MicroJig’s Dovetail Hardware Kit Review


MicroJig’s Dovetail Hardware Kit is part of their MatchFit system, which is designed to provide all the functionality of T-track at a fraction of the cost. T-tracks are commonly used in jigs and fixtures to allow for the quick and easy attachment of fences, stops, and other components. However, they can be expensive to purchase and install.


  • Compatibility: Works with any standard ½” x 14º dovetail router bit.
  • Quantity: Includes 6 pieces of hardware.
  • Individual Hardware:
    • Track Screw: #10-32 x 1-1/2” (38.1mm)
    • Wing Knob: #10-32

What is MicroJig’s Dovetail Hardware Kit?

MicroJig’s Dovetail Hardware Kit is a specialized set of tools and components designed for woodworking projects, particularly those involving the creation of dovetail slots and joints. The kit is meticulously engineered to complement MicroJig’s MatchFit system, known for its innovative approach to clamping and fixture solutions in woodworking.

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

The heart of this kit is a collection of 1032 hardware, all of which are crafted to seamlessly fit into a 14-degree, half-inch dovetail slot. This specific slot dimension is a standard among MicroJig’s range of products, ensuring compatibility and versatility across various woodworking tasks.

Overview of Components

Track Screws

MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit

The track screws in the MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit come in three distinct lengths to cater to a wide range of woodworking needs. The 1.5-inch track screws are invaluable for working with thicker materials or when deep attachments are necessary, providing the reach and stability required for securing heavy or substantial workpieces. On the other hand, the 1-inch track screws serve as the versatile backbone of the kit, offering a balance of strength and adaptability that makes them suitable for a myriad of standard woodworking tasks. They ensure a firm hold without being too intrusive, making them ideal for everyday use. For more delicate operations, the 3/4-inch track screws come into play, specifically designed for shallow attachments or when working with more sensitive materials. These shorter screws allow for secure fastening without the risk of damaging the workpiece, preserving its integrity while still providing a reliable hold.

Track Nuts

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

The track nuts are integral to the functionality of the MicroJig system, designed to slide seamlessly into the dovetail slot. Their precise shape and size ensure a perfect fit, facilitating a smooth integration with the rest of the MicroJig components. Once in place, these nuts provide a secure anchor point for the track screws, creating a stable and robust connection that’s essential for the rigidity of any woodworking project. The precision threading of these nuts is crucial, as it guarantees a smooth engagement with the screws, significantly reducing the likelihood of slippage or loosening under the stresses of woodworking tasks.

Wing Knobs and Round Knobs

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

The inclusion of both wing knobs and round knobs in the kit offers woodworkers ergonomic options for manual adjustments. The wing knobs, with their extended surface area, provide significant leverage, making them the go-to choice for applications requiring frequent adjustments or a firm grip. In contrast, the round knobs offer a more compact and streamlined option, their smooth contours designed for comfort and ease of use in tighter spaces. Both types of knobs are unified by their 10 32 threading, ensuring they are fully compatible with the track screws included in the kit.

Shoulder Washers and Flat Washers

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

The kit’s washers, both shoulder and flat, play a critical role in the assembly process. Shoulder washers are specifically designed to align the screws within the dovetail slot accurately, ensuring a snug fit and enhanced stability. Meanwhile, flat washers are tasked with distributing the pressure exerted by the tightening of screws, effectively minimizing the risk of damage to both the hardware and the workpiece. This thoughtful inclusion of washers ensures that each component functions optimally, safeguarding the longevity and integrity of both the kit and the woodworking projects it’s used on.

Dovetail Slot Compatibility

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

A standout feature of the MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit is its seamless integration with the dovetail slot, a hallmark of the MicroJig system. This compatibility is not accidental but the result of meticulous design, ensuring that every piece of the kit works smoothly within this framework. Moreover, the kit’s components are designed to be fully compatible with MicroJig’s dovetail clamps, further broadening the range of potential applications and enhancing the system’s overall utility.

Versatility for Woodworking Projects

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

The true value of the MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit lies in its versatility. Woodworkers are empowered to create custom jigs and fixtures tailored to their specific project needs, whether they require intricate jigs for unique tasks or versatile fixtures for general use. Additionally, the kit allows for the enhancement of tool functionality, such as adding adjustable stops to fences for precision work or constructing sacrificial fences and corner brackets to improve the efficiency and precision of woodworking endeavors. This versatility not only expands the creative possibilities within the workshop but also significantly enhances the quality and precision of the work produced.

Possibilities for Woodworking Projects

Enhancing Miter Gauges: Auxiliary Fence Attachment

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

One of the standout applications of the hardware kit is in enhancing miter gauges through the attachment of auxiliary fences. This allows for greater accuracy and support when making angled cuts. By using the dovetail hardware, woodworkers can quickly attach a sturdy, custom-sized fence to their miter gauge, improving the precision and safety of their cuts.

Creating Sacrificial Fences: Reusability and Convenience

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

Sacrificial fences, often used to protect primary fences or workpieces from damage during cutting, can be easily created and attached using the dovetail hardware. The reusability and convenience offered by these sacrificial fences are unparalleled, as they can be made from scrap wood and replaced when worn, saving both time and resources.

Adding Stops to Fences: Drill Accuracy and Consistency

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

The addition of adjustable stops to fences is another practical application of the Dovetail Hardware Kit. These stops can be crucial for tasks requiring repetitive drilling or cutting at consistent lengths. The hardware allows for the easy setup of these stops, ensuring drill accuracy and consistency across multiple workpieces.

Constructing Corner Brackets: Assembly and Disassembly

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

Finally, the kit facilitates the construction of corner brackets, which are essential for assembling frames, boxes, or any project requiring sturdy, right-angled joints. The ease of assembly and disassembly provided by the hardware kit means that these corner brackets can be used temporarily or adjusted as needed, adding to the kit’s overall versatility in woodworking projects.

Practical Application and Benefits

Enhanced Woodworking Precision

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

The precision that the Dovetail Hardware Kit brings to woodworking projects is a game-changer. The meticulously designed components, such as track screws and track nuts, fit perfectly into the dovetail slots, ensuring a snug and stable setup. This precision is crucial when working on projects that require exact measurements and tight tolerances, reducing errors and enhancing the overall quality of the work. Whether it’s creating intricate joinery, cutting precise angles with a miter gauge, or ensuring consistent drill holes with added stops to fences, the hardware kit ensures that every action is precise and every result is as intended.

Tool-free Setups

MicroJig's Dovetail Hardware Kit Review

One of the most appreciated benefits of the Dovetail Hardware Kit is the ease of tool-free setups. The inclusion of wing and round knobs allows for quick manual adjustments without the need for additional tools. This not only speeds up the process of setting up jigs and fixtures but also makes it easier to make on-the-fly adjustments during a project. The simplicity of attaching, adjusting, and removing components without the hassle of reaching for a tool adds a layer of efficiency and user-friendliness to the woodworking process, making it accessible and enjoyable even for beginners.

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In conclusion, the MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit stands as an invaluable asset for woodworkers of all levels, offering a versatile range of components that enhance precision, efficiency, and creativity in the workshop. With its carefully designed track screws, track nuts, ergonomic knobs, and specialized washers, the kit provides a robust foundation for a multitude of woodworking projects. The seamless compatibility with the dovetail slot and dovetail clamps amplifies its utility, making it a staple in any woodworker’s toolkit. Whether it’s for constructing custom jigs and fixtures, enhancing tool functionality with auxiliary attachments, or ensuring precise and consistent operations through adjustable stops, the MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit is a testament to innovation and craftsmanship in woodworking. Its ability to cater to a wide array of project needs while offering tool-free setups and customization options not only streamlines the woodworking process but also opens up new avenues for creativity and precision in the craft.


1. Can the MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit be used with any brand of dovetail slots, or is it specific to MicroJig products?
The MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit is specifically designed to be compatible with MicroJig’s system, including their dovetail slots and clamps. While the hardware may fit other 14-degree, half-inch dovetail slots, optimal performance is ensured when used with MicroJig’s ecosystem of products.
2. Is the Dovetail Hardware Kit suitable for beginners in woodworking?
Absolutely! The MicroJig Dovetail Hardware Kit is user-friendly and designed with both beginners and experienced woodworkers in mind. Its ease of use and tool-free setup make it an excellent addition to any woodworker’s toolkit, regardless of skill level.
3. What materials can the Dovetail Hardware Kit be used on?
The kit is versatile and can be used on a wide range of woodworking materials, including hardwoods, softwoods, and composite boards. It’s important to select the appropriate screw length and attachment method based on the material’s thickness and the project’s requirements.
4. How do I maintain the components of the Dovetail Hardware Kit?
To ensure the longevity and performance of the kit’s components, it’s recommended to keep them clean and free from dust and debris. Occasional lubrication of the screws and nuts may be necessary to maintain smooth operation. Store the components in a dry place to prevent corrosion.
5. Can I purchase additional components separately if I lose any parts of the kit or need extras?
Yes, MicroJig offers the option to purchase individual components of the Dovetail Hardware Kit separately. This is convenient for replacing lost parts or expanding your kit to accommodate larger or more complex projects.
6. How does the Dovetail Hardware Kit contribute to the precision of woodworking projects?
The precision of the Dovetail Hardware Kit stems from its well-designed components that ensure tight and secure fittings. This precision is crucial for tasks requiring exact measurements and alignments, such as creating jigs, fixtures, and joinery, thereby enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of woodworking projects.
7. Are there any safety tips I should follow when using the Dovetail Hardware Kit?
While the Dovetail Hardware Kit is designed with safety in mind, it’s important to follow general woodworking safety practices. Always secure the workpiece properly, ensure all components are tightly fastened before beginning your work, and wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection and hearing protection, when operating power tools.

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