Stihl is a German manufacturer of chainsaws and other handheld power equipment including trimmers and blowers. Their headquarters are in Waiblingen, Baden-Württemberg, near Stuttgart, Germany. Stihl was founded in 1926 by Andreas Stihl, an important innovator in early chain saw production.

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Stihl ADVANCE X-VENT Helmet System

The STIHL ADVANCE X-VENT Helmet System is a top-notch professional-grade helmet tailored specifically for forestry and tree service professionals. Its standout features include a...


Stihl Pro Mark™ Cut-Retardant Shirt

The STIHL Pro Mark™ Cut-Retardant Shirt is a high-visibility and chainsaw-resistant garment designed to prioritize comfort and safety during chainsaw operations. With its vibrant...


Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System

The Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System is a top-of-the-line solution designed to ensure complete head protection for professional forestry workers. This comprehensive system includes...


Stihl MS 881 R MAGNUM

The STIHL MS 881 R is the most robust saw available in the STIHL lineup and is designed for professionals who demand power and...



The STIHL ADVANCE ProCOM hearing protection is a must-have for today's forestry professionals and arborists. It is equipped with innovative mesh communication technology that...


Stihl MS 661 R MAGNUM

The MS 661 R MAGNUM is a powerful and dependable chainsaw designed for professionals who require a tool capable of felling, de-limbing, and bucking...


Stihl MSA 220 TC-O

The STIHL MSA 220 TC-O is a high-powered top-handle chainsaw that offers similar power and performance as professional gas top-handle chainsaws. It uses the...


Stihl MSE 141

The MSE 141 chainsaw has a unique design that makes it highly portable and compact, and its affordable price makes it a perfect choice...


Stihl MS 194 C-E

STIHL has improved their highly-rated saw, creating the MS 194 C-E with a bigger displacement, increased power, and better cutting performance than its predecessor,...


Stihl MSE 250

The MSE 250 is a chainsaw designed for professional use, providing quiet, lightweight and durable cutting power. Its soft grip handle, coasting brake, and...


Stihl MS 661 MAGNUM

The MS 661 MAGNUM is a powerful and dependable chainsaw designed for professional use in felling, de-limbing, and bucking large trees. Its simple and...


Stihl MS 151 T C-E

The MS 151 T C-E is a gas-powered professional in-tree saw with critical performance-enhancing features. It's the lightest saw available in the STIHL range,...


Stihl MSE 170 C-B

The MSE 170 C-B electric chainsaw is designed to provide power, durability and advanced cutting technology. It offers a reliable cutting power while eliminating...


Stihl MS 201 C-EM

The MS 201 C-EM is a powerful and technologically advanced chainsaw that is also lightweight. With the STIHL M-Tronic™ intelligent engine management system, the...


Stihl MS 362 R C-M

The STIHL MS 362 R C-M professional chainsaw is designed to help you save both time and money with its fuel-efficient engine technology that...


Stihl MS 500i R

The MS 500i R is the first chainsaw on the global market to have a wrap-handle design and an electronically controlled fuel injection system....


Stihl MS 201 T C-M

The STIHL MS 201 T C-M is designed for in-tree work and offers a high power-to-weight ratio for superior maneuverability and performance. Its intelligent...


Stihl MS 362

The MS 362 chainsaw is the go-to tool for all your tree felling, bucking, de-limbing, and thinning needs. With its large fuel capacity and...


Stihl MS 181 C-BE

The MS 181 C-BE chainsaw is the perfect choice for those who appreciate technology that makes life easier. It features the Easy2Start™ system, which...


Stihl MS 211 C-BE

Looking for a powerful chainsaw that's easy to operate? Meet the STIHL MS 211 C-BE. This model combines the latest low-emission and air filtration...


Stihl MS 261

The MS 261 chainsaw provides exceptional professional-grade performance, while also being fuel efficient and emitting low emissions. It has a redesigned cylinder and ergonomic...


Stihl MS 211

The MS 211 is equipped with a fuel-efficient, low-emission engine that utilizes advanced technology. In addition, it features a pre-separation air filtration system that...


Stihl MS 171

The STIHL MS 171 is a member of the lightweight STIHL chainsaw family that features reduced emission technology, making it an eco-friendly choice for...


Stihl MS 311

The MS 311 is a powerful and advanced chainsaw model that outperforms the MS 291 in terms of horsepower and features. Its engine technology...