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Log moulders are specialized woodworking equipment used to shape and profile logs into specific dimensions for various woodworking applications. They play a crucial role in the lumber processing industry, ensuring smooth surfaces and consistent dimensions. These machines use a feeding mechanism and cutting heads to achieve precise log shaping, reducing manual labor and optimizing raw material usage. Log moulders find applications in beams, lumber slabs, siding, paneling, and log cabins, ensuring seamless and accurate log fitting. At Forestry.com, explore a wide selection of top-notch log moulders, including models with advanced features and capabilities. Empower your woodworking journey with log moulders and safety equipment available at Forestry.com!

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Norwood LX26

The Norwood LX26 is a cutting-edge log moulder that combines advanced CNC technology with user-friendly operation, making it a top choice for woodworking professionals....


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