Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System

Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System

Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System

Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System

Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System


The Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System is a top-of-the-line solution designed to ensure complete head protection for professional forestry workers. This comprehensive system includes a hard hat, earmuffs, and a full-face visor, offering all-encompassing defense against potential hazards in the field.

The system's hard hat is constructed from lightweight ABS thermoplastic, striking the perfect balance between durability and comfort. Its six-point ratchet-style suspension system guarantees a secure and adjustable fit, ensuring maximum wearer comfort.

Incorporating NRR 25 earmuffs, the Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System effectively reduces noise levels by up to 25 decibels. This feature helps protect the wearer's hearing from potential damage, allowing them to concentrate on their work with confidence.

To safeguard the face from flying debris and other hazards, the system's full-face visor is made from durable steel mesh. Its reliable design ensures superior protection, enabling workers to perform their tasks securely and worry-free.

With its focus on comprehensive safety, the Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System provides extensive protection against head injuries, excessive noise, and flying debris, effectively mitigating risks in the forestry environment.

Key Features of the Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System:

  • Lightweight ABS thermoplastic hard hat for durability and comfort.
  • Six-point ratchet-style suspension system for a secure and adjustable fit.
  • NRR 25 earmuffs for significant noise reduction and hearing protection.
  • Durable steel mesh full-face visor for reliable protection against debris and hazards.

Professional forestry workers will appreciate the exceptional qualities of the Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System. Its lightweight construction ensures ease of use, while the comfortable fit, supported by the six-point suspension system, allows for extended wear without compromising comfort. Most importantly, the system excels in providing outstanding protection against a wide range of hazards encountered in the field.

Benefits of the Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System:

  • Enhanced safety: The helmet offers reliable protection against head injuries, excessive noise, and flying debris, prioritizing worker well-being.
  • Superior comfort: The lightweight design and six-point suspension system ensure exceptional comfort during extended periods of wear.
  • Increased visibility: Reflective stripes on the helmet enhance visibility to promote workplace safety.
  • Reduced risk of hearing loss: NRR 25 earmuffs effectively reduce noise levels, protecting against potential hearing damage.

Cons of the Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System:

  • Discomfort with earmuffs
  • Vision obstruction with full-face visor
  • Lack of flame retardancy
  • Limited impact protection

Here are some additional tips for choosing a forestry helmet:

  • Choose a helmet that is certified by a recognized safety organization, such as ANSI or CSA. This ensures that the helmet has been tested and meets safety standards.
  • Choose a helmet that fits properly. The helmet should sit level on the head and should not move when the head is moved.
  • Choose a helmet that has the features you need. Consider features such as a full-face visor, earmuffs, and a chin strap.
  • Replace your helmet every five years, or sooner if it is damaged. Helmets can become damaged over time, even if they are not visibly damaged. Replacing your helmet regularly will help to ensure that it provides adequate protection.

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Reviews (5)

Supremo Safety2
May 15, 2022

Exceptional Protection and Comfort!

Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System exceeded expectations. Lightweight, secure fit, excellent noise reduction. A must-have for forestry pros.

July 2, 2022

Unmatched Safety Gear for Forestry Pros.

Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System ensures unbeatable head protection. Durable, noise reduction, reliable debris shield. Essential for forest work.

September 18, 2022

Dependable and Durable Essential Gear.

Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System is my go-to head protection. Robust, comfortable fit, reliable debris shield. Invaluable in the field.

November 30, 2022

Safety First! Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System Delivers.

This helmet ensures my safety in tree work. Lightweight, noise reduction, secure fit. Top choice for forestry. Highly recommended.

December 22, 2022

Head Protection Perfected! Stihl Pro Mark™ Helmet System Shines.

Advanced features, six-point suspension, durable visor. Worth every penny in the forest.