Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove Review


When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, having the right equipment can make all the difference. The Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove is one such piece of gear that has been capturing the attention of outdoor enthusiasts. In this comprehensive review, we will take an in-depth look at this tiny yet mighty wood-burning stove designed for tents, shelters, and best for camping.

Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove

Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove

The Winnerwell Nomad Stove is a compact and portable wood-burning stove designed for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hunters, and anyone in need of a reliable heating and cooking solution in the wild. Its design draws inspiration from traditional wood stoves, but it incorporates modern features to make it an ideal companion for all types of outdoor adventures.

The Winnerwell Nomad Medium Wood Burning Tent Stove comes with everything you need to keep warm and cook in style. The package includes:

package Winnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove

Comes With:

  • 1 stove body
  • 5 sections of 2.5-inch diameter chimney pipe
  • 1 spark arrestor
  • 1 ash scraper
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What sets the Nomad Stove apart from the Woodlander series is its unique design. It features a rectangular-shaped firebox and a nesting four-leg design. These design elements combine to give the Nomad Stove a slightly smaller footprint, making it a fantastic option for recreational shelters like tiny homes, vans, and bus conversions where space is at a premium. Moreover, a fireproof hearth area can be easily accommodated for safe operation.

Portability and Convenience

Portability and Convenience

In terms of portability, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to handle. At only 20 pounds, I could easily lift it and move it around, whether I was setting up camp in the wilderness or arranging it inside my campervan. Its compact size meant that it didn’t take up much space in my vehicle, leaving room for all the other essential gear.

One of the standout features for me was the ingenious design of the chimney pipe. Having all 5 sections of the chimney pipe stow neatly inside the stove body was a game-changer. This eliminated the need to carry extra, bulky chimney components separately. It saved me precious storage space and made setting up and packing down camp a breeze.

Innovative Features

Winnerwell has packed the Nomad Stove with features to enhance your camping or recreational experience. These include:

Glass Viewing Window

The glass viewing window on the Winnerwell Nomad Stove has become one of my favorite features, and it’s easy to see why. It has added a unique and delightful dimension to my camping and outdoor experiences.

The first thing I noticed about the glass viewing window was how it instantly elevated the ambiance of my campsite. The dancing flames and glowing embers were no longer hidden behind a solid door; they were on full display, casting a mesmerizing play of light and shadows across the interior of my shelter. It created a sense of coziness and intimacy that is hard to put into words.

What I particularly cherished was the connection it provided with the natural world outside. While staying warm and comfortable inside, I could still appreciate the raw beauty of an open fire. The sight of the flames moving and the occasional crackling sound added an authentic touch of wilderness to my camping experience.

Speaking of safety, the glass window added to my peace of mind. It meant that I didn’t have to open the door, potentially releasing sparks or embers into the tent. This safety feature was particularly valuable, especially during cold nights when I didn’t want to venture outside to tend to the fire.

glass viewing

In essence, the glass viewing window transformed the Winnerwell Nomad Stove into a captivating centerpiece of my campsite. It provided a sense of connection with the outdoors, enhanced the overall coziness and comfort, and offered practical benefits in terms of fire management. It became a focal point for relaxation, storytelling, and creating lasting memories with friends and family.

Side Shelves

Side Shelves

The side shelves are a game-changer when it comes to cooking in the great outdoors. They provide extra utility and space to prepare and cook your meals, making your camping experience feel like home.

Dual Dampers

The dual dampers on the Winnerwell Nomad Stove have been a game-changer in my camping and outdoor cooking experiences. They have added a level of control and flexibility that I truly appreciate.

  1. Precise Control: One of the standout advantages of the dual dampers is the precise control they offer over the stove’s performance. When I wanted a slow, even burn to maintain a comfortable temperature in my tent throughout the night, I could easily adjust the dampers to achieve this. This level of control allowed me to fine-tune the stove’s heat output to match the specific conditions and my comfort needs.
  2. Efficient Heating: During chilly nights, having the ability to regulate the stove’s burn rate with the dampers was invaluable. I could extend the burning time of a load of wood, ensuring that I stayed warm without needing to add more fuel frequently. This not only made my wood supply last longer but also reduced the need to get up in the middle of the night to tend to the stove.
  3. Rapid Cooking: On the other hand, when it was time to cook a meal, the dual dampers made it easy to create a quick and intense fire. This rapid heating capability was especially handy for preparing meals efficiently during outdoor cooking sessions. Whether I was boiling water for coffee or cooking a hearty campfire meal, I could achieve the desired heat level with ease.
  4. Adaptability: The adaptability of the stove’s performance through the dual dampers extended to various scenarios. Whether I was in a cold alpine environment, a mild spring camping trip, or even using the stove for different purposes like drying wet gear, I found that the dampers allowed me to adapt the stove to the specific requirements of the moment.
  5. Overall Convenience: Beyond their functional benefits, the dual dampers added a layer of convenience to my camping experience. Adjusting them was straightforward, and I could do so without needing to interrupt my activities or open the stove’s door. This convenience was especially appreciated during those moments when I wanted to relax and enjoy the outdoors without constant stove management.

Decorative Twisted Metal Handles

The Winnerwell Nomad Stove is not just a functional piece of equipment; it’s also a piece of craftsmanship that pays attention to aesthetics, and a prime example of this is the decorative twisted metal handles.

Decorative Twisted Metal Handles

From the moment I set my eyes on these handles, I was captivated by their rustic charm and elegance. They immediately stood out as more than just a utilitarian feature; they added a touch of character to the stove’s overall design. The twisted metal handles, with their intricate and artistic appearance, transformed the stove into something more than just a heating and cooking appliance – they made it a centerpiece of ambiance in my camping setup.

But these handles aren’t just about looks; they serve a practical purpose that I came to appreciate with each use of the stove. The twisted design offers a secure and comfortable grip, even when the stove is hot from a roaring fire inside. This is crucial for safety and convenience. Whether it was time to add more wood, adjust the damper, or check on the fire’s status, I could confidently grasp the handles without fear of burns or discomfort.

The smooth operation of the handles further enhances the stove’s user-friendliness. Opening and closing the stove’s door is a simple and hassle-free process. Even in the midst of a cold winter night, when the stove was at its hottest, I could manipulate the handles with ease. This meant that I could maintain a consistent temperature inside my tent or shelter without the need for elaborate tools or gloves.

Beyond their functionality, these handles played a significant role in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere around the stove. The flickering flames seen through the glass viewing window combined with the charming handles added a touch of warmth and ambiance to my campsite. It turned a mere appliance into a focal point where friends and I could gather, share stories, and enjoy the comforts of the great outdoors.

Multi-Fuel Capability

One of the standout features of the Winnerwell Nomad Stove is its incredible versatility when it comes to fuel. I’ve used various fuels, including wood, biomass, and even dry twigs, and the stove handled them all with ease. This flexibility is not only convenient but also eco-friendly, as it allows you to use readily available resources.

Efficient Heating

Efficient Heating

The Winnerwell Nomad Stove’s efficient combustion chamber is nothing short of remarkable, and it has been an absolute game-changer during my outdoor adventures. When it comes to heating, this stove truly excels.

In the bitter cold of winter nights, particularly in the rugged wilderness, staying warm is not just a matter of comfort but also one of safety. This is where the Nomad Stove truly shines. Its combustion chamber is designed to maximize heat output, efficiently converting the energy from the wood or other fuels into a steady and comforting warmth.

My personal experience with the Nomad Stove in freezing conditions has been outstanding. It’s like having a reliable and cozy campfire right inside my shelter. Even when the temperatures plummeted and the wind howled outside, I could count on this stove to keep me warm and comfortable.

FeatureWinnerwell Nomad Medium Tent Stove
Heat Output400-600 square feet.
Fuel EfficiencyVery efficient with minimal wood usage
Burn TimeApproximately 6 to 8 hours on a load
Efficiency RatingHigh (Excellent fuel-to-heat conversion)

What sets this stove apart is its ability to maintain a consistent level of heat. It doesn’t just provide a burst of warmth; it delivers a steady, even heat that lasts for a significant period. This feature is crucial for a comfortable and restful night’s sleep when camping in the cold.

During those cold camping nights, I’ve often been amazed at how long I could keep the stove burning with a relatively small amount of firewood. It’s not just about heating efficiency; it’s also about extending the burning time to ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere throughout the night. This not only saves firewood but also reduces the need to get up and tend to the stove during the small hours.

Versatility and Usability

The Winnerwell Nomad Stove has truly been a versatile and valuable addition to my outdoor adventures. While its primary function is heating and cooking, it has served several other roles, enhancing the overall camping experience.

Versatility and Usability
  1. Source of Light: Beyond its heating and cooking capabilities, the Nomad Stove has functioned as a reliable source of light in my campsite. The warm, flickering flames visible through the glass viewing window cast a soothing and atmospheric glow inside my tent or shelter. This soft illumination created a cozy and inviting ambiance, perfect for reading, storytelling, or simply enjoying the evening with friends and family. It’s a comforting and natural alternative to harsh electric lighting in the great outdoors.
  2. Additional Warmth: While its primary purpose is to provide heat, the Nomad Stove has gone beyond that by contributing to the overall warmth of my campsite. The stove’s radiant heat, in addition to its convective heat, creates a comfortable and enveloping warmth that goes beyond simply heating the air. This means that not only does it keep me warm, but it also keeps my gear and surroundings cozy during cold nights.
  3. User-Friendly Design: One of the standout features of the Nomad Stove is its user-friendly design. Even as someone who was initially a novice with wood stoves, I found them remarkably easy to operate. The controls, including the dual dampers for airflow adjustment, were intuitive and straightforward. The side shelves provided a convenient space for utensils, cookware, and other essentials, keeping everything within easy reach. This simplicity made my cooking experience much more enjoyable, even in the wild.
  4. Safety and Peace of Mind: The stove’s design and safety features contributed to my overall peace of mind. The spark arrestor and side shelf added safety by preventing sparks or embers from escaping, reducing the risk of accidents in the camp. Knowing that the stove was designed with safety in mind allowed me to relax and enjoy the experience without constant worry.

Build Quality and Durability

Build Quality

From the moment I first laid eyes on the Nomad Stove, I could tell that it was a product built to last. The choice of 304 stainless steel for its construction was a reassuring sign of its quality. As I used it over numerous camping trips and exposed it to various outdoor conditions, my initial impressions were certainly validated.

  1. Stainless Steel Construction: The use of 304 stainless steel is a key factor in the stove’s durability. This high-grade stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion, never rust, and staining. It can withstand the harshest outdoor environments without showing signs of degradation. Even after prolonged exposure to moisture, varying temperatures, and the wear and tear of transportation, the stove’s exterior remained remarkably intact.
  2. Rugged Outdoor Use: The Nomad Stove accompanied me on camping trips in different seasons and terrains. It endured rainy days, cold nights, and even the occasional bump or scrape during transportation. Throughout these experiences, it maintained its structural integrity. The stove’s body, chimney, and components remained solid and functional, proving its resilience in outdoor conditions.
  3. No Signs of Wear and Tear: One of the most impressive aspects of the Nomad Stove’s build quality is its ability to resist wear and tear. After extensive use, including numerous firing cycles and cleaning sessions, the stove still looked and performed like new. There were no visible signs of deterioration, no weakened joints, and no issues with the hinges or door.
  4. Longevity and Value: The durability of the Nomad Stove is a testament to its quality craftsmanship. It’s evident that this stove is not just designed for a few camping trips but for many years of reliable service. This longevity translates into excellent value for money, as it’s a product that can be relied upon for countless outdoor adventures.

Heating Performance

The heating performance of the Winnerwell Nomad Stove has consistently exceeded my expectations, and it’s been an absolute game-changer during my camping adventures, especially in chilly weather.

  1. Efficient Combustion Chamber: The heart of the Nomad Stove is its combustion chamber, and it’s clear that it’s designed for efficiency. When I fire up the stove, it doesn’t take long for the heat to start radiating into my tent or outdoor cooking area. The stove quickly reaches a comfortable temperature, providing a warm and inviting environment even in the midst of cold weather. This efficiency is a real asset, particularly when you need to warm up quickly after a long day of outdoor activities.
  2. Consistent and Reliable Heat Source: What truly stands out about the Nomad Stove is its ability to maintain a consistent and reliable heat source. Once the stove is up and running, it doesn’t falter. It consistently delivers a steady stream of warmth, which is vital for keeping a tent or shelter comfortably heated throughout the night. This reliability is crucial for a restful night’s sleep during cold camping trips.
  3. Quick Warm-Up: Another remarkable aspect of the Nomad Stove’s heating performance is its ability to warm up the space rapidly. When you’ve been out in the cold and damp all day, there’s nothing quite like stepping into a warm and toasty tent. This stove has allowed me to enjoy my camping experience to the fullest, knowing that I can escape the chill and relax in comfort.
  4. Enjoying Chilly Weather: With the Nomad Stove, I’ve found myself actually looking forward to camping in chilly weather. It has turned what might have been a cold and uncomfortable experience into an enjoyable adventure. Whether I’m huddled inside the tent for a cozy evening or preparing a hot meal, the stove’s heating performance has made it possible to relish every moment, regardless of the temperature outside.

Personal Experience with Burn Times

  1. Type of Wood: Hardwood, such as oak or maple, tends to burn more slowly and produce longer-lasting coals compared to softwood like pine. When I’ve used hardwood logs of medium size (around 4-6 inches in diameter), they typically take about 3 to 4 hours to burn down to ashes in my stove.
  2. Log Size: Log size plays a significant role. Smaller logs or split wood tend to burn faster and may turn into ashes in as little as 2 to 3 hours, especially if they are well-seasoned. On the other hand, larger logs, especially those with a diameter of 8 to 12 inches, can take significantly longer, around 4 to 6 hours or more.
  3. Wood Moisture: The moisture content of the wood is critical. Dry and well-seasoned wood burns more efficiently and turns into ashes faster than green or wet wood. I’ve noticed that using seasoned wood results in more predictable burn times.
  4. Stove Efficiency: The efficiency of the wood-burning stove itself matters. Modern, well-designed stoves tend to burn wood more completely and at higher temperatures, which can lead to faster ash production. My stove, in particular, has been efficient in this regard.
  5. Airflow and Operating Conditions: Finally, how you control the airflow and dampers in the stove can also impact burn times. Adjusting these factors can either prolong the burn time or accelerate it, depending on your preferences.

Here’s a table summarizing the approximate burn times for different wood types and log sizes based on my personal experience using a wood-burning stove:

Wood TypeLog SizeApproximate Burn Time to Ashes
Hardwood (e.g., oak, maple)Medium (4-6 inches in diameter)3-4 hours
Softwood (e.g., pine, spruce)Medium (4-6 inches in diameter)2-3 hours
HardwoodLarge (8-12 inches in diameter)4-6 hours
SoftwoodLarge (8-12 inches in diameter)3-5 hours
Well-Seasoned HardwoodSmall (2-3 inches in diameter)2-3 hours
Well-Seasoned SoftwoodSmall (2-3 inches in diameter)1-2 hours

Portability and Compactness


One of the standout features of the Winnerwell Nomad Stove, in my experience, is its remarkable portability and compact design. It has significantly enhanced the convenience and flexibility of my outdoor adventures, whether I’m camping in the wilderness, hiking, or embarking on a hunting expedition.

  1. Compact Design: The Nomad Stove’s compact design is a real game-changer. It’s designed to be small and lightweight without sacrificing performance. When disassembled for transport, it easily fits into the trunk of my car, a backpack, or any other storage space I have available. Its compact size is a huge advantage, especially when I have limited space for gear.
  2. Lightweight Nature: The stove’s lightweight construction is a major plus. At just 20 pounds, I can comfortably carry it to my campsite or hunting spot without feeling burdened. This is especially important during hikes or when I’m covering long distances on foot. It ensures that I can have a reliable source of heat and cooking wherever my adventure takes me.
  3. Easy to Transport: Whether I’m setting up camp deep in the wilderness or simply moving the stove around my campsite, I appreciate how easy it is to transport. The Nomad Stove’s components fit together seamlessly, and it’s a breeze to set up and take down. The included side shelves even double as a convenient carry handle, making it even simpler to move around.
  4. Enhancing the Experience: The portability of the Nomad Stove enhances the overall outdoor experience. I can choose more remote or rugged campsite locations with confidence, knowing that I can transport and set up my stove without hassle. It has allowed me to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of a reliable heating and cooking source.

Setting Up the Winnerwell Nomad Stove

Setting up the Winnerwell Nomad Stove is an integral part of my camping routine, and I can attest to its straightforward nature, even for someone like me who was initially a novice with wood stoves. Here’s a closer look at my experience:

  1. Straightforward Setup: Right from the start, I found that setting up the Nomad Stove was a straightforward process. The stove arrives with clear instructions, and the components fit together logically. Assembling the stove body and connecting the chimney pipe sections was intuitive. The rectangular firebox design and nesting four-leg structure made it relatively easy to find the right configuration.
  2. Crucial Instructions: Following the provided instructions is crucial for safe and efficient operation, as mentioned. These guidelines help ensure that the stove is set up correctly, that the chimney pipe is securely attached, and that the dampers are adjusted appropriately. It’s a matter of both safety and performance. Even if you have experience with wood stoves, it’s always a good practice to review the instructions to ensure you’re using the stove optimally.
  3. Learning Curve: While setting up the stove is straightforward, there may be a slight learning curve for first-time users. This was indeed the case for me. Initially, I took some extra time to familiarize myself with the components and the correct sequence of assembly. However, this learning curve is not steep, and with each use, I became more proficient. It quickly became second nature to set up the stove efficiently.
  4. Peace of Mind: Once I gained experience with the Nomad Stove, I appreciated the peace of mind that came with it. Knowing that I could set up a reliable heat source quickly and correctly added to the overall enjoyment of my camping trips. I could focus more on the adventure itself and less on the technicalities of stove setup.

Safety Features

Safety is always a top concern when using any camping equipment, and the Winnerwell Nomad Stove doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It’s equipped with essential safety features that have given me peace of mind during my camping experiences.

  1. Spark Arrestor: The inclusion of a spark arrestor is a crucial safety feature. It effectively prevents sparks or embers from escaping the stove, reducing the risk of unintended fires or accidents. Knowing that the Nomad Stove has this protection in place adds a layer of safety while I enjoy the warmth and comfort it provides.
  2. Side Shelf: The side shelf, which also serves as a handy workspace, contributes to safety by providing a designated area for cooking and placing hot cookware. It prevents accidental contact with the stove’s body, reducing the risk of burns or injuries. This thoughtful addition adds to the overall safety of using the stove.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the Nomad Stove has been a straightforward process in my experience. Regular care ensures its longevity and optimal performance. Cleaning the combustion chamber, checking for signs of wear, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations are essential steps to keep it in top shape.

Accessories and Add-Ons

The availability of accessories and add-ons for the Nomad Stove has allowed me to tailor my camping experiences to my preferences. Whether it’s adding a water tank for hot water on demand or an oven kit for baking in the wilderness, these options have elevated my outdoor cooking game and made camping more enjoyable.

Pricing and Value for Money

While the estimated price of $359.99 for the Winnerwell Nomad Stove might be slightly higher than some other camping stoves, I’ve found it to be a worthwhile investment. Its combination of durability, efficiency, and versatility ensures that it’s cost-effective for those who frequently engage in outdoor activities. With each camping trip, it proves its value in terms of performance and reliability.

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Pros and Cons of the Winnerwell Nomad Stove


  • Efficient heating and cooking capabilities.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Durability with stainless steel construction.
  • Multi-fuel compatibility.


  • Initial setup might require some practice.
  • Not suitable for large groups due to its compact size.


In conclusion, the Winnerwell Nomad Stove has proven itself as a top-tier choice for campers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts who value compactness, durability, and versatility in their camping gear. Its exceptional heating performance, multi-fuel compatibility, and user-friendly design make it a standout choice for those looking to stay warm and cook outdoors. With this stove in my gear arsenal, I’ve enjoyed countless memorable camping experiences, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to fellow adventurers.


  1. How long does it take to burn in the Winnerwell Nomad medium?
    The burn-in time for a Winnerwell Nomad medium stove, or any wood-burning stove for that matter, can vary. Typically, it’s recommended to perform a burn-in process when you first use the stove to remove any manufacturing residues or coatings. This burn-in process may take about 1-2 hours, but it’s essential to follow the specific instructions provided in the stove’s user manual for precise guidance.
  2. Where are Winnerwell stoves made?
    Winnerwell stoves are manufactured by Winnerwell, a company based in China. They have gained popularity for their high-quality portable wood-burning stoves, tents, and related outdoor equipment.
  3. How much does a Winnerwell stove weigh?
    The weight of a Winnerwell stove can vary depending on the model and size. Typically, a portable wood-burning stove like the Winnerwell Nomad medium might weigh around 20-30 pounds (9-14 kilograms). It’s essential to check the product specifications for the specific model you’re interested in, as weights can vary.
  4. Can you use a portable wood stove indoors?
    Yes, you can use a portable wood stove indoors, but there are important safety considerations to keep in mind. Make sure the stove is designed for indoor use and has appropriate safety features. Ensure that your indoor space is well-ventilated to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. Also, check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits for indoor wood stove usage. Safety precautions and proper installation are crucial to prevent fire hazards and ensure indoor air quality.
  5. Do tent stoves really work?
    Yes, tent stoves are effective for heating and cooking in outdoor and camping settings. They are designed to burn wood, providing warmth and allowing you to cook food. Tent stoves often come with a chimney or flue pipe to direct smoke outside the tent while retaining heat inside. They are efficient at heating small to medium-sized tents, making them suitable for cold-weather camping. However, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines and ensure proper ventilation when using a tent stove to minimize risks associated with carbon monoxide and fire hazards.
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