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Welding rods, also known as welding electrodes, are essential consumables used in various welding processes to join metals together. They come in a variety of materials and classifications, each tailored to specific welding applications and requirements.

Popular Welding Rods


HARFINGTON 1/8" x 14" Mild Steel Arc Welding Stick

Harfington Arc Welding Sticks are designed to provide superior performance when welding light to medium-gauge steel. Whether you're working on automotive bodies, metal furniture,...


YESWELDER Hydrogen Carbon Steel Stick Electrodes

E7018 is a type of low-hydrogen iron powder electrode designed to deliver superior x-ray welds. It is suitable for welding various grades of carbon...


Forney 1/8-Inch 5-Pound Welding Stick

Forney 1/8-Inch 5-Pound Welding Stick is a type of welding electrode, specifically designed for use with alternating current (AC) welding machines. It is characterized...


Welding City 10-Lb Mild Steel Stick Welder

The Welding City 10-Lb Mild Steel Stick Welder is engineered with premium quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. The ER70S-6 mild steel alloy...


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