Woodland Mills Woodlander Sawmill Review 2024 (HM126)


Woodland Mills, a renowned brand in the realm of portable sawmills, offers a model that stands out in terms of performance, functionality, and durability – the HM126 Woodlander. This portable bandsaw mill is designed for demanding work and exhibits a blend of robust construction and superior performance.

Woodland Mills HM126
  • Maximum log diameter: 26″ (66cm)
  • Maximum board width: 24″ (61cm)
  • Maximum board length: 10′ 5″ (3.1m) with standard track & trailer; 16′ 11″ (5.1m) with Woodlander XL
  • Minimum board thickness: 1/16″ (2mm)
  • Saw head travel: 16″ (40cm)
  • Engine: 9.5HP or 14HP Kohler gas/petrol engine
  • Weight: 750 lbs (340kg)
  • Price: $4,764.00 – $6,147.00
Additional Features
  • 4-post saw head design with the tubular back beam for ultimate rigidity
  • Easy-to-turn hand crank system for raising and lowering saw head
  • Galvanized steel posts and track
  • Reversible blade for smooth, clean cuts
  • Optional Woodlander XL trailer for longer log lengths
  • Optional log splitter

My Personal Experience

Upon receiving the Woodland Mills HM16, the first thing I had to contend with was assembly. The task was somewhat challenging and time-consuming, but the detailed manual and video tutorials provided by Woodland Mills were a significant help. They guided me through each step, and after a few hours, the machine was ready.

Large log on Woodland Mills Woodlander Sawmill, with green tractor and log pile in the background.

Once assembled, the HM126 Woodlander’s robustness was evident. Built with heavy-duty tubular steel, it felt sturdy and reliable. The size of the machine was substantial, with a large log capacity, which I found quite impressive.

Firing up the HM126 Woodlander for the first time, the power of the Kohler engine was evident. The noise level was significant, as expected with this type of machinery, so ear protection was a must. However, the sound of the machine did not overshadow its performance. I put it to the test with a pine log, and the mill cut through it effortlessly, resulting in a smooth, even cut.

The HM126 Woodlander’s portability was a major plus. Despite its size and weight, the built-in trailer system made transportation relatively easy. I could move the sawmill around my property without difficulty, and it could be taken to different locations for various projects.

I had the opportunity to work with different types of wood, from softwoods like pine to hardwoods like oak. In all cases, the HM126 Woodlander performed admirably, handling each log with ease and precision.

Woodland Mills Woodlander Sawmill with a large log, outdoor setting with green tractor and log pile.

However, I noticed that blade maintenance was a critical aspect of ensuring the machine’s optimal performance. Regular cleaning and tensioning were required. Fortunately, the lubrication tank helped keep the blade in good condition during operation, reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks.

Customer support was another strong point. When I had a query, the Woodland Mills team responded promptly and professionally, providing the assistance I needed. Knowing there was a 2-year warranty on the HM126 Woodlander also gave me peace of mind.

Despite the initial investment and time required for assembly and maintenance, I found the HM126 Woodlander to be a reliable, powerful, and versatile machine. Its robust construction and performance, coupled with its portability and excellent customer support, made it a valuable addition to my woodworking tools.

Design and Construction

The HM126 Woodlander represents the robust design and superior construction synonymous with Woodland Mills. The sawmill is powered by a hefty 9.5 HP or 14 HP 4-cycle Kohler engine, depending on the model chosen, capable of effortless cutting through both hard and softwood.

Outdoor Woodland Mills sawmill processing a large log amidst greenery.

Constructed with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame, this sawmill promises resilience against wear and tear, making it an excellent choice for both personal and professional woodworking tasks. Additionally, it has a large 26″ (66cm) log diameter capacity and a 22″ (56cm) width of cut, enabling it to handle a variety of lumbering tasks. The adjustable blade guide offers a way to ensure precise cuts, a key requirement for all woodworking projects.

Pros and Cons

  • The HM126 Woodlander is powered by a robust 9.5 HP or 14 HP Kohler engine, providing the necessary power to handle both hard and softwood efficiently.
  • With its heavy-duty tubular steel design, the HM126 Woodlander promises durability, making it a reliable option for regular, intensive use.
  • Despite its robust construction, the HM126 Woodlander features a convenient trailer system for easy transportation. Its portability makes it suitable for various work environments.
  • The sawmill is capable of processing a variety of wood types, making it a flexible choice for different woodworking projects.
  • Woodland Mills provides a 2-year warranty on the HM126 Woodlander, ensuring customers have access to support if needed.
  • The HM126 Woodlander requires assembly upon delivery. While the company provides comprehensive guides and videos, the assembly might be challenging for those unfamiliar with such equipment.
  • The tensioning of the blade is manual on the HM126 Woodlander, which could be considered less convenient compared to models with automatic tensioning systems.
  • The HM126 Woodlander is not the cheapest option on the market, potentially making it a significant investment for hobbyists or those on a tighter budget. However, its durability and performance make it a worthy investment for long-term use.
  • The HM126 Woodlander, like most heavy machinery, can produce considerable noise during operation. This might be a factor to consider in residential or noise-sensitive areas.
  • Regular maintenance is essential for keeping the HM126 Woodlander in optimal condition. This might be a potential drawback for users seeking low-maintenance equipment.

Portability and Convenience

A notable feature of the HM126 Woodlander Sawmill is its portability. This model includes a trailer system, allowing for easy transportation despite its heavyweight nature. The wheel design, coupled with the lightweight yet durable frame, facilitates convenient movement of the sawmill, making it ideal for off-site work or remote woodland locations.

Person operating a Woodland Mills sawmill in a forested area.

The HM126 Woodlander features an auto-locking sawhead system, which eliminates the need for time-consuming manual head adjustments, enhancing productivity by delivering consistent and accurate cuts.

Performance and Efficiency

The HM126 Woodlander shines in terms of speed and precision. The high-powered engine, combined with Lenox Woodmaster hardened steel blades, assures smooth and clean cuts even when dealing with hard types of woods. The sawmill is also equipped with a 19″ cast-iron bandwheel, contributing to smooth and efficient operation.

Person handling freshly cut wooden plank on Woodland Mills sawmill.

The efficiency of the HM126 Woodlander extends to blade maintenance. The mill comes with a lubrication tank that helps cool and clean the blade during operation, reducing maintenance time and prolonging blade life.

Customer Support and Warranty

Woodland SawMill is known for its excellent customer service and support. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the HM126 Woodlander, giving customers added peace of mind.

Additionally, the company provides comprehensive guides and tutorial videos to aid in the assembly and operation of the HM126 Woodlander, making it user-friendly even for novices.


The HM126 Woodlander offers versatility in sawmilling. It is ideal for a range of woodworking applications, from milling lumber for furniture to cutting beams for construction projects. It can manage various types of wood, including hardwoods like oak and walnut, and softwoods like pine and cedar.


The HM126 Woodlander portable sawmill from Woodland Mills offers a fantastic combination of performance, durability, and user-friendly features. It is an excellent choice for individuals or businesses looking for a reliable sawmilling solution, whether for personal use, small-scale commercial operations, or remote lumber processing. The initial investment may be substantial, but the functionality and versatility of the HM126 Woodlander make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Woodland Mills Woodlander sawmill with a large log, surrounded by greenery and wood piles.

Investing in the HM126 Woodlander means acquiring a piece of equipment that balances traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, capable of elevating any woodworking project to new levels of precision and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the maximum log diameter the HM126 can handle?
    The HM126 can handle a maximum log diameter of 26 inches (66 cm), with a width of cut up to 22 inches (56 cm).
  2. What kind of engine does the Woodland Mills HM126 come with?
    The HM126 is powered by either a 9.5 HP or 14 HP 4-cycle Kohler engine, depending on the chosen model.
  3. Is the HM126 easy to transport?
    Yes, despite its robust design, the HM126 features a convenient trailer system that allows for easy transport. It’s designed to be portable and can be taken to different work sites with ease.
  4. What kind of maintenance does the HM126 require?
    Regular maintenance for the HM126 includes cleaning and lubricating the blade, checking the tension of the blade, and ensuring the engine is properly serviced.
  5. Does the Woodland Mills HM126 come with a warranty?
    Yes, Woodland Mills provides a 2-year warranty on the HM126, demonstrating their confidence in the product’s quality and longevity.
  6. How difficult is the HM126 to assemble?
    Some users have reported that assembly can be somewhat challenging, especially for those not familiar with such machinery. However, Woodland Mills offers comprehensive assembly guides and tutorial videos to assist with the process.
  7. Can the HM126 handle different types of wood?
    Yes, the HM126 can cut a variety of hardwood and softwood types, making it suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects.
  8. Does the HM126 come with blades or do I need to purchase them separately?
    The HM126 typically comes with one or two blades included, but additional or replacement blades would need to be purchased separately.
  9. How noisy is the HM126 during operation?
    As with most heavy machinery, the HM126 can generate significant noise during operation. Users should take appropriate safety measures, including the use of hearing protection.
  10. Where can I purchase the HM126?
    The HM126 can be purchased directly from the Woodland Mills website or from various approved dealers. It’s always advisable to purchase from trusted sources to ensure product authenticity and warranty coverage.

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