Stihl MS 151 T C-E

Stihl MS 151 T C-E

Stihl MS 151 T C-E

Stihl MS 151 T C-E

Stihl MS 151 T C-E
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The MS 151 T C-E is a gas-powered professional in-tree saw with critical performance-enhancing features. It's the lightest saw available in the STIHL range, which makes it perfect for arborists and other professionals who need to work for longer periods without getting fatigued. The saw is highly maneuverable and provides excellent performance with lower emissions and increased fuel efficiency when compared to the previous model, making it ideal for in-tree work.

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Va Girl
April 1, 2023

Perfect saw for me

Perfect chainsaw for a small woman with a lot off property full of trees. This is the 3rd Stihl product and 2nd Stihl chainsaw for me. I first purchased the MS 181 C because the chainsaws I had were too heavy and difficult for me to start, but my Stihl I had no trouble starting whatsoever and it was lighter. Only drawback was using it in tight spaces as freely as I wanted. (My woods are very thick/overgrown and I, thinning them out.). After a lot of comparing between a lesser expensive battery driven tool and the 151 the smaller chainsaw was soon clearly best choice for me. I have zero regrets in this purchase other than not buying it sooner!! I’m in my 50s and only 125 lbs., but this saw is so light I can use it in one hand when necessary and clear out lots of small trees and brush for quite some time. It’s a blessing to have. I realize this is not a chainsaw for big jobs, but is perfect for the day long tasks of getting my property cleared out and looking orderly. For those like me who literally live with hundreds of trees around your home….you know what I am talking about.

April 2, 2023

works like a charm

Bought a house with two extremely overgrown oak trees. I'm 70, wife convinced me we could cur a lot of dead branches and over hangers. This little saw is amazing and has cut through 10" branches. I had a Poulon prior to getting this lightweight saw. Couldn't start it at all and local repair shop said toss it. Our John Deere dealer told us of Still.Paid quite a lot of money for this thing but it runs and cuts like a charm. Note I live in Florida so I have access to very pure gas which will keep corn out of the machine.

April 4, 2023

Great climbing saw

It's a very persistent saw for climbing and saving energy because it is so light

April 9, 2023

Everyday carry saw

I find myself reaching for this saw more often than not. Respectable power for such a compact and light unit. I always have this saw in my truck, perfect for small jobs: clearing branches blocking trails, clearing honey suckle, and obviously as an in-tree saw. I love this little guy and I’m certain you will appreciate it too. One thing to note- the throttle response had a little delay for my liking. I did a simple exhaust modification (which most likely voids the warranty) but it is noticeably more responsive. Another phenomenal product from Stihl. Bravo!

April 15, 2023


I bought this chain saw a couple of weeks ago knowing that I had several trees to bring down. It was used this weekend and performed like a dream. I was surprised to discover that it already had a tank of gas and bar oil that the dealer had put in.