Stihl MS 211 C-BE

Stihl MS 211 C-BE


Looking for a powerful chainsaw that's easy to operate? Meet the STIHL MS 211 C-BE. This model combines the latest low-emission and air filtration technology with two of STIHL's most popular comfort features. With the STIHL Easy2Start™ system, you can start the engine with just a light pull on the cord. And with the Quick Chain Adjuster, you can adjust the chain without tools. Whether you're an avid DIY enthusiast or a homeowner who needs a reliable chainsaw for occasional use, the STIHL MS 211 C-BE is the perfect choice.

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May 2, 2023

Big performance from a light weight chainsaw

Very comfortable and light weight. Love the easy start feature, and the tool-less chain adjustment capability. Was able to tackle a big tree trunk with this 18" saw.

Mr Goodthumb
May 9, 2023

Easiest Start Ever

I'm 75 years old and have owned a Stilh Farm Boss for about 20 years. It has been the most reliable power tool that I own. Unfortunately it had gotten beyond my ability to crank after my last round with Lymphoma. My son had bought an easy start weed eater and was showing me how truly little it took to start it. Best favor he's done for me. I went and bought a 211-CBE saw with a 16" bar and I have been cutting all my firewood this winter with no problems. Next up is a new weed eater!

Jimi B
May 10, 2023

Great Chainsaw - Super easy to start!

I've only had the saw for about two weeks now, but I've typically found Stihl products to have great long-term durability (I've had a backpack blower and trimmer for years and they start right up every time). I can speak to the fact that the Easy Start requires almost no effort or strength to pull (in fact, the seller said DON'T pull too hard because you'll easily reach the end of the cord). I haven't needed to adjust the chain yet, but the quick-adjuster seems like it will save time and effort. I started this saw up on the 3rd pull straight from the store and it cut through 15-inch birch logs like they were butter. Appreciate the 18-inch bar over the entry-level 16-incher as well. Great saw and I'm hoping it will last for MANY years to come.

Jeep guy
April 15, 2023


I've had this saw for about 3 years now and love it! I bought this saw mainly to cur and prep logs for my wood lathe so sometimes it sits for a month or 2 before being used again but it always starts. Always Starts cold or warm. The EZ start is great especially for this 74 yr old guy. Also highly recommend the Stihl 2 in 1 chain sharpener.