Stihl MS 181 C-BE

Stihl MS 181 C-BE


The MS 181 C-BE chainsaw is the perfect choice for those who appreciate technology that makes life easier. It features the Easy2Start™ system, which allows for a quick and effortless startup with just a light pull of the cord. Additionally, the Quick Chain Adjuster allows for tool-free chain adjustments, while the pre-separation air filtration system ensures a longer lifespan for the air filter, up to five times longer than previous models. With these advanced features, the MS 181 C-BE is a smart and efficient choice for any cutting task.

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May 1, 2023

Won't wear you out!

This is by far the best quality chainsaw I have owned! Starts quickly and easily and does not vibrate during use like other brands. I was able to use it for several hours the first time without getting tired. Cuts through large tree trunks smoothly. I am very pleased with this product.

Jeremy in Florida
May 2, 2023


I have owned this saw for a couple of years and it gets used for normal around the yard homeowner work. I’ve been very happy with it all along as it did what I wanted and I knew I would get dealer support with parts and repairs all along. It recently really proved itself in the aftermath of hurricane Ian with all of the cleanup including segmenting a pretty good sized palm tree. I really like the easy start and the tool free bar adjustment

May 3, 2023

Love the easy start and quick chain adjuster.

Great saw. This is my third Stihl product. Starts every time. Don't understand why people say it won't start after it gets hot. Read the manual maybe? I have an acre lot and it works like it should. Keep it up Stihl, you have me convinced.

May 6, 2023

Super smooth

I bought this thinking it wouldn’t have the power I needed but it would probably do the job. I was wrong. This thing cuts through wood with ease! I know it’s new and the chain is sharp, but I a am thoroughly impressed. It has more than enough power. The size is perfect. But what I like most the easy start system. It’s the best feature I’ve used on any small engine tool. I couldn’t recommend this saw more

May 9, 2023


Purchased Stihl for the 5th time. Trimmer, edger, blower, tree trimmer, sidewalk trimmer all powered from one head. I have purchased other products throughout the years and every time they self-destruct by the end of the bogus warranty. I purchased Stihl 12 years ago when I moved into my new residence in NMB and have not looked back since. My recommendation as always, is the Horse. One other thing it is made in the USA, according to my dealer, in Virginia Beach, VA.