Garden Hose Nozzle For Sale

A garden hose nozzle is a versatile and essential tool for anyone with a garden, lawn, or even for general outdoor cleaning tasks. It attaches to the end of a garden hose and allows you to control the water flow and pressure, making it easier to water plants, wash cars, or clean outdoor surfaces.

Popular Garden Hose Nozzle


Dramm Heavy-Duty Brass Adjustable Nozzle

Heavy-duty brass adjustable hose nozzle The Adjustable Hose Nozzle is great for cleaning walkways, patios decks and more. Multiple spray patterns and flow volume...


Melnor XT Metal Garden Nozzle

The xit 301 hose nozzle makes it easy to tackle all your watering chores - the 8-pattern nozzle can be used for plant watering,...


Orbit Front Trigger 7 Pattern Nozzle

This Orbit Front Trigger Nozzle is easy to use and perfectly suited to a variety of watering and cleaning needs. It includes a flow...


Gilmour Full Size Zinc Pistol Grip Nozzle

Quality built Gilmour pistol grip nozzles are available in a variety of designs to meet consumer needs. Key features include self-adjusting "duck" packing to...


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