates a robust frame, a potent engine, and features focused on user convenience, positioning it as a top-value sawmill in its category. Capable of handling diverse log sizes with high efficiency and supported by Wood-Mizer’s reputable service and durability, the LX50SUPER is indeed a prudent investment for anyone in search of a dependable and adaptable sawmilling solution.


  1. What makes the rectangular throat design of the LX50SUPER superior to triangular designs? |
    The rectangular throat design maintains a consistent cutting width of 23-1/2 inches at all depths, unlike triangular designs where the cutting width decreases with depth. This consistency ensures efficient use of the blade’s full width, enhancing the sawmill’s overall efficiency and productivity.
  2. How does the crank handle contribute to the LX50SUPER’s precision?
    The crank handle allows for quick and accurate adjustments of the saw head, with 68 locking locations for precise blade depth settings. This feature ensures smooth transitions between cuts and accurate sizing for various lumber dimensions, facilitating a more controlled and precise sawing process.
  3. Can the LX50SUPER handle larger log sizes, and how does it accommodate them?
    Yes, the LX50SUPER can process larger logs up to 26 inches in diameter. It also offers optional 5-foot bed extensions, removing practical limits on log length and making it versatile for sawing extensive lumber lengths, catering to a wide range of sawing requirements.
  4. What are the key benefits of the gravity-fed blade lubrication system in the LX50SUPER?
    The gravity-fed blade lubrication system keeps the blade cool and clean, reducing friction and preventing buildup of sap and sawdust. This feature ensures smoother cuts, prolongs the blade’s life, and maintains the sawmill’s performance over time.
  5. How does the LX50SUPER ensure stability and accuracy during cutting operations?
    The LX50SUPER’s heavy-duty bent steel frame and laser-cut steel bed with diagonal crossbars provide a stable and robust foundation, minimizing vibrations and enhancing cutting accuracy. The precise alignment of components and durable construction ensure reliable and accurate sawing.
  6. Are there any specific features in the LX50SUPER that enhance user convenience and efficiency?
    Yes, features like quick-set log clamps and side supports streamline log handling and secure positioning. The sawmill’s design for easy blade changes minimizes downtime, while the crank handle and log scale facilitate quick adjustments and consistent cutting of various lumber sizes.
  7. How does Wood-Mizer ensure the quality and reliability of the LX50SUPER?
    Manufactured by Wood-Mizer in Europe, the LX50SUPER benefits from decades of experience in producing high-quality sawmilling equipment. The company’s commitment to quality, backed by a reputable brand, ensures that each LX50SUPER sawmill meets rigorous standards for performance and durability.

We hope you found our insights on the Wood-Mizer LX50SUPER Portable Sawmill enlightening and useful. If you have experiences, tips, or questions about this sawmill, we’d love to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s build a community of knowledgeable and enthusiastic sawyers. Your feedback not only enriches our discussion but also helps others in their sawmilling journey. For those curious about other models or seeking more reviews, feel free to explore our collection of sawmill reviews here. Dive into the details, compare features, and find the perfect sawmill for your needs. Happy sawing!

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