Grizzly 4 in. G0787

Grizzly 4 in. G0787

Grizzly 4 in. G0787

Grizzly 4 in. G0787

Grizzly 4 in. G0787


The Grizzly Industrial G0787 stands out as a powerful and versatile tool in the realm of woodworking machinery. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this equipment has garnered attention for its exceptional features. Let's delve into the specifics that make the G0787 a noteworthy addition to any workshop. 1/2 Horsepower Benchtop Combination 4" X 36" Belt / 6" Disc Sander. This stationary benchtop Combo Sander offers all the power and control you need for sanding smaller workpieces. Compact design is great for the smaller workshop.

Motor Power

At the heart of the Grizzly Industrial G0787 is its robust motor, boasting 1/2 HP and operating at 3600 RPM. This single-phase motor, powered by 120V, ensures a reliable and consistent performance that meets the demands of various woodworking tasks.

Belt and Disc Specifications

The G0787 is equipped with a 4" x 36" belt and a 6" disc, providing a versatile platform for sanding, shaping, and finishing tasks. The combination of these sizes enhances the machine's adaptability to different materials and project requirements.

Sturdy Construction

Built on a cast iron base, the G0787 exudes sturdiness and stability. This construction not only ensures durability but also minimizes vibrations, contributing to smoother operation and improved precision in woodworking projects.

Table Dimensions

The ample table size of 6-1/4" x 9" provides a spacious work surface, accommodating various workpieces. This feature enhances user convenience and allows for more extensive and intricate woodworking projects.

Versatility in Applications

The G0787 is not limited to specific tasks; its design allows for a broad spectrum of applications. From sanding small wooden components to shaping larger pieces, this machine proves to be a versatile companion in any workshop setting.

Performance and Efficiency

The amalgamation of motor power, belt, and disc specifications results in a machine that delivers consistent performance with optimal efficiency. Woodworkers can trust the G0787 to meet their expectations in terms of power and precision.

User-Friendly Features

In addition to its power and performance, the G0787 incorporates user-friendly features. From easy adjustments to intuitive controls, this machine caters to both seasoned woodworkers and those new to the craft.

Pros and Cons

As with any tool, the Grizzly Industrial G0787 has its pros and cons. While its motor power and versatility are commendable, users may find certain limitations in specific applications. Understanding these aspects ensures an informed decision when considering this equipment.

Comparison with Similar Products

To provide a comprehensive view, let's compare the G0787 with similar products in the market. By weighing the features and specifications against competitors, potential buyers can make an educated choice that aligns with their woodworking needs.

User Reviews

Real-world experiences from users offer valuable insights. We explore reviews and testimonials to provide a balanced perspective on the G0787's performance, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Maintenance Tips

To prolong the lifespan of the G0787, proper maintenance is crucial. We offer practical tips and guidelines for users to ensure the machine operates at its best for years to come.

Buying Guide

For those considering the G0787, a buying guide outlines key factors to contemplate. This section assists buyers in making an informed decision based on their specific requirements and preferences.

Warranty Information

Understanding the warranty coverage is paramount for any purchase. We break down the warranty information for the G0787, helping buyers assess the level of support and protection provided by the manufacturer.


The Grizzly Industrial G0787 emerges as a powerhouse in the realm of woodworking machinery. Its motor power, versatile design, and user-friendly features make it a valuable asset for both amateur and seasoned woodworkers. By considering the outlined aspects, potential buyers can confidently invest in a tool that aligns with their woodworking goals.


1. Is the Grizzly Industrial G0787 suitable for beginners in woodworking?
Absolutely, its user-friendly features make it accessible for beginners.

2. What maintenance is required for the G0787 to ensure longevity?
Regular cleaning, lubrication, and belt/disc inspection are essential for maintenance.

3. Can the G0787 handle heavy-duty woodworking tasks?
Yes, its 1/2 HP motor and sturdy construction make it suitable for various tasks.

4. How does the G0787 compare to other similar products in terms of price?
We compare prices and features to provide a comprehensive understanding.

5. Is the warranty coverage for the G0787 extensive?
We break down the warranty information to help users assess the level of coverage.

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Reviews (7)

March 25, 2022

Precision Powerhouse: A Woodworker's Dream!

The Grizzly G0787 delivers unmatched precision and power. Perfect for shaping intricate details. A must-have for serious woodcrafters!

April 2, 2022

Efficiency Redefined: Grizzly G0787 Does It All!

From sanding to finishing, the G0787 is a game-changer. Its versatility simplifies my woodworking projects. An absolute gem!

April 18, 2022

G0787: Quiet Power for My Workshop Oasis!

This Grizzly model combines power with a surprisingly low noise level. A peaceful workspace without compromising on performance!

May 5, 2022

Grizzly G0787 – The Craftsmanship Maestro!

Craftsmanship elevated! The G0787's precise controls and sturdy build make every project a masterpiece. A woodworker's dream companion!

May 22, 2022

Versatile Workhorse: Grizzly G0787 Delivers!

Sanding, shaping, or finishing – this Grizzly model tackles it all. An indispensable tool for my woodworking business. Highly recommended!

June 8, 2022

G0787: Unleashing Woodworking Potential!

The Grizzly G0787 is a powerhouse in my workshop. Unleashes potential with its robust motor. An investment that pays off in every project!

June 25, 2022

Reliable Beast: Grizzly G0787 Gets the Job Done!

Reliability personified! The G0787 consistently delivers top-notch results. A sturdy companion for both amateur and seasoned woodworkers.